25 Days Of Christmas Music: Day Twenty Five… CHRISTMAS!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hope you all got what you wanted… and deserved! (heh heh)

Wow, this is Zero’s World’s 200th post!

200th post

200 posts in one crazy year! This is call for celebration! So if you aren’t already celebrating (you heathens), well now you have 200 good reasons to!

Alright now for my gifts… the first one is another Christmas Cartoon I did for the Sinner’s first Christmas Album… I had lots of people wanting me to make a South Park character for them after they saw the first video I made… so I set out to make another one with more of our Sinner friends and family in it. I think I did a pretty good job… see for yourself:


These next 4 gifts are versions of my favorite Christmas song, made in 1984 (as I have said, one of my most favorite years, definitely an important one) by Bob Geldof and a ton of musicians from that year. I’m sure you all know I am talking about the Christmas Super Group: BAND AID and the song “Do They Know It’s Christmas Time?” Say what you want about this song and those who worked together to create it… but it will probably always be my favorite. It’s been that way for 40 years and will probably be that way for another 40 (God willing, isn’t that what people say?). Well for the 40th anniversary of the song, Bob got together another group of musicians and rewrote the lyrics to represent the new growing problem in Africa (and the rest of the world as well), the Ebola Virus. You might not have known that. You might also not have known that Bob remakes the song with new musicians every ten years, which means there are now four versions of it. And again, say what you want, they are all cool in my book, even if I don’t know who most of the musicians are in the other versions. As I said before, what ever reasons people come together to do good… well, it’s good, and let’s just leave it at that. There’s enough things to criticize each other for… lots of reasons to put that “Haters” hat on. It’s time we let the good deed go unpunished… or at least time we tried.


Again, say what you want… I say bless you Bob! Let the world know it’s Christmas!

Ok… there ya go… thanks to everyone for sharing the holidays! Now look below… you just might find a gift with your name on it…










9 thoughts on “25 Days Of Christmas Music: Day Twenty Five… CHRISTMAS!

  1. Happy Holidaze “TEAM DOPES”…Come on Guys, let sing along, you should know the words by now!! LOVE U ALL!!!!!! KARMA…hee

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