The Interview And The GOP

The last movie I went to see at the theater was “Guardians Of The Galaxy”. It was playing at the cheap theater (normaly $1.50 but this was $3.50 because it was in 3D, still a very good deal) since it was about to be released on DVD (which since then it has been, check it out, if you like Marvel movies you should love it and wait for after the credits for a look back into the ’80s… lol). The movie was great, but it was the coming attractions that really caught my attention.

The preview for The Interview staring  Seth Rogen and James Franco showed and after seeing it, I said to myself… “that’s gonna cause some trouble”.  And boy was I right.

The plot of the movie deals with an american talk show host and the talk show’s producer being invited to North Korea to interview North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. Before they can go though the CIA recruits them to assassinate the dictator during their trip.

Seth, you are a genius… of course it’s safe to say Mr. Rogen will never make such a trip in real life…

So, if you havent heard, a group calling themselves the GOP (Guardians of Peace) (damn that’s pretty funny for so many reasons) have hacked into Sony Pictures and are causing havoc with the things they got at.

Now again, if you haven’t heard, the GOP are demanding that Sony not release the movie or they (Sony) will receive a special Christmas present from the GOP. This of course leads many to speculate North Korea’s involvement in the GOP. Again, I’m sorry, but that is funny.

So what has the GOP done so far? They’ve released  damaging emails as well as  put out movies yet to be released by Sony for the public to watch. It may seem silly and childish, but Sony is definitely losing money and people are probably losing their jobs… so yea, is it funny? Unfortunately it still is. I mean it’s like a freakin’ movie right?

Read these, see for yourself:

OK, it’s messed up, but something about Hollywood freaking out over its emails being posted is just funny, I mean, Seth Rogen should be writing all this down… it will make a great prequel to “This Is The End”.

I really liked what Lisa Kudrow had to say about it… it’s the same thing I keep saying here, anything you put out there, is out there! Don’t put anything on the internet in any form that you don’t want made public…

Still how far is GOP willing to go? What kind of gift will they leave for Sony if the movie is released as planed?

Alright, this isn’t funny anymore.

You better believe 2 things… I am keeping an eye on these stories and will be posting more on all this…

And on the day after Christmas look for a review of ‘The Interview” here on the blog, because I will be in that theater come Christmas Day, hopefully it’s as funny as it looks!

21 thoughts on “The Interview And The GOP

  1. Wow, what a World….GOP, ohh good stuff…hey this is like terrorism?? Am i burnt or did i read on one of the links u provided that EMINEM is in this flick??…Now things are really getting surreal around here….

    • yes, and I just saw on the news that there is now proof that North Korea is behind the hack… WTF! I hope everyones ready to do some reading, because I’m ready to do some writing…

      • yep… everything is different now… Sony had no choice… but what happens next… how the world reacts to this.. oh hell… I’m at a loss… BIG changes in the world need to happen SOON! Other wise…

      • I DO understand that Sony just can’t put people in danger..I do…But why not give the public the choice…Ahh, who am i kidding, it was the responsible thing to do, but yes Zero..THE WORLD JUST CHANGED..Off to read your new post, having said that, exactly what are the ramifications of acquiescing to this type of terrorism???…UGH, im sick…

      • There was preasure from other studios and plus two of the biggest thearter chains had already said they wouldn’t play it… this is HUGE… i will be blogging more about it, that was just a quick post. the next few posts will be dealing with this subject 9it was a main subject on the HS Show yesterday. And now that the whithe house is (at least I saw on the news) saying that the hack did come from NK… but yes, what will happen for giving in… there was no intelegence or knoweledge of a real threat to the thearters… but money would be loss by putting it out… that’s probably the bottom line… though again… if anything did happen… but man, i totally agree… this is sad… this is wrong… what is going to be the ramifications??? Good question. How long till we know? is another good one.

      • I wonder if there would be ‘MONEY LOST”?? or would the theaters be packed?? Interesting, and I DONT KNOW the answer…I prob would go, but would i let my kid?..Is it worth dying over a MOVIE?? Well, IMO, this ain’t JUST about a movie, this is JUST THE BEGINNING..Obama really needs to sound off here..I feel for the President, todays problems require the skills of Solomon!! I dont envy the position
        😦 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • yea, i think there was just too much unsureness of what would happen, would people be afraid? I bet most would… but lots of us wouldn’t… again though do you send you kid? They banked on our fear and it worked… believe me, a long post on this is coming… gotta finish the Ferguson post first.

      • Ahhh the “Fergerson” post…I don’t envy you..IDK how i feel yet about the ‘incident’, term used very loosely!!…We’ve spoken about ‘my friend’..He’s Puerto Rican BTW, with 20yrs experience, i enjoy the close relationship we have, I respect Him, his job and his quite humble beginnings…Personally, im saddened and conflicted..Ive often said “Id be the angriest African American woman on earth”…sigh….

        It was only 50 yrs ago, the world was a very different place!! Im dreading the post..Kinda..

      • Forgive my multiple comments, its VERY ANNOYING, im sry!!

        I MUST add: LE does not have an easy job..NO MATTER WHAT..they never know what they’re facing!!?? Their loved ones never really know if that will be last time they see them…thats their JOB..EVERY SINGLE DAY…….

        There are good and bad in every single profession..And Zero, you know i’m no saint, nor have i ever claimed to be…

        I am very proud of the peaceful, emotional demonstrations forming, in the the Spirit of Martin Luther king…

      • Good for u President Obama!!! Publicly spanks Sony for there cave to North Korea..Bet i’ll be at that movie Christmas morn!! and dare i say, China agrees…nice

      • was that crazy! Though I once again say, it’s not Sony’s fault, no one wanted to carry it. Sony has now come out with a reply that they very much want the public to see the movie… so now that the president has spoke up… now that everyone is saying Sony must play the movie… maybe the theaters will stand by them and we can get a release… this movie needs to come out to the theaters.

      • Hear tell Netflix wants to run it..not sure how i feel about my credit card info being all vulnerable,,even though my ex pays…BAD LINDA!! Jeez..whats wrong with my moral compass these daze.. 😉

      • our info has been vuneralble for a long time now… this is just bringing it to a new level we didn’t want to think about… but other countries have been dealing with this for a while, and they take chances everyday they go to the movies, the mall or anywhere else… so it’s time for us to take the stand as well… and the world needs to decide where this is going… Hacking is finally gonna get the discusion it deserves… and you all know how I feel about it… the bullied become the bullies… anons beware… being a hacker is no longer gonna be a cool thing… and it’s about time. but this can have all sorts of ill effects on freedoms in cyberspace… I got my popcorn and i’m paying attention to it all… seems zero’s world came to the internet just in time… we will al have a front row seat in some life and internet changing events!

      • Ahhh, This is why i call u brotha..u are braver than i’ll ever be…I wanted to originally say: “look how enraged ‘WE, the USA, get when our freedoms are threatened!! Yet we shake our heads when other countries, Palestine, AS AN EXAMPLE (easy folks, there’s thousands), start bombing, when they have ENDURED so much MORE of this shit than ‘we’ could ever fathom….

        Think about it…

      • yes, the chickens are coming home to roost… does that apply here? It’s time for THE WORLD to join hands or continue to raise fists… one way or another… it’s time to put up or shut up… that one applies, right?

  2. Yep, just heard that…This is terrorism!!!! What a difficult dilemma, to say the very least!! Should people fear going to the movie??!! Worse?? Im worried…..What is this world coming to……………………………..

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