25 Days Of Christmas Songs: Day Five

Speaking of  Santa, I’ve had this CD for years, back from my Tower Records days, but had never seen the video. Very Funny! And it also makes me think way, way back,  when Santa was kind of scary. Yes, at first Santa can be a very scary story, he can come across as a little creepy at first. (SPOILER ALERT!) If Santa was real I’d bet Dorothy could connect him to her ex husband, Brewer, and Hackett. Just kidding, you don’t have to be real to be apart of Dorothy’s connections.

Hope I didn’t spoil Santa for any one… I love the guy, but, there is problems in a story of a man who brings good kids presents, when it’s usually the kid’s whose parents have the most money that get the better gifts, not necessarily the best behaved kids… just saying, there are some issues there… but like I said… I love Santa!

Sing Along:

        I am Santa Claus

I am Santa Claus
Ho ho ho ho ho
Flying Through the snow
Can you hear him ho ho ho
He’s so full of cheer
Only has to work one day a year
Children in their beds
Visions of sugar plums fill their heads
So many kids out there
Santa must be a billionaire
Red suit, boots of black
Big sack of toys hanging off his back
How much does he weigh
How do the reindeer pull his sleigh
Nobody sees him
As he travels the world
Leaving his presents
For the good boys and girls
Ho ho ho ho ho
Sees every move you make
Better be good for goodness sake
Leave him cookies and beer
He’ll be back to your house first next year
I am Santa Claus
Ho ho ho ho ho

2 thoughts on “25 Days Of Christmas Songs: Day Five

    • sweet! There will be 3 songs on here by Bob Rivers and Twisted Radio by Christmas… they have a few albums, all comedy stuff, and the Christmas album has lots of funny stuff, I Am Santa Clause is probably the best, but the other 2 I’m gonna play are very good as well… but today we are going to Blink 182 to show us how Christmas Time makes some of us feel.

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