What’s Going On In The World Today?

Three weeks ago I was listening to D12 World and this song came on. I started to think about everything that was going on in our world and decided to write a post about a few things.

Ferguson would have been the main subject I’m sure… but it also would have dealt with ISIS and what’s going on in Syria… as well as what’s going on (and has been for years) in Israel and Palatine. And would have ended on the Russia and Ukraine conflict.

I had the outline in my head but never got started on the post… it seemed like too much to deal with at the time. Not much has changed in 3 weeks and it still seems like too much to deal with at this time.

Plus… my opinions on the middle east are not different from most people , I’m sure. And those whose opinions differ are only because they have a side in it for some reason.

ISIS and terrorist groups or wanna be states are a danger to EVERYONE in the world. Islam is not the enemy, anymore than Christianity or any other religion that thinks their God is the TRUE God. But ALL of the worlds religions will have to deal with that LIE long before anything in Middle East will get better…

The Middle East has been the battle ground for all three major religions for a long time… I mean of course… Judaism, Christianity, and Islamic faiths. The wars have been never ending countless generations. Which sucks for those who live in the Middle East. All three religions think  their book is word of our creator. Since all three religions are based on each other and their stories are borrowed from much older civilizations it’s easy for people to get lost in the true teachings at the heart of each religion, which are all the same… instead confusion and chaos and Religious Wars in the Middle East for hundreds of years.

Add to that how many within their own religions interpret their stories differently… more craziness. And this craziness is world-wide!

Of course Politics has it’s part in it all as well. In fact Politics and Religion are a much closer entity then most want to admit, right?

But what point is it to have one more blogger weigh in on something so imbedded in our lives that the obvious answers are impossible for us to deal with.

Do you need me to say Israel and Palestine are stuck in a deadly back-n-forth where neither side is right and outside influences are using the lives of innocent people for their politics and religion? Hundreds of years stacked up on any type of reasoning that any one blogger could attempt.

Though I do want to say before I leave the subject that Russia needs to get it together. You can be a big influence in where this world goes. Why take steps backwards after so much progress? Like my questions mater… I know… it’s why I never did the post.

But then the other day a reader wrote me that they had been reading my blog lately to see if I would post about what’s been going on in Ferguson. I told them I had planned on it, but as I just explained above it didn’t happen.

Still… it was nice to know that some want to read my opinions on something more than Dorothy and other psychotic hypo-crites. (that’s totally a joke, I know lots of the readers would love for me to blog about anything other than the erratic babblings of crazy internet trolls disguised as victims, and I know that some of you appreciate my opinions as I have come to appreciate a lot of yours, but, although it’s just a joke, I still get highest readings when I write about one of the LISK gang, so funny, but true)

And I do feel the need to write about Ferguson and all that goes with it. So a post has been started and should be up soon (don’t quote me on that, as soon as it is finished is more accurate, cause it may take a few days).

There’s a lot going on out there… but it’s not as complicated as we tend to make it… yet it is very complicated because of the way we’ve made it.

36 thoughts on “What’s Going On In The World Today?

  1. Jeez ZERO..we all wanna hear what you think?? Stop with the self deprecation, leave that to me,lol…………
    I WONT comment on this post..Id refer all to the Lennon song you posted…However its just so thrilling to know the CIA has used torture repeatedly, with NO results may i add..That oughtta work out awesome…
    Which came 1st…chicken or the egg?
    Total sigh…………….

    • I don’t even want to get started on the “torture documents”…
      chicken or egg… yes, was gonna make a post called this… the question we want to know… but only get into more smaller chicken or egg questions… but they all seem to be chicken or egg questions at the heart…

    • yes a simple answer amongst the complicated questions… to be fair another simple answer, stop sending bombs into Isreal… but i do agree that Palistine has suffered for way too long… who will decide the borders (because the lines the way they are now will never work) is what stands in the way of that. the whole thing seems hopeless… but it also seems so easily solved if everyone truely believed their golden rule.

      • cure POVERTY…cure world suffering…how bout that??
        What did NOFX say about ‘Ancient Scrolls”?? F it..too deep.. My bad

      • when it comes to religion ad politics there is no beter group out there than NOFX! I’m so glad you are checking them out now Linda, Fat Mike can be blunt and a little bit of a prick (my hero) but he speaks the truth on these subjects… more to come on NOFX and religion and politics… we r definately moving in that direction…

      • Lord help me: Id be bombing too…im so sry if this offends…lord help me!! So sry peeps, i go here because i can, HERE…i put total trust in ZERO, i am zero too..Im sry..I FEEL THIS WAY….

      • don’t apologise… many feel the same as you,.. and there’s just as many who feel compasion for Isarel and think they have a right to protect themselves from the countries that surround them and want nothing less than genocide of the whole religion/race. It is no one’s fault for the way they feel after 100s of years of religious and political propaganda that is always aimed at demonizing our enemies… yes, these subkects are way too heavy for the hoiday season… and can not be properly tackled in the few weeks we have left this year… but I think you all can see where we are going next year…

      • exactly! They all feel the holly land belongs to them… I mean look at the borders… a liittle palistine on the border and then the rest in the holly land surrounded like a island??? it dosen’t even look right on a map… there’s so much to that… but don’t get me wrong… Free Palestine! I scream it right along with you, Israel has become in the genocide they have fought against… in my eyes, very few things are really too different… we are involved in never ending strugles we create for ourselves… on the big picture and in the little ones… no right no wrong… just lots of mixes of them both…

      • Remember, “Never Again”….more like NEVER ENDS…When it come to the HYPOCRISY of war, people have selective memories…So very sad the cruelty ALL humans inflict upon eachother….and ‘we’ shake our heads and wonder why….

  2. so of course there is a song about it : http://music.wookiefoot.com/track/us-them
    And it’s them vs. us and us vs. them
    And a battle cry always seems to get an amen
    And it’s them vs. us and us vs. them
    What you believe is what you receive

    But what if it turned out to be
    That we are they and they are we
    All of this dichotomy is just a false conspiracy
    What if it turned out to be there really is no enemy
    What you believe is what you receive

    Because you see love in in all or you don’t seek love at all
    You see love in all or you don’t seek love at all
    (Sing it with your enemy!)
    Because you see love in in all or you don’t seek love at all
    You see love in all or you don’t seek love at all

    With everybody fueling it the fire will blaze
    And crazed by the flames all the flags raised
    Look into the face of the rage flame will illuminate
    Keep the karma coming spinning in place
    So let’s all ask stupid questions
    And question stupid actions
    Because the fact is that factions are fearful reactions
    And just fictitious distractions

  3. FYI>>>>>>>>>>so….shannan’s autopsy was released (or leaked) to the media. she did not have any drugs in her system. I do not know enough about forensics to know if all drugs stay in your hair and I don’t know if any drugs (like a roofie) would not be traceable after a period of time, but that seems kind strange to me. the other thing I heard was that her fingers and toes were missing. now that is pretty interesting.

    • although those like Joey who claim to know what happened to Shannan have been proven over and over to be wrong and at some points liars as well… although LE says her death was acidental… I have a hard time believing that… I was told by a few people that they heard her clothes were found in a neat pile, like they were placed there, not torn off in a frenzy… wheather that’s true or not I don’t know, but add that to Flukeyou’s telling where to find Shannan’s belongings, MONTHS, before they were said to be found…. and something is fishy there (pardon the pun, but we are all used to it by now) then add that to where her body was found, closer to the highway than to where she is believed to go into the marsh… and a missing bone that could tell is she drownes or not. It all seems questionable… then there are all the other bodies found near that area… I have talked to many people, and most who think Shannan’s death was an accident like LE says,still bring up at least one of these questions and say they have their doubts because of them… again, I’m relying on info from others, and everyone seems to have info as we all know… but i just haven’t seen diffinate proof that Shannan was not killed and placed there at a later date… but as I’ve said before, the coincedense in this case are mind boggling and at this point (in my opinion) any thing is possble… from the moment the driver and the boyfriend came back to oak beach talking to those there it all became hearsay from what i can tell… from the neighborhoods 2 biggest talkers, Scalise and Hachett. Both (again in my opinion) confusing the rest of the Oak beach neighbors, causing all sorts of talking to be done… then when the news people came, more confusion as they tried to get to the bottom of the stories, then when mari and her lawyer came marching in with people from the vigils including Jen and some others we now see were wrapped up in a information game to get themselves involved for some reason (Jen and Dorothy worked very closely together at one point, Jen even going to Dorothy’s house) it all came together into a perfect storm. And if there is anyone involved here who does have knowledge (meaning is the killer or one of the killers) then they easily could have made the whole thing much more messed up, plus there are talks of LE cover up (and they go from covering up for a cop to covering up for the mob to covering up for important people, we’ve all heard the different stories about JB the Fish guy)
      I get lost in it all, not knowing what to believe, and hoping someone figures it out soon… for the families of the victims, for everyone who has been involved hoping for the truth, and for the victims themselves who deserve justice…

    • I know a bit on this topic…Body was too degraded to make any definitive call on drugs,, whether she took them that night or was ‘slipped’ them…Famed autopsy specialist Michael Baden, is doing an independent autopsy. Unfortunately, even with the missing hyiod bone (a bone in the throat area, held by soft tissue only), will not glean any new info on cause of death. The absence or fracture of this bone can SOMETIMES support proof of strangulation. Shannons remains were exposed to harsh weather conditions, including exposure to animals…sad stuff…still no real closure….Im wondering now, where this leaves the case against Hackett, since it is based upon the premise he drugged Shannon…..

      • which is all based on joey/dorothy/mm7, my opinion only of course, but it’s easy to look at it all and see that most of the stuff in that lawsuit bases around the things those 3 said (other than the phone calls which is the only thing that gives it merit, but even there, there is a confusion as to what was really said and when).

    • RE: missing fingers and toes…possibly taken by animals…IF what the media states is true, id like to know how her pants were removed…ALL still just speculation, im sad to say..IMO

      • I have so many questions about the articles found! But stuff people told me, i’m not suppose to bring up. But am i really to believe that anything told to me was something Police are keeping from the public in order to catch someone??? Well that’s what some would of had me believe. And again, why did Joey/Flukeyou start talking about stuff found before it was found???

      • Just another question Joey won’t answer!! He’s ALL about his dope ass questions though huh?? Start answering Joe…who am i kidding, he has no answers!! At least LE has been made aware of his statements…
        KARMA!!! Coward!!

  4. Love…YES!!!!!
    And TCTH, we’ll NEVER abandon you, how bout that?? LOL!! Not till karma is served up!!
    Truth…Be good to each other peeps 🙂

    • alright, I have 2 posts amongst a few others in the unpublished section here at Zeros’ World that I was working on getting out over the next 2 weeks… one on Ferguson the other on the 2 J’s Joey and Jen… we really need to get to that post, BUT, Dorothy seems to still be so in to me… She can’t stop talking to everyone about me… I did mentio she sent Mari Gilbert an Emal with my name and my wifes name, and tried to make it sound like i’m a criminal… and she just keeps continuing to do this to a lot of people… somke come to me and let me know… others I’m sure must think I’m the boogy man… DAMN DOROTHY! You aren’t gonna stop till the blog is about nothing eles but you!!! Well that ain’t gonna happen… but i do have quite a few more posts with lots of little snips and stories to come about you my dopey dot girl, keep spreading those lies about me, MOTIVATION! I fuckin’ love it!

      • Motivation??…please u sank her battleship!!!! She is easily on of the filthiest, lying, stalking CUNTS i have the DISpleasure of knowing..COWARDLY too i might add!! And ifn Mari is listening ti the likes of her, well….How sad is that,,,DISgusting

        The best part is, how many on “team 6” rat each other out…WE SEE EVERYTHING..Looks like FLA wants back in too, told Mr Borders she can’t help herself, should work out real well ion family court…Ahhh come on Z, give TCTH a nice Xmas present

      • yes, all true, lol. But today i will be thanking her. I know shocking! Today is a special day… and it’s coming with a special message to DPH (I hope someone will tell her to be looking for the next post… it will be up soon!) and it will include a special announcement that i think most here will like!

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