12 More Days Of Christmas?!?

12 days

The most annoying Christmas Song did not appear in my “25 Days Of Christmas Music”. Not because of it’s annoying qualities… actually that was a plus in my picking of some of the songs. No, the reason it didn’t make the musical “chain” links was because I finally found out what the 12 days of Christmas actually are.

You see, I went to put my favorite version of the song up, but first I needed to do some research on the 12 days of Christmas. And it turns out… the 12 days of Christmas actually begin on Christmas Day and goes till January 5th, though some traditions have being December 26th (today) to January 6th. I like that, it brings us right up the the 7th of January, which is the best holiday of them all! Here, read wiki, it explains it all as usual:


So, for the sake of the blog,

I’m going with today being the first day and that means we can have 12 more days of Christmas Songs!

I’m only kidding…

But if you go to Zero’s World Facebook you will be able to see 12 of my favorite versions of what I feel to be THE most aggravating Christmas Song, but also one of the most fun. Plus there are a couple of Jib Jab Christmas Videos there that most of you will find very funny… one with “Team 6” doing a Christmas Twerk, and another of Lawless America blowing it out their asses (in other words business as usual). Plus I’m so close to my next milestone:

zw likes

So go check that place out:



There are lots of versions of the “12 Days”, again let’s go to wiki to get the scoop:


Alright, now on to my favorite version of my least favorite Christmas Song (oh who am I kidding, I like the annoying little song) done by two of my heroes from the “Great White North”… Bob & Doug… if you please:

(go to Zero’s World to see a cool animated version of this song)

“that beer is empty”


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