No Snow For Jay Jay

So last night, before going to bed, I saw on my “smart” phone that we would be waking up to snow. I switched on weather by the hour and at 4 am it showed a picture of a snow flake.

My 9-year-old has been wishing for snow since last Christmas, he’s too young to remember the last time it snowed here and teared up when we showed him pictures of himself playing in snow when he was around 3 years old. He had kept saying he has never seen snow, so we showed him pictures and like I said  he teared up.

So last night. I showed him the hourly forecast on my phone, and as soon as he saw the snowflakes those tears began to gather in his eyes again.

“I’m gonna see snow!” He cried as he stared at my phone’s screen. He than followed the snowflakes down each hour from 4 to 10 am.

“I’m gonna see snow, I’m gonna see snow!” He yelled, dancing around the room.

My wife, much wiser than me at times (at times), cautioned me, “What if it doesn’t happen?”

But I was sure we’d be waking up to a white neighborhood (not how that sounds). I said, “There will be some snow somewhere in Vegas tomorrow and if I have to, I’ll drive him around till we find it.” To this my son grinned the biggest grin!

Well, woke up to the usual colored neighborhood (again, not how that sounds), although parts of the Valley are getting “lightly dusted” throughout the day, the local news assures me.


Well, I guess we are going for ride.

16 thoughts on “No Snow For Jay Jay

    • as soon as i hit publish… jay jay started waking up… not very happy either… but, i told him we’d go find some, and i looked outside and the sky was just a white cloud, and then, a litt;e flurry flew by my window. I told jay to get dressed, and he is out side now playin in the flakes… no real snow yet, but some nice flurries… update, soon!

  1. I haven’t read in about a week. Holiday madness. Enjoying catching up though! Great read. I’m glad he got his snow. Also glad I didn’t make the fu list this year lol. Looks like the blog is picking up speed.

    • LMAO
      I don’t thinks most people realize who you are yet Cara…
      Cara is MandamusSeven.
      I know this might spark some comments about Floirida, or some of Mandamus’ old comments, but that is not necsscary.As I said before I have respect for Cara, A good friend is hard to come by. And I mean a GOOD friend, not one of the many of them that just cause you problems and make you wonder why you have friends at all. I’d like to leave it at that for now and as your song says Cara, Welcome Back! I appreciate you giving this place a second, or is it a third chance, lol. I’m honored to have you as a reader again.

      • I’m glad you gave honesty on my hair color and I’m glad my message sat for so long unread lol. I always thought you were a great writer even though I became overly invested in the subject matter. I’ll always steer clear of the “florida” Stuff as far as commenting but I Really Enjoy Seeing How you’re Clearing Up Somethings. I think you’re being really fair with her and very respectful. That’s about all I’ll say on that.
        But I really enjoy you’re writing. I’m curious as to what your thoughts are on the young men that are disappearing in the northern states and turning up found deceased in waterways. I was reading about the Smiley Face killer theories. It is not something I usually dive into. But it is unsettling to think of these young men, totally unsuspecting falling victim to predators in bars late at night. I don’t have a lot of knowledge about the cases but what I’ve been reading only as of late. This subject is a tad dark for this particular thread, but I had wanted to ask you at some point and didn’t want to forget.

      • thank you. I looked into the smiley face stuff a lot last summer, I would like to do a post on it at some point. But that being said, i find it hard to believe all these cases are connected. Some seem like accidents as they say, and the happy face sign is probably a coincedence… but there does seem to be at least one killer also involved in these cases. And i say one, meaning one of a serial killer nature. There are many stories here, and some could be accidents, some could have been muredered in isolated inncedents, meaning drunkin fights or someone they know personally… but some of them seem like they might be connected… seems to be the ongoing theme lately… connections.

      • oh and sorry for darkening up your post Jay Jay… he was so excited I blogged about him. I’d love to blog about my kids more, but, well, i chose the darker subjects and now that’s just where we are.

      • Hi Linda. I’m sorry about…well. Being a bitch. I can be a huge nasty when I’m defending friends.

        I’m just going to be popping by from time to time to read to see where Zero takes his blog. I’m glad that all the madness seems to have died down for everyone.

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