Top 10 Fuck Yous Of 2014


#10. Fuck You Julia Fletcher… and all the other crazy enablers out there!

#9.  Fuck You Jen… get out of the shadows already or are you afraid of what we’ll see?

#8. Fuck You Missouri and all those racist, homophobic, jack-asses there that don’t realize that they are racist, homophobic, jack-asses. You know, people like Willy, Mark, and David Jr. (are all Juniors big-mouthed pricks?)

#7. Fuck You to The Tea Party… are you guys still around? Will some one please put a fork in them?

#6. Fuck You FOX News… do I really need to write anything else here?

#5. Fuck You to 3 clowns who still think they are Klowns… you know who you are.

#4. Fuck You Flukeyou… you moved down in the list because you really don’t matter much any more.

#3. Fuck You Dorothy… you moved up in the list because you are a cunt.

#2. Fuck You to The GOP… both of them!

#1. Fuck You North Korea and Kim Jong Un… you almost ruined my Christmas… almost!

The End Of The #2014FuckYouTour

Just because I make a few cute fatherly posts and wrote about my son, don’t think it’s gonna be all cat pics and kid posts in here. Yes, the #Fuckyoutour has come to an end and yes, we will be growing up a little here, after all this blog is no longer a freshman scrub! But it’s bound to get all sophomoric up in here from time to time. My 6th day of Christmas post on ZW’s FB should demonstrate that.

Also, I know a few of you out there have daddy issues… don’t go searching here for that father figure… I ain’t him.


There is still one day left of the tour though, so let’s listen to the song that inspired me to tell so many “Fuck You” this year. And as we do, remember back to them all, the racist homophobes in Missouri, White Power! I mean Pride… I mean… go fuck yourself! The anti gay sites on Facebook. Do you want to know what’s a sin? Your judgemental rants and beliefs that your God is best… go fuck yourself! The twits on Twitter who think it’s OK to Tweet their racist and homophobic garbage, but don’t want you to tell them Fuck You for it… go fuck yourself!

Yes, think back to all those fucktards that just don’t get it… EVERYONE has the right to happiness… ANYONE can be what ever they want to be… NO ONE has the right to oppress or pass judgement. Get over it and move on… or GO FUCK YOUSELF!








P.S. There will still be a 2014 Fuck Yous posted later, after all that’s an annual event here in Zero’s World! Or at least it will be…

Snow In Vegas

Alright, the snow watch is over. Nothing has stuck anywhere… but Jay Jay got his snow (although a trip is still needed into the mountains so he can build a snowman, make a snow angel, sled, and all the other fun things you do in the snow). He ran around in it for a while and was as happy as can be.

It doesn’t look like we will be getting anywhere near what was expected though. That makes for a safer New Years, I guess. I bet that 15 is packed right now. 95 as well. Well, I hope they are being careful, the roads are still dangerous out there. Get here safely, there is quite a fireworks show waiting for you here in Vegas!

Speaking of which, tonight will be the first night in a long time Sassy and I aren’t going out for New Years. The kids usually spend it with Grandma. I know bad parents… but in Vegas, you go out for New Years.

As I walked with my son in the flurries and flakes, I told him that we’d be staying in for New Years and celebrating it together. His already beaming face lit up even more.  So,  good parents again!

Have a safe and Happy New Year everyone!


No Snow For Jay Jay

So last night, before going to bed, I saw on my “smart” phone that we would be waking up to snow. I switched on weather by the hour and at 4 am it showed a picture of a snow flake.

My 9-year-old has been wishing for snow since last Christmas, he’s too young to remember the last time it snowed here and teared up when we showed him pictures of himself playing in snow when he was around 3 years old. He had kept saying he has never seen snow, so we showed him pictures and like I said  he teared up.

So last night. I showed him the hourly forecast on my phone, and as soon as he saw the snowflakes those tears began to gather in his eyes again.

“I’m gonna see snow!” He cried as he stared at my phone’s screen. He than followed the snowflakes down each hour from 4 to 10 am.

“I’m gonna see snow, I’m gonna see snow!” He yelled, dancing around the room.

My wife, much wiser than me at times (at times), cautioned me, “What if it doesn’t happen?”

But I was sure we’d be waking up to a white neighborhood (not how that sounds). I said, “There will be some snow somewhere in Vegas tomorrow and if I have to, I’ll drive him around till we find it.” To this my son grinned the biggest grin!

Well, woke up to the usual colored neighborhood (again, not how that sounds), although parts of the Valley are getting “lightly dusted” throughout the day, the local news assures me.


Well, I guess we are going for ride.

Winter Storm Warning

That’s what it says on my phone. Weather channel says the same thing. Let’s take a look on the Net:

OH sh@t! It’s true! Snow!!!

That’s sooo cool, but also very scary and dangerous!  New Years visitors are in for a surprise… and that trip down the 15 for Californians will be much more difficult then the usual sometime parking lot, stop and go trip. In fact if it is as bad as they say, that trip may not be possible after tonight…

We shall see!

New Years Eve 2014 Snow Watch In Vegas… begins now!


Zero’s World… One Year Later

One year and 200 hundred posts ago… Zero’s World began.

It started with a video and 3 words. The video was Eminem of course, the words were mine: “Are You Ready?”

Some were, others were not.

I had warned everyone playing games that once I joined in on the fun, they might not want to play any more. And damn if I didn’t clear the playground.

The Enimem video, “The Monster” was brand new at the time, from an album that was also new. It really set the mood for the year to come on the blog, didn’t it? Well a year later and there’s another new Eminem album and another new video:

Ah yes, “Guts Over Fear”. That definitely fits this year of blogging for me. I mean I had all sorts of threats from the moment the blog began:

dph zero fbi

DPH zero kids

willy flooded 2

death threat

zero is an idiot

jen blog2

jen ws

cb 4

cb 12

cb 13

ckb zw fb rachel1

CKB LS threat

db threats2

db threats3

DPH threat

That’s just a few of  the threats and promises to show what I mean… let’s see, there are threats of lawsuits (as you see, Dorothy even thinks Linda has a case against me, lol), threats of reports to police and FBI, threats of violence (yes, my computer being shoved up my ass was my favorite of all these types) threats of my blog being removed, threats of getting me removed from other sites, threats of “flooding” my Facebook with “zero haters”, threats to my family, threats to my friends, threats to people I have worked for, and I think that comment from David Patrick Scott Jr. counts as a death threat!

LMFAO… I loved every minute of it! And as everyone can see… not one of those threats (or promises… or whatever you want to call them) did anything to shut me up. I am not Sony.

It’s been quiet, lately. Not from me of course… I’m still going at it. But all those idle threats and those tossing them from their glass lives are very quiet. Again…LMFAO!

Well, Freshman year is over bitches…

Sophomore year looks very promising…

12 More Days Of Christmas?!?

12 days

The most annoying Christmas Song did not appear in my “25 Days Of Christmas Music”. Not because of it’s annoying qualities… actually that was a plus in my picking of some of the songs. No, the reason it didn’t make the musical “chain” links was because I finally found out what the 12 days of Christmas actually are.

You see, I went to put my favorite version of the song up, but first I needed to do some research on the 12 days of Christmas. And it turns out… the 12 days of Christmas actually begin on Christmas Day and goes till January 5th, though some traditions have being December 26th (today) to January 6th. I like that, it brings us right up the the 7th of January, which is the best holiday of them all! Here, read wiki, it explains it all as usual:

So, for the sake of the blog,

I’m going with today being the first day and that means we can have 12 more days of Christmas Songs!

I’m only kidding…

But if you go to Zero’s World Facebook you will be able to see 12 of my favorite versions of what I feel to be THE most aggravating Christmas Song, but also one of the most fun. Plus there are a couple of Jib Jab Christmas Videos there that most of you will find very funny… one with “Team 6” doing a Christmas Twerk, and another of Lawless America blowing it out their asses (in other words business as usual). Plus I’m so close to my next milestone:

zw likes

So go check that place out:


There are lots of versions of the “12 Days”, again let’s go to wiki to get the scoop:

Alright, now on to my favorite version of my least favorite Christmas Song (oh who am I kidding, I like the annoying little song) done by two of my heroes from the “Great White North”… Bob & Doug… if you please:

(go to Zero’s World to see a cool animated version of this song)

“that beer is empty”


25 Days Of Christmas Music: Day Twenty Five… CHRISTMAS!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hope you all got what you wanted… and deserved! (heh heh)

Wow, this is Zero’s World’s 200th post!

200th post

200 posts in one crazy year! This is call for celebration! So if you aren’t already celebrating (you heathens), well now you have 200 good reasons to!

Alright now for my gifts… the first one is another Christmas Cartoon I did for the Sinner’s first Christmas Album… I had lots of people wanting me to make a South Park character for them after they saw the first video I made… so I set out to make another one with more of our Sinner friends and family in it. I think I did a pretty good job… see for yourself:


These next 4 gifts are versions of my favorite Christmas song, made in 1984 (as I have said, one of my most favorite years, definitely an important one) by Bob Geldof and a ton of musicians from that year. I’m sure you all know I am talking about the Christmas Super Group: BAND AID and the song “Do They Know It’s Christmas Time?” Say what you want about this song and those who worked together to create it… but it will probably always be my favorite. It’s been that way for 40 years and will probably be that way for another 40 (God willing, isn’t that what people say?). Well for the 40th anniversary of the song, Bob got together another group of musicians and rewrote the lyrics to represent the new growing problem in Africa (and the rest of the world as well), the Ebola Virus. You might not have known that. You might also not have known that Bob remakes the song with new musicians every ten years, which means there are now four versions of it. And again, say what you want, they are all cool in my book, even if I don’t know who most of the musicians are in the other versions. As I said before, what ever reasons people come together to do good… well, it’s good, and let’s just leave it at that. There’s enough things to criticize each other for… lots of reasons to put that “Haters” hat on. It’s time we let the good deed go unpunished… or at least time we tried.


Again, say what you want… I say bless you Bob! Let the world know it’s Christmas!

Ok… there ya go… thanks to everyone for sharing the holidays! Now look below… you just might find a gift with your name on it…










25 Days Of Christmas Songs: Day Twenty Four (Christmas Eve!)

Here we are… Christmas Eve… everyone getting that last-minute shopping or wrapping done? I have a few things left to wrap… but other than that, I’m all done! I remember days of wrapping till five in the morning though… and I don’t miss them, lol.

Now when I was growing up, we went through different stages on how to open presents. Most of my childhood we did it the traditional way… Christmas Morning. Then we started opening up one gift on Christmas Eve. This was kind of cool. You hoped you picked a good one, but most the time it was socks. Later my mom decided it was best we open all our presents Christmas Eve… that way we could play all night and let her sleep in Christmas Morning… lol. It worked out for everyone!

Nowadays, with my own kids, it’s strictly traditional… wait for the kids to go to sleep and then starts the task of filling the space up beneath the tree (after last-minute wrapping is done of course), then we are woken up at the nutcrack of dawn (lol, like nutcracker… nutcrack of dawn… I crack myself up) and then begins the opening of the gifts (some of which were only wrapped for a few short hours) and then comes the breaking of the gifts… yes, it’s very traditional.

But here in Zero’s World we are going back to my family’s short tradition of one present on Christmas Eve… and I hope you all like it!

While looking through and posting Christmas Songs I found a lot of cute cartoon videos made by different people…. some were really good. So I thought I’d share one that I made back in 2011. It was for the band Sin City Sinners (they have 2 Christmas Albums so you know they are doubly cool).

I had made a video for one of the songs off there first Christmas Album:

a sinners christmas

And yes, that’s my Christmas Tree:

Sing Along:

Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree

Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree
at the Christmas party hop
Mistletoe hung where you can see
Ev’ry couple tries to stop

Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree
Let the Christmas Spirit ring
Later we’ll have some pumpkin pie
and we’ll do some caroling

You will get a sentimental feeling when you hear voices singing
“Let’s be jolly; Deck the halls with boughs of holly”

Rocking around the Christmas Tree
Have a happy holiday
Everyone’s dancing merrily
In a new old-fashioned way

You will get a sentimental feeling when you hear voices singing
“Let’s be jolly; Deck the halls with boughs of holly”

Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care

In hopes that St. Nicholas soon be there

You will get a sentimental feeling when you hear voices singing
“Let’s be jolly; Deck the halls with boughs of holly”

Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree
Have a happy holiday
Everyone’s dancing merrily
In a new old-fashioned way

You will get a sentimental feeling when you hear voices singing
“Let’s be jolly; Deck the halls with boughs of holly”

Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree
Have a happy holiday
Everyone’s dancing merrily
In a new old-fashioned way

Merry Christmas Vegas!

Here Comes Santa Claus

Here’s a post you can actually share with the kiddies! Santa has left the North Pole and is making his way around the world!

When I was younger, I used to wonder how it was possible for Santa to make such an exhausting trip in one night.  Thanks to the internet (I know the internet gets a bad rap here, but it really is a wonderful place) we can now see exactly how Santa makes that trip and keep track of where he is on his journey through out the night. So, go see where the big, jolly fellow is right now… just make sure you are in bed, fast asleep, before he gets close to your house!