Lawless America

Alright, before we get started here, I must explain how hard this post has been. One of the hardest I have written so far. It deals with many people, most, I know nothing of their stories or life experiences. And I do not want to sound as if I do, or suggest that the struggles they feel are not real. Trust me, I have censored myself quite a bit on this post, but I know I will still be accused of cyber-stalking, slander, being in bed with corruption, and well, being the bad guy, the villain once again. This of course is unfair, but since I took so much care into what I wrote here, the criticism will still be felt.

I will defend myself once again, before you even read the post.

I am just writing about what I see on the internet. If you don’t put it out there, I don’t see it, I don’t write about it. Judge me at least on that and not what others who do not read here or know me have to say about what I feel in my heart or what I am doing here on this blog.  As for who the corrupt ones are, I leave that up to each reader. Though I tend to find corruption on all sides… and when it comes to the internet, I have said many times, it takes 2 to do the ol’ “back-n-forth”… at least 2. There will be a post right after this one to deeper cover this subject and to explain the difference between my blog and most of the other back-n-forth blogs and sites. Please read it after this one, they work well together.

So here we go… Lawless America… (put your cowboy hats on):

Most here know how I heard about the Joey Blog and Lawless America. But I feel a long retelling is not only needed here… but well, it’s already done, because I already wrote it, I’m just adding this sentence as I go over the post before hitting that “PUBLISH” button. Just felt something more was needed to begin our trip down memory lane:

I’d seen Bill Windsor’s name a few times in the ramblings of Dorothy, but since I didn’t know who he was, I never looked into it. Something again, those who attack me by saying I attacked someone (see what I did there?) need to take the blinders off and see the truth of it… but since I’m guessing with most of you, this in an ongoing type of thing, where instead of learning from it, you’d rather use it to prove your half cocked theories. I know… too deep. What I mean is, most of you don’t see that it is YOU seeking out those YOU then claim are harassing you. Though I know that some of this stuff has been going on for years and no one really remembers who started it, the modern-day Hatfield and McCoys (I know I wrote that once before, who was that about again?)… I’m generalizing though, I need to get specific here…

It was Nancy showing up on my blog that let me know about Lawless America. This was one of the first things I found when I Googled Nancy Evans Figat to see who this crazy person was who came to my blog and Facebook to tell me she “knew all about me”:

Now this was almost a year ago  that I saw this and knew about Lawless America. Any one who read this blog since it’s incarnation last December knows all about Nancy, her invasion of this blog, and her stories of corruption. We also know that her stories have grown since this was filmed. Seems being off those medications the “delusional” doctors tried to get her on has had an ill effect on Nancy. So when Dorothy told her about me, told her I was this satanic woman-hater who could very well be her (Dorothy’s) ex husband or maybe even Nancy’s ex, Nancy made me her Mike.

Come to find out she makes everyone her Mike, and Bill’s Lawless America helped her with that in a few ways. First by giving her story substance by telling her she would be part of a movie exposing the corruption of the court systems and then by connecting her with Bill’s “enemies” where she could make them her own stalker, that car sales man with the whole government in his pocket, Mike Figat! Yea, any enemy of Bills was Nancy’s and every enemy of Nancy is Mike! This has all been covered, but I really want to make this as clear as possible, so once again, forgive the repetition.

I’ll get into Bill and his crusade in a moment… but I want to once again show how I don’t just jump into things, I have to actually be dragged sometimes…

So I saw this YouTube video on Nancy and read up a little on Lawless America, but at the time, although I was pretty sure Nancy was crazy, I wasn’t sure how much she had been influenced by Dorothy, so I didn’t pursue it or look into all the many other cases Bill and his Lawless America took on in his ambitious documentary. Although I’d like to note, I found his using of children to film such a controversal subject strange. (Now see here’s a prime example of how I censor myself, that originally said “his use of child labor”, but thought it was unfair, since I don’t know why he would have used the kids in this type of project):

la crew

I did not get into any of this even though at first glance there seemed to be at least a few questionable stories connected to Lawless America… I was only interested in one at the time… Nancy’s.

Nancy was all over my blog and Facebook along with Dorothy posting lies about me and my blog. We (Nancy and I) shared a phone conversation for about an hour, as well as IMs and Emails. I tried to set her straight on who I was, but Dorothy had already taken root in that under dosed head of hers. It got worse when my name was revealed and then names of my family and friends were also thrown in the mix. Anyone who has dealt with the real Dorothy Price Hill knows all about this kind of terrorism. It’s why most are so scared to even mention her name, like she was some sort of demon that could be summoned… think about it.  Those who have not dealt with the real Dorothy, why can’t you see through the fake image she has put before you… oh well… read on…

Now all this has been covered many times on here. And many others have read it here or shared IMs with Nancy herself and know of her belief that we are all HER  ex husband and THIS is all about HER ( I know, I know, I promised to ween off the whole Nancy stuff, and I am, just want this all to be crystal clear).

We all saw how these stories of corruption turned into stories of a serial killer. Most readers know, my initial contact on here with Dorothy Price Hill, Joseph Scalise Jr. and the rest of their crazy cronies was with a site called where they all played some screen name games and for some reason mixed up the facts of the open murder cases. When I started writing a blog about it and poking around these places, I realized some of these people were doing more than posting crap on the internet, they had gotten involved with people who were connected to the case, from Oak Beach residents to contact with families of the victims. Some even went to law enforcement to tell their stories, most accusing someone they knew and had a grudge against, of being involved in the murders. Again this is all much repeated material and in my being curious and making my questions public, I ruffled a lot of feathers but I talked to A LOT of people and my eyes were opened to some messed up games and those who played them… trust me on that.

Dorothy and Nancy found a way to make me the main person of interest in so many of their stories. Which if that doesn’t spell it all out… well you know these posts will continue, so just figure it all out at your own speed.

It wasn’t till Nancy started bringing up this other blog, telling me in IMs and I think in a few comments on this blog (zero’s world), that this blog (zero’s world) was much nicer than some of my other blogs. When I asked her what other blogs, she told me this went on in other blogs, and some were really mean (and she’s right, make sure you read the next post as I asked you to, examples of these other blogs and again what makes mine different will be discussed). She said I wasn’t as nice on my other blogs, so I asked again what blogs she was talking about… and that’s when I first heard about The Joey Blog:

As I have said numerous times before, I went to this blog, thinking it was about Joey/Flukeyou, but was very surprised to be brought back into the Lawless America world. And with this blog I realized Bill had made some enemies with his so-called documentary. Since this thing was way into what ever was going on, I only read a little bit at the blog at first. My main concern was Nancy and Dorothy, and they of course were there.

You can look up Nancy and Dorothy in the posts on the Joey Blog, you can see Nancy’s many comments there (as I have posted before, they read a lot like her comments and exchanges her in the zero’s world blog). And if you read around you will see as I did, the people at this blog had their shit together. In my readings, this blog demonstrates perfectly how lines get blurred out here on the internet and people who claim are being stalked, defamed, or otherwise harassed out here in the wild wild web are really just wrapped up in the back-n-forth doing the same or worse than those they accuse. It becomes a game of who started it and who can get the best of who… I know, sounds like this place, right? Still, all I’m saying is, even at a first glance it’s easy to see there is more going on at the Joey Blog then a bunch of people picking on a poor old man who’s just trying to help people. But again, we’ll get into that later in this post (strap in, we got a ways to go, and remember… you have to read the next post as well…) because at this stage of the story I still didn’t get into the Lawless America side of this here… partly  because some new readers came to me and told me to be carefull writing about Bill and Lawless America… that doing so could get me a lawsuit. At the time others were already crying “lawsuit” so I wasn’t sure I wanted more of that… but the main reason was because Lawless America covers so many different people claiming to be wronged in the courts some way or another… and some may be real… for all I know most may be real hardships that these people went through and were hoping Bill would help them. By getting into all of that I know it would be putting all of it into question even if that wasn’t my intent… it is what still makes this post hard to write.

But I have already taken a year of my life on Nancy’s part of this madness… she’s crazy… bat shit crazy. There’s no way around that. Her involvement alone in Bill’s agenda (ah… the first hint of how I feel… forget it, it’s not important… it’s what you think that’s important… that is as long you are thinking with a head that is not supposed to be medicated and therefore unreliable) makes the whole thing questionable, right? Add that to how many seem to have their own reasons for questioning Bill and yes… you have to admit… there is more to all of this.

Still it wasn’t till Bill’s arrest last month that I really got brought into all of this… and surprise… it’s got Dorothy Price Hill’s fingerprints all over it:



As I posted before, Julia seems to think I’m involved in all this, that I’m some sort of crusade crusher and have attacked DPH. And we all know DPH has accused me of attacking many others, when as I keep showing here… you all keep finding me… I’m doing my best to stay ahead of the crazy wave at this point… or is that wave of crazies? You got the metaphor right? Is that a metaphor? Well you got the picture in your head of a wave of crazy people crashing down all around you, right? How bout now? Scary right?

Well, this got my attention. So I’ve been reading and I thought to be fair, this post needed explanations from Bill’s side of what this whole thing is about:

bill w story

So Lawless America had enemies, and you can read about this at the Joey Blog. But to be fair… here’s what they (they meaning the countless faces of Lawless America, the lost movie… which brings up an important point we’ll discuss at the end of this post) have to say on the “enemy”:



Here are both blogs mentioned above:

There’s also this one:

Lots of reading there, but I’m guessing quite a few of you still reading this post have read these places already. Before we come to some kind of conclusion here (we are heading for one I’m sure… that or a collision) we have to look into little miss inquisitive Julia… after all she brought me all the way in here… and we are all the way in now, right?

So Julia has questions and this makes others have questions about her:

jf bw1

Seems some are questioning Julia’s questions… who is Julia? According to her Facebook she’s using a fake name:


Now as I will cover in the next post… I’m not sure what you can and can’t post in a blog any more… but this is all out there for the public to see:

I love how if you scroll down below her bio she has all these Facebook rules and regulations that I’m probably breaking right now (even though it’s all public stuff, next post… next post) even though right in her bio she says she is using a pen name… seems like that goes against Facebook policy as well, but maybe I’m missing something.

Anyways, whoever Julia is (and I don’t want to put her story up to question, she may very well be someone who suffered from abuse and then maybe it should be HER story she concentrates on… but by connection to Dorothy and Nancy… well she needs to choose her “Friends” better), those from Lawless America don’t seem to know her:

on julia1

on julia

Hmmm… this smells like Dorothy to me… remember that Todd comment to Nancy saying he was a friend of Dorothy and wanted to work with her? DO YOU SEE WHAT I’M SHOWING YOU HERE?

Question is, does it all come from Lawless America… I mean other than the serial killer part in all this? We know Nancy’s connection to it… but what about Dorothy?

dph la

DPH lawless america

Seems to be connected there in some way, though her latest comments on it might change all that:


Only Dorothy can bring it back around to Oak Beach and therefore The Long Island Serial Killer… only Dorothy!

So is that enough? Not quite…

Here’s some more of how lawless Lawless America is getting, now that their sheriff is behind bars:


bill w1

bill w2

bill w3

bill w4

Ohhh… while the cats away those mice do play… sorry, don’t want anyone to get confused to what blog they are reading… but come on, they make it so easy:


Seems, like Nancy, sarcasm is lost on Debbie… but can anyone tell me why she would be going to the Joey Blog to get her information on Bill?!? I bet she could see where Kelly was going with Rational… realistic… crazy ppl.

Yea, I got to end this here before I get into any more trouble. Wow, this post is almost the size of a short story, I know it’s long, but make sure to go read the next post as well… thank you.

Now for that important point, well other than Bill should have looked into all those cases a little more and maybe not have tried to take on so much…

From what I can see, all through this, from all sides of it, people were telling, some practically begging Bill to not worry about what was being said about him and to focus on getting the movie finished. And as long as Bill stood by the stories he was capturing, what did it matter what some thought or said of him or those he had now taken on in a sort of representation… does that make sense? I mean in the end it is obvious that he went about it all wrong, my opinion of course and with much hindsight. And when all is said and done, even if he does get back to what Lawless America was originally about, and he once again, blindly puts all these cases under the same light, and makes his movie (if he’s even allowed to) will anyone care? Will anyone take any of it seriously after all of this?

Deja Vu!

Yea Dorothy! Those dots that really connect, connect you to it all. And it is the downfall of it all… a sweet little catch 22, no?

Now go read the next post, it should be up shortly after this one!

35 thoughts on “Lawless America

  1. Just WTF??? This guys in jail for stalking/breaking an OOP?? FUCK HIM..AND $100,000 BAIL, MEANS $10,000 TO BOND OUT…
    Look, here’s my two cents, after watching dozens of these “Testimonials”…sigh..Some of these people are outright nuts!! Are some of these cases ‘true’?? Could be, i ain’t exactly a huge fan of Family court myself…,But these testimonials, although quite scary sounding, don’t give ANY real details for me too be able to ascertain their validity…just sigh…
    IMO, this guy reminds me of a cult leader, got a LITTLE PWER HUNGRTY AYYY?? BOO HOOO 😦 ..SOOOO easy to manipulate those in pain!!! His “followers” can’t raise $10,000??? Love DPH’s convenient TURNAROUND!!! What a useless CUNT…worst KARMA out there….
    Right along with Joey…

    • I couldn’t agree more, and that’s why i left it up to the reader to look at the cases and decide… I went way easy on those nuts… and most of them are battleing over children… which makes it doubly messed up. I have seen nothing on this mokumentry (I’m sorry but that’s what it looks like to me) that seems credible and some sceam out “CRAZY”… right now the 2 best places on the web are Bills FB and The Joey Blog (for me at least). I’m sure I will be covering it all some more…

      • I look forward to reading more!! How bout those guys at ‘Joeys Blog’, there just like us!! I can’t help but feel an affinity toward them!! Rock on…
        Look how many people you brought together Z!! And now some of us are truly friends!! Joy!! You did so GOOD my brotha!!

      • yes, they are a light in the sky… that shows the truth can be seen even when a million crazy people are screaming at you! And it looks like it will have a happy ending… sewers reaping… ’tiss the season!

      • LOL…Waaaaaaaaaaaay easy…Just wow!!! A satirists dream come true though, right?? Great material there…hahaha….

    • But I can’t help but think that Bill did help expose something here… things about people like him… and again how that crazy snowball rolls much faster in the world of the web

  2. Bet he has a WHOLE NEW PERSPECTIVE AND RESPECT FOR JUSTICE..JMO, watch this hypocrite publicly fold..cyber-stalking/STALKING IN GENERAL is making front page news…Mr CRUSADER, WILL BE MR SILENT…JUST TRUST ME..LOL…JAIL HAS THAT EFFECT ON BIGMOUTHS…LOL!!! not to mention the price tag to sue..we’ve seen it SHUT ALL THE GAMERS UP REAL QUICK….Pussies..

    Whoops..JMO..hee hee

    • Well reading his page he already seems to be up to his old tricks… lying to his lemmings… even said the person running his page while he was in jail (notbill) was misinformed. meanwhile his lemmimgs argue and fight amonsgt each other… and yes I see Dorothy has quite a few friends there… hopefully the smart ones there (if there are any) will see that if they pretend to buy all of this then they deserve to be labled lemmings and all that comes with it. So glad the joeys blog is there to continue to show the truth of what is going on there. very entertaining stuff!

      • Im so burnt, DPH has ‘supporters’ on BW’s blog?? I thought she publicly bashed him?? If so, im sure ‘someone’ will clue them in?? cra cra…just..just..just holy shit man!!

      • yep, I just wrote simular in an IM… the world, both the internet and the real one, has gone all bizarro… it’s like being stuck in a Twilight Zone episode

  3. The man gets out of jail and goes right back to doing the same sort of thing that put his butt there. He posts a womans real name, calls her evil, and then proceeds to warn his readers to be careful posting, as they are likely to become a target. There’s nothing I love more than people that get their bowels in an uproar over perceived injustices, and do the exact same thing they’ve just whined about. Methinks the inmates are running the asylum over there.

    • yep… if the joeyblog is right (and they seem to have a handle on this) he’s is on a sinking ship and is the type to deny it to the end and take as many down with him as he can… if again, what the joeyblog says is correct… then Bill is willing to pay out all sorts of money to fight a loosing battle and his own made up war. With all his followers in such dire need, couldn’t his wealth be better spent? I don’t mean to sound shallow or mean when I say I find these internet dramas entertaining… but I can’t help it. And the fact that so many of them connect to Dorothy… yes… if being entertained by all this makes me a bad guy, I guess they are right… I am bad… but man, it’s so freaking enertaining! But honestly, I’d be just as happy to see people wake up as well… that would be entertaining and hopefull, unlike the tragedies I’m watching now… take it for what it is….

    • Oh Ms D, say it ain’t so…Bet his supporters sent some $$$ to him, still betting/praying he’ll be thier savior…wow, what a wild, whacky world…just WOW!

  4. Yep, the guy is barely out of jail on his $100K bond, and he is posting about how corrupt those judges are, and wants to depose a judge’s wife. He got ruled against in an anti-slapp motion and has been ordered to pay legal fees of $77K and court costs of over $3K plus….drum roll please…$250,000 in sanctions for his frivolous and vexatious lawsuits. Of course he isn’t mentioning that on his FB.

    And he now wants to sue the Ellis County judges and DA and court personel. Someone should sue him for how much paper and court time he wastes with all his endless filings.

    On a side note, does Nan now think she is part of the British Royal Family? Wowsers.

    Merry Christmas, and many happy days of celebration filled with laughter, love and joy to all of you!

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