Top 10 Fuck Yous Of 2014


#10. Fuck You Julia Fletcher… and all the other crazy enablers out there!

#9.  Fuck You Jen… get out of the shadows already or are you afraid of what we’ll see?

#8. Fuck You Missouri and all those racist, homophobic, jack-asses there that don’t realize that they are racist, homophobic, jack-asses. You know, people like Willy, Mark, and David Jr. (are all Juniors big-mouthed pricks?)

#7. Fuck You to The Tea Party… are you guys still around? Will some one please put a fork in them?

#6. Fuck You FOX News… do I really need to write anything else here?

#5. Fuck You to 3 clowns who still think they are Klowns… you know who you are.

#4. Fuck You Flukeyou… you moved down in the list because you really don’t matter much any more.

#3. Fuck You Dorothy… you moved up in the list because you are a cunt.

#2. Fuck You to The GOP… both of them!

#1. Fuck You North Korea and Kim Jong Un… you almost ruined my Christmas… almost!

29 thoughts on “Top 10 Fuck Yous Of 2014

  1. Aren’t you tired of this yet?
    I think everyone is tired of reading your slander.
    I know I am.
    You attack people who are standing up to corruption.
    How would you like it if people were doing this to you?
    How would you like a blog made about you?

      • LOL, so which ‘new commenter” is this?? Told you, don’t trust anyone!!
        Even those that now apologize, TRULY have NO CLUE how far and damaging these games were…Nope….But like good Christians, we are all supposed to turn the other cheek…
        Wonder how many of them have been through what we have..Had you’re name linked to crime?? called a killer?? Prostitute?? Victim of sexual abuse?? Was your job or family contacted??
        We Are ready, and then ome..ha ha! Now come get it…Come!!
        MUAH!! 😉

    • pay attention EA… people have done “this” to me and many others out there. i take that back, my “this” is usually just things on the internet, most of the time i use people’s own words, their own posts to get my points accross… others like to invent stuff in there heads about me and and others like Linda… then they put it out there like it’s truth… oh hell, why am i even addressing this… i’m not in a fight with anyone, I am not against the the disenfranchised, abused, or mistreated. I do not promote or stand with corruption. Growing up my favorite movie was Bad News Bears (it was really Star Wars, but BNB was up there). I’m just pointing out the madness… you Mr. EnoughAlready… seem to be a are part of it.

    • @EnoughAlready: can you use SPECIFIC examples of this so called “Slander”?? Or will u remain cryptic, as ALL who have ‘left’ here do?? What’s the problem?? Please use quotes?? TY

  2. Oh for petes sake. Enoughalready, you and your type, you really are something. I’m not going to waste my time on you. I see you for exactly what you are. You don’t fight corruption, that’s just the excuse you use for what you really do.

  3. Really? Do you think he’s just sitting at his computer waiting for you to comment? Wow, think the world revolves around you, dontcha. Oh,and no he’s not looking too scared to me.

    • sometimes they do…lol. There are many places in the comments where people think I’m “moderating” them, but i just haven’t gotten to the blog yet… or I may have missed a comment… (found a TCTH one I missed today, when that happens I put them through) there’s only 2 people I moderate on a regular bases… one thanks me for it… the other, everyone else does…lol.

    • LOL, EXACTLY Donna…Oh thats good, and only the hundredth some on time Zero haters have accused him of this!! Yeah, he’s got nothing else going on in life, but to put through the dozens of comments, emails ect he gets each day!! lol, get a life people…Oh please, GET A LIFE, lol…sigh, lol
      All you Zero and Linda haters: We can’t help that we’re good looking, smart, loved and growing in popularity!! LOL, it must kill you guys when u see the blog growing, the ‘real’ friendships growing out of it, the exposure of disgusting stalkers…Yep!! Everyday more and more people are reading, good people…Don’t ya just hate the Love?? Im sry you’re not us 😦
      And as ive hinted, Sooner than later, Zero’s growing popularity, will give you all even more reasons to seethe with jealousy!! haha!! Yes, ‘Good’ acts get rewarded, sucks being you guys, i know 🙂

      • to be fair, I don’t get to many any more, lol. But yes, i love all that hate me, but hang on my every word and for some reason need my aproval?!?

      • comments, that is… we get new readers everyday… and by the way, I know I have some die hard EVERYDAY readers out there. I love you guys. THANK YOU! This year should bring lots of conclusions to a lot of things… so stay tooned!

    • BTW, notice the AVOIDANCE when these idiots are challenged to give examples/facts of how Zero is against the exposure of corruption?? Ahhh so typical, its actually boring…These lemmings dont have the first clue as to why they hate, they have to ask Dorothy, just like Nan, and even she dumped Dorothy!!
      I love this!

      • That’s all Dorothy propaganda… if you disagree with her there must be a reason why you do. Has anyone looked at The SG FB lately, someone left a pretty nasty comment there. It’s way beyond respectful and should not have been put there no matter how that commenter felt… but it’s funny, cause dorothy asks him for help?!? The guys just one of many people who put there opinions in comment sections, I don’t know about any of you, but I almost always go straight to the comment section of an article or video or whatever it is… the comments are where you learn things… I learned this at and it goes for everything… people work those comments… and i have read simular comments as this guy wrote, and they have a right to their beliefs, you know I have mine… but on a memorial page… yea sorry, fuck that guy. I only bring it up because of how dorothy reacts to it… every commenter on the internet is someone who needs to help or be locked up…

  4. Just took a peek at the exposing zeros world link. Umm, shouldn’t they have at least started with a picture that’s actually Zero? But hey, they’ve been getting stuff wrong this whole time, so why break the trend now? Lol. So it looks like the facebook page is just going to be more of this particular crazy’s imagination run wild. Been there, seen that, bored by it.

    • I think we already shut that person up, lol. They thought they had some real scoop there… lmao. I’m almost tempted to post a real pisture so they can clear up their mistake. HA ha!

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