A Special Message For Dorothy Price Hill

Dorothy, you have said a lot about me over the past couple of years… but I don’t take it personally, you’ve said a lot of crap about everyone for a while now.

Now some of the stuff you wrote in emails or IMs to me, some in comments on here, quite a bit on Shannan’s FB page, and tons on Nancy’s FB. We can all see that stuff, but what some may not know, is that Dorothy sends lots of personal stuff about me in private messages to people. Don’t ya, Dorothy? You tell some people that I’m an internet hacker and that’s how I can see what others write about me… lol, I actually like that one…

She sent Mari G. an email with my name and  my wife’s name to warn her about me:

From: “Dorothy Hill” <dhillmms@gmail.com>
Date: Feb 22, 2014 6:12 PM
Subject: Richard XXX is “Zero”; wife is Rachel (and he works for Jason XXX / XXX Productions)
To: “Angels UmongUs”

This was almost a year ago. It’s kind of weird, because Dorothy, you tell some people that Richie is me, while you tell others, zero has stolen Richie’s identity. Neat trick Dot Girl. This allows you to say others are zero as well. Damn you all play the same games… “crazy birds of a feather” I guess… NOTE: I know this is just copy/pasted, but I do have the email… and you may have noticed I  xxxed out some last names, but who we kidding, it’s been posted everywhere by you, Dorothy, as well as  the not to be mentioned anymore, Nan Nan, go ahead chase it, I don’t care.

I know you tell people that I’m a criminal, Dorothy… I know you tell people I’m a Satanist, Dorothy, I know you tell people that I’m a pedophile, Dorothy, I know you tell people that I hate and abuse women, Dorothy, I know you tell people that I attack those who you claim are helping you solve the G4 murders and many other cases you claim you and your ex husband are connected to, Dorothy,  I know you tell people that the FBI is watching me, Dorothy… again, it’s no big deal to me, you’ve said all that out on the public pages of social media as well.

I do have some concern for those who you tell these lies about me to, though. I wouldn’t want them to think there’s even a bit of truth in any of it and make unneeded mistakes. I mean telling people that Cristin has snuff films with me in them (yes Cristin, she is telling people this), well that can be very misleading. In fact I’d call it an out right lie. Care to chime in Cristin? It’s been a while, but Dorothy has constantly posted and still writes to people that I have attacked you and your family, she claims you have snuff films with me in them (illegal in itself.) A simple “Dorothy’s crazy and is mixing things we talked about with lies that are now including yourself zero, and I’m sorry” will do.

Since I don’t see that happening, let’s see what Cristin had to say to me about Dorothy:

“I don’t know what to say about Dorothy… the way I explain it is that she takes a bite out of an apple and spits it all over the place. She doesn’t chew it or swallow it before the shit comes out. Lol I don’t know another way to describe it.”

That is from June 2013, and it’s a rather nice way of putting what you do, Dorothy. I wonder if that view has changed any since?  I know she (Cristin) has told me that she sees how Dorothy takes some of the things they talked about while working together and twisted them around. Actually, Cristin said a lot to me about Dorothy that let me know exactly how she really feels about your lies and rants, Dorothy, but still, since you (Dorothy) want to keep bringing Cristin up in public and in private… accusing me (Richie, lol) of attacking her and her family as well as this “snuff film” she (Cristin) supposedly has with me in it… it would be nice for “florida” (lol) to tell her (Dorothy) to STFU and confirm such things are lies based on the crap they worked together on.

But again, I don’t see that happening.

So, Dorothy, go on with your bad self… keep bringing me into things I have nothing to do with. Your credibility crumbles with each time you pass on a lie about me. And I do have to thank you… you have helped me make a decision. There are lots of people out there who want to have discussions about some of these things I and others have brought up while looking into the lies and games, without having to constantly go over and over people like you, Dorothy, people who really have nothing but lies and misleading tales to add and need to be ignored. So I have decided to start a new LISK blog next year. Something to at first try to separate any useful stuff that might come from people like you Dorothy (that’s like an oxymoron or something, but still, there are things to be picked at from what you and others have posted on the internet) and move on to all the other things that should kept being talked about and not just forgotten, while people move on. I have to think more about it and I’ll tell you Dorothy, and everyone else reading more about this new blog idea real soon.

Thanks again, Dorothy, I now don’t have to worry about getting back into the “Double J’s” post I’m writing.We have plenty of time for all of that! So hold tight Joey and Jen, we’ll get there.

The important thing is to get LISK stuff away from this blog and the hands of internet trolls and loons and some place where it’s being discussed properly again as well as keep this place for people like you Dorothy! But again, more on all of  that later.

For now I want to end this post with a song dedication… it’s been a while since we had one of those… it’s for you Dorothy, but everyone can sing along:

35 thoughts on “A Special Message For Dorothy Price Hill

  1. im guessing she had lost custody (therefore child support), her job, her husband (spousal support) so she was/is broke. or maybe she was just trying to sap off the government. she IS a piece of shit, now don’t forget.

    • Think long and hard about DPH’s HATRED for JG…THINK!! MEMBER, i hung out with JG too…She ain’t lyin about what she witnessed at DPH’s home..thats my gut, another words attorneys: IMO

      • another subject I’m trying to stay away from… but they are all so intwined… Florida has so much of her own issues in life that she should stay far away from all of this, I have said that before, but if she is still involved in even the smallest ways… reading here, talking to mari or her lawyer, working with Joey or Dorothy anymore, sleuthing for fun on Websleuths, if she is still doing any of that (and i don’t know that she is, hopefully she is not and won’t) but if she does, then she needs to be up front about it all, and the first part is to let Dorothy know that the things they worked on together was led by the likes of Flukeyou and Jen and the stories Dorothy is left with because of the times her and Florida worked together are LIES and misrepresentations of coincidensces and agendas… that’s what they all need to start looking at… by the way, I was just wondering, after all that’s going on in the Lawless America side to all this, and with Christmas Miracles lurking behind the snow… how would Dorothy look in orange?

      • yes, i know, and this is one of those things that may just need to be disuced that I have been staying away from… these 2 were the ones who really got the boat shaking… they both HATE each other and claim the other has stalked them and reported them to CPS (something I’m realizing is very deeply rooted in all these stories) ahh hell… Linda my head is so full… part of me just wants to leave all this behind now. But we all know I won’t… but expect some random posts till I get my head straight again…

      • Hysterical…I can’t count how many people she claimed were ‘going down’, and hoping they looked good in ‘orange’…three yrs and counting..she doesn’t even mention Brewer ‘faking being bank security’ anymore’..hee hee…WHAT A DOPE…COMPLETELY INEFFECTIVE, on ALL fronts..Just a bitter woman on a soapbox, Has helped NO ONE, or made any difference for women in ANY WAY!!!..She’s gonna talk herself straight into multiple libel suits, and a ‘little vacation’ at NCMC Phych ward (just like nan), and thats if she’s lucky…

        Ahhhh, KARMA, sweet KARMA

      • Zero..this is YOUR blog, and im not tryin to stir the pot!!…its just with hindsight, one sees and learns so much!! Without going into detail, the damage done here is NOTHING that be blown off and forgotten, in fact some of you show much more restraint than i believe myself capable of…One of the BIGGEST reasons for my loyalty..Knowing, loving and caring about you and those here that have been DIRECTLY affected by these DISGUSTING games, literally makes me physically ill!! i can empathize completely, and i personally only got a small taste of this nauseating behavior!!

        Oh yeah, and i KNOW “we” are making a positive difference, which as u said, makes it a very worthwhile cause ❤

      • RE: JG, DPH..I have NO DOUBT, NONE, they have both ‘messed’ with each other!! But having observed both, it is JG who is more intelligent, and by that i mean ‘street-smart’…much thicker skin, due to surviving multiple ‘life challenges’..JG is also capable of showing great restraint, but IMO, also capable of of ‘delivering a poisonous blow’, so to speak, when least expected!! DPH is NO researcher (almost childlike/incredibly naive), has NO connections, and most of all, no filter..NONE…how pathetically easy it is to predict her next move…lol…

        Another thought: I believe joe may be behind much of these womens claims of harassment, including any threats made to FLA…IMO, he enjoys the game, and wants loyalty for himself only..He’s a freakin sneaky, evil game player, and i believe all his ‘girls’ got caught in his web…while he sits back and laughs..He enjoys the manipulation and their paranoia!! Yes. IMO

    • where is fish boy? Is he really afraid of Zero’ World like everyone tells me? It sure does seem like it! He comes on here for a quick comment or two every 3 months or so, and then runs for the hills. LMAO You all warned them about Karma… you all warned them that they would be sorry for the things they were saying one day… but they didn’t care, in fact they all scoffed at anyone who told them one day tey would reap all theyu sowed… and now that it’s happened, they cry that they are being attacked… they hide… they pretend they never wrote or said such things… and every day brings new information as people who have had enough, who have seen enough, who have heard enough, are finding the place to watch the reaping… in fact let’s read this new comment left today by some one who knows Dorothy!

      • Who really cares where Joe is…with his ridiculous rhetorical questions that have no answers..And most on this blog have no problem with hackett being looked at?? he doesn’t even make a point with his crap, as we repeatedly have stated we take no stance on the topic..lol…he’s just tiresome at this point..always demanding an answers, but avoiding all questions…He’s useless, and another example of literally talking himself into becoming a person of interest regarding this case…UGH! what a sick dick!

    • damn right she knew hat she was doing, and me and you knew that before Zero got access to her ‘blog’…The slander, libel and outright lies??!! Still amazes me..i mean, i can’t imagine my self being able to type such crap?? Its not in most people to even fathom that type of behavior…My god, the reputations ruined, the stalking and harassment…and instead of a heartfelt apology, she wants a blanket pass, as she was “trying’ to protect her children…I wonder if she even realizes the danger she put those kids in!! Im sick…and i see it all now, CLEARLY!!


  2. DPH, very unstable. In church the stories she would tell about local family men were just criminal. Every guy she mentioned abused children and were abused as a child. I know her ex and the stories he can tell about her. Her own children are the ones that will suffer. CPS should pay a visit. As far as the car on the side of the house it was because she didn’t pay her insurance. If you want her real story talk to the neighbors, all would agree that she needs to be medicated.

    • Thanks for the comment Bill! I hope more people find this place and write about therir experiances with Dorothy… she has done damage to so many… and then team her up with a Nancy or a Cristin or a Joey… and look at how much confusion they have caused in places that so don’t need it. And there are more out there that Dorothy connects to. The real dot connecting she does is to others who need diagnosis and medication and their internet shut off. But as much as she trys to convince people that I’m involved in any of this, I’m not. I don’t know Dorothy or anyone she else wrapped up in all this. So it’s nice to hear from those who DO know her. Though as Bill’s comment shows… I don’t need to personally know Dorothy to know her. Thanks again Bill. Please comment anytime!

    • Welcome Bill, and thank you for verifying what we on this blog, know to be true..personally, normally, it would be no ones business, but the absolute filth she spews, the disgusting hurtful lies…lets just say, she BROUGHT THIS ALL ON HER SELF!! I couldn’t agree more in regards to her raising children..Again, i believe KARMA will eventually fix this situation as well…Its an abomination, im sure it constitutes abuse, im hoping those neighbors you mention, search their soul, and do the right thing

    • wow,really? my very first post on LISK (the 3 part “Catfish and Serial Killers” one on the red & black. posted the Wiki… it’s where I went first to get names and timeline straight… still go to it once in a while for quick info. I go to wiki a lot… very informative. If you notice I link it a lot in my posts. Just went yesterday to read what it had to say anout “The Interview”. I love Wiki!

      • Yes, it was the best!! and so are you!! All the beautiful people ive gotten close to, may you have a beautiful holiday!! I truly care for u all, and wish you nothing but the best life has to offer..Thank u for accepting me just as i am, the best gift one could ever ask for!!

  3. Glad this post talks about starting a new blog that will refocus on LISK and the facts. (sidenote: I wish there was a website where prostitutes felt comfortable putting in warnings/tips to each other anonymously about abusive John’s they encounter and who to watch for.) These victims of circumstance need our attention, not malignant narcissist like Dot and the likes. Things should start from square one – maybe a blog titled like “Sorry but LISK doesn’t nor did he ever live in your neighborhood at Oak Beach. Any other ideas?”

    • I have it waiting… it has a name and everything… I have 3 blogs waiting… and I really want to do them, but I’m afraid I’m spreading myself to thin… I will talk about these 3 new blogs and let people see them soon. I will do what I can on them and if others come to them I will continue to work on them… but just so everyone knows, zero’s world will never go anywhere, and you can always check up on Dorothy right here! But I will say this now, just as I said it before, and in fact it is the first post on that new blog… I am not gonna solve the case… I’m good at seeing bullshit and calling it out, it’s up to others to come forward and really help… LISK.com, did it help? Websleuths, is it helping? I agree that a place for real discusion is needed and I will try to give that… but it won’t depend on me… I found what I’m good at… right here!

    • Annie, I couldn’t agree more…These ‘people’ have NO TRUE caring for the likes of the disadvantaged/prostitutes. In fact the writing is littered with veiled, if not out right, racism/class-ism…Frauds..
      If you go back to Zero’s LISK blog, you’ll see how many of ‘us’ feel about the case, including POI’s…But if you want to throw some stuff around feel free. I take it, you feel organized crime is involved?? Or did you mean an Organized Killer?? Where do you think the perp is from?? Its safe here..

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