25 Days Of Christmas Songs: Day Six

So, I talk about having a love/hate relationship with things… and I do… with just about everything… something I know I would have gotten into on the “Red & Black” blog at some point. To me, it’s natural, life works on contradictions, don’t ask me why, but it does. Yin and Yang, Good and Evil… it’s the clash of contradictions that get that big bang in motion… as well as keeps it going.

OK, enough of that… all I’m trying to say here is that most people either LOVE Christmas or HATE it. But I hold both emotions equally for the holiday season… and it get’s me through to the New Year! LOL!

I mean I was raised on Jesus and Santa Christmases and have not had a Christmas go by my entire life without a Christmas Tree, I’ve even dressed up as Santa Claus a few Christmases (since most of you know what I do for the Halloween season, that may not be much of a surprise, because dressing up as Santa scares as many kiddies as when I do The Stranger, the little ones cry at both). As a teenager I used to hang ornaments in my pierced ears. Christmas is a great season, as well as Hanukkah and Kwanza. I mean it’s just a festive time, full of holiday spirit and childhood memories.

But I cringe at stores stocking for the season before our children have even gone trick or treating and I hate going into debt every season just trying to keep up… and some days those bubbling over with holiday spirit just make me want to grab for a baseball bat… lol. I mean how great would it be to set that tree on fire, watch it and all the presents go up in flames and as your family looks on in horror you grab the marshmallows.

That maybe a little too much… after all, this is the time of year for peace and love.

Still, there’s a reason Festivus has become an actual holiday.

And for those of you who lean on that hate side of the holiday season, this song is for you! Lyrics are in the video, so sing along!


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