The Final Adventures Of Nan Nan & Dot Girl

Nobody stepped up to correct my take on Nancy and Dorothy. So I will have to guess that I am pretty close to hitting that nail on the head.

So Nancy and Dorothy are crazy, lost in their failed relationships, not just with their ex-husbands, but the ones with their family and friends as well. They blame all those around them for the demons stuck in their heads. They are confused by their religious upbringings and the instant gratification social media brings.

Lost, confused, and crazy. Does this make it alright for them to continue to turn the internet and all those they come in contact with on it into their personal playground of delusions?

Of course it does, if you don’t like what they are saying, ignore them. They are crazy. Anyone hoping they are helping Nancy or Dorothy, you are as crazy as them. Any internet contact with them only feeds the frenzy.

But hey if crazy people can run free on the internet, rolling like a snowball, collecting fellow nut cases to fight the good fight… then others have the right to watch the train wrecks, to counter them or help them along. We are all our own worst enemies after all.

Now I’m gonna stray away from Nancy, not because I’m above it, I think I’ve proven I’m above nothing. I’m just bored with it. She is lonely like the rest, but unlike the rest she openly admits she just wants a man… she just wants to be loved again… she mainly just wants sex.

I wrote a song a while back… it’s a name dropping song, called “My Checklist”, and basically I just go down the list of people on this blog and let them have it… I think it’s funny, but some might find it mean and way over that line I seem to cross every now and then… but the line about Nancy fits here so well… it goes like this:

“Nan Nan just wants a man man,

but they run from her as fast as they can can,

maybe she should try a klan man

or just give up and become les-bi-an,”

The whole song is hilarious, maybe I’ll post it all one day, but I don’t think everyone here would like it…

Back to Nancy’s sex life or lack of it. Funny how people aren’t lining up to get with someone who spurts out homophobic and racist remarks on the internet, calls her ex husband and father of her children a serial killer and nazi who spent his own childhood being molested and mind controlled, talks about morphing presidents and the evils of the devil, puts all sorts of slanderous lies out there about her own family, and is best friends with her doppelgänger Dorothy Price Hill. Yes, I can’t believe Nancy can’t find a man. Maybe one of those Egyptians she’s been chatting with will snag her up and take her out of the country like she wants. WIN, WIN situation there! But it looks like her new male suitors are dropping off quickly. Hard to believe. Well we are leaving Nancy and her search for love (yes we really are). I see no connection to LISK stuff other than Dorothy’s insisting Nancy be involved in it. I see no proof that her ex husband or anyone else in her family is involved in any part of this and are doing what they can to help Nancy, but Nancy doesn’t want it. So please all of you out there see that, you can’t help Nancy, she doesn’t want help… she just wants to get laid:

nan sex

She just wants that make up sex, so unless any of you are willing to “take one for the team” and give her what she wants, I suggest just leave her alone. Those who are trying to help her… are not, and those of you trying to mess with her, are playing with her life.

There is a phrase that people use, “I don’t fuck with you any more”, and what it means is that they don’t deal with that person at all. They want nothing to do with them and the trouble that goes with them. I think that fits so well with Nancy, because “Fucking with someone” also means messing with them… it also means to have sex with someone. And in this case I think people need to not “FUCK” with Nancy anymore… don’t deal with her at all, let her move on as best as possible. Let those around her help her or not, let what needs to happen, happen, I got the feeling it will soon.

I’ll do my best as well.

Now as for the Dot girl… who is sooo quiet lately. “Cat got you tongue?”  Oh I love the inside jokes.

If Dorothy is so crazy, why didn’t Mr. Wolff just tell me that when we talked, well in a way he kind of did I guess. It seems like no one wants to get real about the whole Dorothy thing.  Why are there so many around her who don’t realize she’s crazy. Cristin worked with her quite a bit, and said she “didn’t seem crazy when you talk to her on the phone”… but I find that hard to believe… the bitch is evil crazy! Who doesn’t see that?

Most have noticed Dorothy and Nancy are no longer Facebook friends… which leaves us all hope that they are no longer getting together in that toxic relationship… maybe, just maybe they have had their last adventure together. How great that would be. As I have shown, and most of you seen for yourself, the two of them have polluted the internet with all sorts of evil nonsense (and they think they are spiritual, lmao).

I suggest others follow suit… those of you who stand up for and encourage the screwed up shit Dorothy does to people is wrong. And one day EVERYTHING Dorothy has done will catch up with her. How many of you want to be standing by her side when it does?

Well Dot girl (I know you still read here, though you don’t dare leave anymore comments), I patiently await your fall. In the meantime… our dance continues…

18 thoughts on “The Final Adventures Of Nan Nan & Dot Girl

    • Yes, she is worried about you… she says so in her next coment… I will not be stopping her comments right off, hopefully she can show some self control and stop… I will not be addressing them though… we’ve been thru this before… deja vu time agian… but I’m done discusing her or explaing things to her or any of the stuff that goes with it… who knows what the future holds, but i’ve waisted enough time on this one… I know this makes you happy Linda… seriously though, I’m just bored with her…

      • funny how the key ingredients to most of these nuts is bad relationships and unhealthy views of the bible. something we will have to cover in future posts. 2015 will be a much different year here. Right now though, I think it’s the more things change the more they stay the same… looking at these Lawless Assholes… sorry spell check totally misspelled America there… how strange. But anyway these people are so much alike… and they find each other on the internet… maybe the internet is functioning (or disfuntioning might be closer to the truth) as a psch-ward for these people. connecteing the patients without the doctors… a fucked up group thearpy that’s invading the rest of the internet… just a thought.

  1. Well Dot girl (I know you still read here, though you don’t dare leave anymore comments), I patiently await your fall. In the meantime… our dance continues…

    YEAH CUNT Dot girl ..KARMA COMING WHEN U LEAST EXPECT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    It’s all ok Linda. Don’t be concerned about anything I do. I promise,not to ever do anything to hurt you. You must know that I care and no matter what you say or do. I DO understand you now.
    Holidays often bring back memories some of them are painful. You are not alone Sweety. I love you.
    If you need to talk. I we I promise to be available to listen or give you love and understand that you need so much. Never got as a child.
    If you still feel angry at me.
    Feel freee to lash out at me. I want to help you to understand and accept yourself.
    I wish that I could just give you a big hug and cuddle up with you right now.

    Love you.

    Are you alright Linda? I am worried about you.

    Please just tell me you are ok.

    Chat Conversation End

    • a whole blog of our collected IMs with her would be interesting… maybe only to me, lol. I’ll have to share mine with you some day linda… though most are simular… she actually opens up more with you and donna I think. It’s kinda sad, cause I know she likes us, lol, she just is way too old and too crazy to come back to reality though… I’m seeing a lot of crazy people out there as I look around more… mind control my ass… loss of mind is what really is going on.

      • Please everyone understand, i tried very, very hard to help nan….This is a situation that only trained medical professionals (and MAJOR PSYCH meds) can handle…not to mention, sic or not, she is downright cruel, and will turn on you in a heartbeat…

  3. am sorry that you are hurting. If I can help don’t hesitate to ask me. Goodnight.

    im fine, my hurt PALES in comparison to the homeless, u Don’t know BOUT ME..FOOLISH, TALK TO ME On HE BLOG Only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I do understand even if you hate me.

    I did the exact same thing that you just did.

    ??? THIS IS Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Was taught the exact same way of viewing my own painful experiences. Learned as a child,to ignore or trivialize my pain.

    “Well you only bumped your head. Be GRATFUL that you are not the one who lost his arm”.

    Downplayed downplayed everything small. I felt that I wasnt important or worthwhile.
    HOW WOULD U K nOW..???????????????

    Personal experience thats how.

    no more responses…ur harassment is cruel and disturbing…

    Without being aware of it. I began to downplay ignore my pain too. Li mm e others did. I felt that I didnt matter. Because I really didnt.

    I stayed by myself. Avoided others hid my hurt.

    Didnt tell anyone.

    That would make it even WORSE.

    My family would BLAME ME.

    Shame ME. Concern was not for me. There was always a way things got turbed around. The finger pointed at me. Whats the use?

    turned around.

    I went inside myself.

    i never ignored mine..divorced ..was with a great man for 14yrs, and eaened 3 degeres..done with u

    Like being raped. Being told,you should not have worn a short skirt kind of thing. WRONG!

    What happened after 14 years?

    u shoulda just moved on…..LEAVE ME BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I did,or I tried to move on.

    I was prevented by circumstances not in my control.

    Life happens.
    shit happened, stuff like it happens all the time…ugh!! forget it…Done WITH THIS WEAKNESS

    My dad passed away in 03. Leaving my very senile helpless Mom alone.

    Often people mistake strength for weakness.

    I was the only one of 6 children. Who stepped up and took my Mom into my home after dad died. She was 83 senile.


    That was being strong to do the right thing. Carry the weight.

    If that will ease your pain. I cant stop you.

    AGAIN U ASSUME U ARE THE ONLY ONE U TOOK A DYING RELATIVE I n….STOP Contact !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What doesnt kill you. Makes you stronger. I dont even care anymore. Sue me for caring. Go right ahead.

    It wont be the first time.

    I am not a victim. I am a survivor.
    Chat Conversation End
    Sent from Messenger

    • those who had PMs and IMs from Nancy, know ecatly what you mean Linda… all our conversations look the same. we all know na DOES NOT want the games to end, that would make her irelevent and her delusions nothing more than that… delusions…

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