Zero’s World… One Year Later

One year and 200 hundred posts ago… Zero’s World began.

It started with a video and 3 words. The video was Eminem of course, the words were mine: “Are You Ready?”

Some were, others were not.

I had warned everyone playing games that once I joined in on the fun, they might not want to play any more. And damn if I didn’t clear the playground.

The Enimem video, “The Monster” was brand new at the time, from an album that was also new. It really set the mood for the year to come on the blog, didn’t it? Well a year later and there’s another new Eminem album and another new video:

Ah yes, “Guts Over Fear”. That definitely fits this year of blogging for me. I mean I had all sorts of threats from the moment the blog began:

dph zero fbi

DPH zero kids

willy flooded 2

death threat

zero is an idiot

jen blog2

jen ws

cb 4

cb 12

cb 13

ckb zw fb rachel1

CKB LS threat

db threats2

db threats3

DPH threat

That’s just a few of  the threats and promises to show what I mean… let’s see, there are threats of lawsuits (as you see, Dorothy even thinks Linda has a case against me, lol), threats of reports to police and FBI, threats of violence (yes, my computer being shoved up my ass was my favorite of all these types) threats of my blog being removed, threats of getting me removed from other sites, threats of “flooding” my Facebook with “zero haters”, threats to my family, threats to my friends, threats to people I have worked for, and I think that comment from David Patrick Scott Jr. counts as a death threat!

LMFAO… I loved every minute of it! And as everyone can see… not one of those threats (or promises… or whatever you want to call them) did anything to shut me up. I am not Sony.

It’s been quiet, lately. Not from me of course… I’m still going at it. But all those idle threats and those tossing them from their glass lives are very quiet. Again…LMFAO!

Well, Freshman year is over bitches…

Sophomore year looks very promising…

23 thoughts on “Zero’s World… One Year Later

  1. I feel its also very important to note, that it was GENUINE concern for Cristen (her allegations of Stalking, DEATH THREATS, ECT..yawn), that got you blogging!!

    From day ONE, you held all of us, from LISK.COM, to the same litmus test, NO?? Even TCTH!! Cristen ate every bit of your support up until you saw, in HER OWN words, the DISgusting games being played!! NO GRATITUDE!! NO THANKS!! Your TY was being harassed and slandered EVER SINCE, because YOU CALLED IT like you saw it!! AND YOU PROVED IT!! Exposing Joe was huge, you know what that meant to some of your readers…. The time and effort you put into your blogs is unbelievable!! And without you, there was hardly anyone left, who had the energy, or BALLS, to stand up for what was right…But it was YOU ZERO, with the exception of course, of TCTH, WHO CALLED OUT, AND ENDED THE GAMES (Publicly that is, as sooo many good people have come forward behind the scenes, to let you know you GOT IT right)!! By ‘people’, i DO include true ‘victims’ of these horrible crimes, not to mention those being victimized again, by the ensuing evil games, adding salt to wounds that will never truly heal!!! No wonder ‘They’ hate you!! Surreal to have witnessed such great EVIL, while also having witnessed such great compassion and goodness!! i still can’t comprehend thier sick minds, that so selfishly use crimes like LISK, to gain attention for THEMSELVES!! Crimes like this make most ‘Normal’ people realize how petty most problems are, compared to those who lost a loved one to a serial killer!! Again, No saint here, but i can’t contemplate the mind of those who have used this crime to gain sympathy for themselves!! For a fucked up vendetta against an ex or a neighbor!! To gain notoriety???!!! PUKE..YOU ALL DISGUST THE FUCK OUTTA ME!! All the while, all you haters can’t repeat ENOUGH how “GOOD, RIGHTEOUS and HOLY YOU ARE”..what pigs..ugh…All shitting now, bitching YOU’RE BEING HARASSED (LOL), cause you know its reaping time..and, well that KARMA, it’ll neva end till you do right, and im banking on the fact that NONE of you will ever do the right thing!! Some of you are old enough to know: You can run, but you can’t hide..Thats life kids!

    Im proud to be part of team ZERO, because it means, by ZERO’s standards, (which have ALWAYS been INHERENTLY Good), that at least a part of ME is Good too!! And i like it ❤

  2. Ahhh, some these comments do bring me back….I especially like the threats of lawsuits for defamation and libel…You see, if your reputation is SHIT already, and that can be proven by say, the Webmaster and just one fool…YOU CASE IS CRAP!! See if ur a sneaky, lying, manipulating snake to begin with, theres NO DAMAGE…FACT.

    Thus, The birth of the my use of the word: DOPE

    • so, I was checking out twitter, came across Murt tweeting about a new blog against him (he has so many) I went to look at this blog, and it’s messed up, but entertaining as all the rest. I had a discusion with Murt about how they are all basically the same… people on the internet, needing the attention, dare I say addicted, no I don’t because we all have shit that get’s realeased into our brains when we do stuff like this… it’s basic sience… I then was reading the Bill W. FB and blog… he really dosen’t see how he is bringing it all on hisself… some of us still don’t see that basic teachings of Zero’s World: We are our worst enemy… we bring it all on ourselves… or as we all like to say to each other… “we reap what we sow”. Cristin once said my blog was no different from hers… but that’s way wrong… yes I’m doing the same thing as these people, but I’m being honest about it… I admit I’m out here looking for the next game to play… to teach by example, it’s the best way. I’m just not candy coating it, I’m not all, “why do these people keep messing with me”… It does make me sad that there are so many out ther on gthe internet wrapped up in this and don’t see what they them selves are doing… but as I have said, it is also entertaining, like Americas Funniest Home Videos or Tosh.0, right? Wrong but so funny. Yea, viral is called viral for a reason. But with these people going back’n’forth with each other on the internet claiming of being stalked and defamed is different, something is really happening here. A cultural phomenom of epic proportions well worth looking into…

  3. Call it what u will..You thought i was the biggest gamer of all…damn, ‘we’ say the same thing about watching ‘maury”…But if this spot was EXPLOITATIVE, i wouldn’t want any part of it… I believe your followers would be much different…rather, the ones that are gone: BELONG GONE…from Online, FROM EVERYWHERE they can spread Poison..
    How Bout that??

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