Social Media Rules and Regulations

There’s a lot going on out there right now about what is allowed for people to post on social media and in blogs. As usual, if anything I have posted in any of my blogs goes against any rules of any social media or sites I found things on, please, just let me know, I will remove them. But I can’t say enough how much the main point of most of my posts is “Don’t put anything out on the internet you don’t want others seeing”. I mean (as I repeat myself once again) you can’t put things out there in the public and not expect public reaction… why is that so hard for so many to grasp?

But with the ever-changing laws out there and social media trying to deal with problems its users are creating (our own worst enemies), it’s not always easy to know what is  not only allowed to put out there, but how you can react to what is put out there. Which brings us back to Julia and a link she recently posted:

Wow, how bout that Eminem connection Linda! Now we are getting somewhere! Although I don’t see why Julia would consider this anything close to what is going on with Lawless America and The Joey Blog, and I hope no one would imply that my blog represents violence towards anyone in any way… I’m just poking fun at those who obviously can’t take it… no matter what any of you say about me or my blog, I wish none of you any harm… you are my entertainment after all, yes although all that… this link brings up very interesting questions.

And I’m thankful the answer to those questions are not up to me… I mean this guy is creepy right, but if they are just lyrics, can he write them? I’d have to say that I would definitely understand that any site these are posted on has the right to remove them… I mean they are pretty focused, but can you do time for things like this. If it’s just fiction and you have no intention of going through with it, is it a crime? I want to say no, although this is a little out there and since there are many people who do go on to act out their murderous rants off social media… yea, like I said, I’m glad I don’t have to make this decision… I mean shouldn’t this guy at least be seen by a doctor to make sure he isn’t a homicidal maniac about to blow? Not my call. But very interesting.

I did some searching of my own and found this article:

This guy is a complete idiot… reminds me of Flukeyou for some reason.

Why again did Julia bring this up in regards to all of the Bill stuff is beyond me… but let’s get to some understanding out of all this.

There are lots of blogs and sites as well as back-n-forth on social media that blur the lines… we have the Joey Blog and all the others connected to Lawless America as just one example… there are many… MANY others. Remember the whole Murt/Michelle feud that involves many sites and blogs and social media? It went on for years and is still going on, as I’m sure we’d see if we were to go take a peek at it again. And the depths that each of these um, feuds, back-n-forths, (I’m trying to come up with the perfect word to describe it, but just can’t settle on one) will go, all depends on who is involved in them.

There’s a movie called Twin Town, I highly recommend it, and I think after seeing it, most would get an idea of exactly what it is I’m talking about here (those who don’t already, at least). I mean for almost two years and hundreds of post I really keep just getting at the same thing… and on I go…

Now to the point… why is my blog different? What separates Zero’s World from places like these?

Why is my back-n-forth not like the others? Three reasons of course…

Number 1: most of these other places stick to one person or group of people… I am all over the place, I am not focused on just one thing.

Number 2: most of these other places have a personal connection to what’s going on in them… not me… I don’t know any of you, you are all just things I found on the internet. I have no fight with anyone, not even Dorothy… I’m just curious. I have mentioned this before, you must have read it by now.

Number 3: And this is where we wrap all 3 things into one (deep)… I’m not connected personally to any of you or any of the things I write about for the most part… they, you, are just my internet searching, what I find and read about and then react to by blogging about it. Everything I find is out on the internet for public consumption… and most of you come to me… I mean I wouldn’t even know who Julia is if she didn’t feel the need to post my blog onto Bill’s Facebook (which by the way, can you do that again, a link to my last post would be great, thanks) She wrote about me before I even knew who she was… I am allowed to talk about my experiences on the web even though I’m not personally involved, right?

Good question… and one that separates me from the rest of the back-n-forth.

Well, that and as Nancy said, it’s a lot nicer here than most of the others.

11 thoughts on “Social Media Rules and Regulations

  1. I just love this post!! So much I wanna say, but I just moved, and im all overwhelmed and stuff 😦

    Huge proponent of freedom of speech, but it comes with quite a price tag huh?? Why do you think i love THIS BLOG?? love it!! Why do you think im always putting up EM’s stuff?? Think i have a huge crush?? Like he’s gonna read the blog and show up at my house?? Please!! I think about all kinds of deep stuff…Def gotta come back to this one!

    Lovin all the posts you’ve been putting up at lightning speed..Just wanted to check in and say thanks ZERO, and hi everyone 🙂
    New laptop this weekend (my 1st, hee), then its comment heaven, lol!!

  2. Julia’s must be Dorothy’s little protege!! DPH was calling me the LISK, before i ever knew her disgusting ass existed too…DOPES..


  3. Oh BTW ‘White America”, stop blaming the music your kids LOVE FOR THEM BEING FUCKED UP…..didn’t work with Elvis, Ozzy OR EM!!! dopes, try Parenting

    Love Linda and EM….lol

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