My Name Is Zero… So Nice To Meet You


Hello to all my new readers! Welcome to my world! Who am I? Sorry, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Zero.

Want to know more? Read the “Red & Black” Prophet Blog.

Read the whole thing… it isn’t too long, and see exactly how we got to this blog, the infamous “Zero’s World”.

Some who read here call me a hero… which I am not, though I do have my moments. Others here think I’m a villain… also not true… but again… I have my moments.

Although right now some are saying this blog and yours truly are attacking those who stand up to corruption, if you do a little reading, you’ll see that is not true. And those of you saying this, you REALLY should do that little reading!

Reading the “Red & Black” before reading here may show you some insights that may help you understand where exactly I’m coming from.  Yes, if you really read it, you might understand me better. You might even see why I stayed away from social media yesterday, though part of me really wanted to log in to Twitter world… don’t get what I’m saying… read on, read back… READ!

I’d be the first to admit, this place can get a little repetitive, but it delivers enough to keep most people happy. And I do appreciate all my readers! Some even get to be part of my posts! And if you read long enough there is stuff hidden away in these posts that only YOU will get! I swear!

I deal with real life and internet life in a somewhat sarcastic and satiric way. But there are no lies… this is a blog of truth just as all my blogs are. It may get gamey in here, and I do tend to stoop at times, but honesty wins out… even in the comments!

Though at the moment I am still very wrapped up with some nuts that had gotten together and used the internet to confuse open murder cases like the LISK case, with their own personal agendas and delusions, there is much more to this blog.

For those of you that come here from Lawless America stuff… stick around… I plan on doing a few posts on all of that real soon.

For those of you that come from The Stranger or other haunt related stuff… stick around, I plan on doing some posts all about my haunt experiences, also I just updated the last post here “Death Of The Stranger“, so anyone who read it when it first went up, you might want to reread it.

There’s a lot going on out there in life and on the internet… the more you read, the more you’ll understand.

So read and feel free to comment. I love comments! As we finish off the first year of “Zero’s World” much more will be revealed… new friends will be made… new haters as well… stick around!

19 thoughts on “My Name Is Zero… So Nice To Meet You

  1. For ‘us’, the ‘good’ Ones, muah!!..LOVE U ALL!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING, U GUYS ARE DEF SOMETHING IM VERY GRATEFUL FOR, …OLD FRIENDS and New..gratitude!!!!!!

    • Hey Petunia, I’m working on a new post called “LAWLESS AMERICA” (cue echo effect) Should be up tonight, maybe tomorrow (it’s looking like a long one). I hope you and oceans will correct anything I have wrong in it.

    • LOL…
      Petunia, i read/enjoy many of your comments, and completely admire you!!! Love when you drop by!!

      Hope u all are enjoying the long overdue KARMA Mr Windsor is ‘enjoying’

      PEACE 🙂

  2. ALL I CAN SAY IS HOLY PRIVATE MESSAGES!!!!! Thanks for all the supportive ones from u guys at Joeys blog!!!! lol…

    ZERO, we gotta talk…got one from a robert scalise!!! from when i took pics at the bar, by where MD works, (this guys mom took those pics!)!! DETAILED MESSAGE….anyone know this guy??? me out here peeps, this sounds fishy!! COINCIDENCE??? WTF!!

    ps, these are old messages, as i had No clue what pms were till the other day!! my mind is usual…WOW

    • yea, if you don’t know to click on “other” you might miss PMs from people you are not “friends” with… taking my own advice I just went to look at my regular (if that’s what you want to call it) facebook, I have PMs from dorothy i didn’t know about… lmfao, here’s part of one:
      “Maybe it’s time that you told Rachel the truth and to prepare her in case she goes to Federal jail for being complicit in the murders of many innocent people.”

      wish i had caught these before… gonna go read some more… can’t wait to see what you came across Linda

      • like…when were u gonna tell me????…i mean ur the gosh dang reason i got on the fb….just wow….


      • I write about it long ago… lol.. it’s in one of my posts on facebook, i remember telling everyone they should constantly check their “Other” Ims… this is why I have to be repetitive… things get lost or forgotten, I forgot all about checking them myself… I had quite a few back in may… well beter late than never. I can’t believe IM’d me on my “real” FB… and then acuse me of crimes… wait yes i can

      • “Maybe it’s time that you told Rachel the truth a“Maybe it’s time that you told Rachel the truth and to prepare her in case she goes to Federal jail for being complicit in the murders of many innocent people.

        lmao…love to see a cage match between Sassy and that cunty prune!!!

        One can dream, can’t one?? ahhhhh yes!!!

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