25 Days Of Christmas Songs: Day Seven

For most of us, the first music we listen to comes from our parents… to this day, the very first record I remember them playing is one of my most treasured in my CD collection:

peter paul and mommy

My mom played this album all the time when I was still pre-school age. Of course “Puff The Magic Dragon” was a favorite. But the whole album was just so much fun as a kid, “I’m Being Swallowed By A Boa Constrictor”, “Daddy’s Taking Us To The Zoo Tomorrow”… for years in my house this album got tons of play. When I was older and had kids of my own, I bought the CD, and it again has played for years in my house. I love this album, probably more than any other album that has come into my life since, because it was my first. Some of my earliest memories revolve around its songs playing on my parents record player.

There’s a Christmas Song on it, and while looking for a video of it to post here, I came across this one someone made. It’s  a simple video… but the message in the song is as well.

As a child, you realize that some songs tell stories. The story of this song made me sad when I was just a little zero. But it also made me happy… it filled my little heart with hope… even though I didn’t understand those feeling back then. I was not even in school yet, and here I was learning about those powerful contradictions in a person’s soul. How you could feel sad and happy at the same time. It’s confusing to say the least. And the least is all I have to say about it at the moment.

Listening to it now, watching the video someone made for it, once again it makes me sad… and now as a much older zero, the happy part, the part with hope, that I could find as a little child isn’t as strong. I’m not sure I like what that implies.

I think now as an adult, who has experienced the world first hand, the end of the song is just not enough. You want a Christmas miracle, you want life to be fair, you want the other houses to come out and share as well. Now that I’m older all I can do is think of how much more could be done here for these two beautiful souls in need, so I guess it’s not so bad… but still, I wish I was that little zero once again… who can see the simple miracles… and know there is hope.

Sing Along:

                       Christmas Dinner

And it came to pass on a Christmas evening
When all the doors were shuttered tight
Outside standing, a lonely boy child
Cold and shivering in the night

On the street every window
Save but one was gleaming bright
And to this window walked the boy-child
Peeking in saw candlelight

Through other windows he had looked at turkeys
Ducks, and geese, and cherry pies
But through this window saw a gray-haired lady
Table bare and tears in her eyes

Into his coat reached the boy child
Knowing well there was little there
He took from his pocket his own Christmas dinner
A bit of cheese and some bread to share

His outstretched hands held the food and they trembled
As the door it opened wide
Said he, “Would you share with me Christmas dinner?”
Gently said she, “Come inside”

The gray-haired lady brought forth to the table
Glasses two, last drops of wine
Said she, “Here’s a toast to everyone’s Christmas
And especially yours and mine”

And it came to pass on that Christmas evening
When all the doors were shuttered tight
That in that town the happiest Christmas
Was shared by candlelight



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