Winter Storm Warning

That’s what it says on my phone. Weather channel says the same thing. Let’s take a look on the Net:

OH sh@t! It’s true! Snow!!!

That’s sooo cool, but also very scary and dangerous!  New Years visitors are in for a surprise… and that trip down the 15 for Californians will be much more difficult then the usual sometime parking lot, stop and go trip. In fact if it is as bad as they say, that trip may not be possible after tonight…

We shall see!

New Years Eve 2014 Snow Watch In Vegas… begins now!


3 thoughts on “Winter Storm Warning

  1. Are you kidding??? Its been like “70” on LI?? Holy!!
    BE CAREFUL WEST COST PEOPLE…Charge all phones, get extra gas, buy candles,batteries,water, weed, food, weed,flashlights,weed…Maybe some beer??
    Get weed..BE Careful. DONT DRIVE..HELLO??
    LUV YA!!
    Get a shovel, get up two hrs early for work………..Salt..jeez..
    Know what?? Screw in sick!!

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