Are You A Good Witch Or A Bad Witch?

good witch

I just want to clear something up. When I say I’m dropping houses on witches tomorrow, I am in no way referring to the Wiccan Religion. I was raised Catholic, so we share a lot of the same Pagan holidays.

Seriously though… when I say witch I mean like Wizard of Oz stuff. You know, good witch, bad witch stuff.

There are some evil witches out there trolling the internet as we speak… and the head witch, the evilest one of them all, the Wicked Witch of the East, Dorothy (I know that seems backwards from the story you know, but this is a backwards story with backwards people) needs to watch out for falling houses tomorrow.

The Wicked Witch of the East left me a private message on my ZW Facebook last night:

zw dph pm drunken sf

See… what a wicked, wicked, witch. I have nothing to do with the website called “Drunken Stepfather”. I just wrote a post about it, that’s all. I think any reader here knows that, well everyone but Dorothy of course (and she does read here, all the time). Go ahead Dot Girl, look into the DSF site. The outcome of that can only be hilarious.

The evil, wicked witch calls me a liar, says I have no children. I really wish you would stop talking about my kids in any way. Telling me to take care of them or saying I have none, just don’t even talk about other people’s kids. It just leaves you open to similar discussions of your own children that I know you don’t want anyone getting into. Right? Right!

The ugly, troll of a witch talks about me going to jail and losing my apartment with the “dumpster view” (what the hell is she talking about there? I bet I can crack it in time for my half-time show tomorrow, lol, it’s already cracked, so that bet would be unfair… oh, clues to secrets) The whole threatening message is more of a joke than a threat, because it’s all wrong.  Everything this wicked witch does is all wrong, you would think she would be tired of being wrong. Not as long as she can fit it into her wicked little head with all the other lies stuck up there.

Will you allow me to digress for a moment? LOL, you (my reader) always do.

When I was growing up I went to Knott’s Scary Farm every year. They always had the “Hanging” as a main stage show. Well almost always, and every time I went there was a hanging. They hung witches for a while, but after getting grief from local practicing witches, Knott’s stopped hanging witches and went with celebrity figures, Freddy Krueger was the star of a few I saw. The last time I went (which was 2013) they had brought back the “Hanging of the Witch”. I thought that was cool, because it was about good witches and bad witches… not Wiccan and Pagan beliefs… it’s about Wizard of Oz type stuff.

And that’s the point I want to get across here. Tomorrow’s “House Dropping” festivities is not aimed at anyones religious or spiritual beliefs…

It’s about good witches and bad witches…

and wicked, wicked ones!

Super Bowl Sunday Halftime Show

It doesn’t mater if you are rooting for The Patriots or The Seahawks…

It doesn’t mater whether you think “deflategate” is real or make-believe.

It doesn’t mater if you love or hate Tom Brady.

It doesn’t mater if you are only watching the super bowl for the commercials and Katy Perry.

It doesn’t even mater  if you are just here so you don’t get fined.

This Super Bowl Sunday the only thing that maters is that you don’t miss Zero’s World Halftime Show!

So make sure to toon in to the ZW FB this Sunday:

It’s going to be game changing!

Return To The Mystery Of Lake City Quiet Pills

Yesterday there was a spike in views for Zero’s World. The strange thing was that over a hundred views were all to a post from last year… take a look for yourself:




Seems there was a lot of interest in Milo and the Lake City Quiet Pills yesterday.  That kind of spike in readers on that post makes me start to wonder… what happened yesterday to spark interest in the mystery?

I did my best to chase down answers to the mystery when I first posted about it… but came up with 2 equally believed conclusions. Half the people seem to think the whole thing was a hoax and half think this was a group of military friends who got together on the different sites linked to the mystery. Very few actually thought they were mercenaries for hire, though there was some things hidden in the conversations of this group that did seem to imply something secret was going on.

I corresponded with one of the members on who seemed to do the most research on the whole thing and they believed there was no mystery, just a group of military buddies who stayed in contact through the porn pages they made (though most of the discussions were encrypted in those sites).  We both agreed, that only the group themselves could clear the mystery up now, and they didn’t seem to be wanting to do so. In fact at least some of them seemed to be feeding the mystery at some points or maybe covering it up. Milo himself really made it seem like there was something in it that was worth looking into. And with the announcement of Milo’s death, maybe the game he started was continued by others. I chased it as far as I could and decided to wait and see if anything new on it turns up.

Well, did something new pop up? I went searching for anything new on it, and my post seems to be the newest info on it, and since my post relies on mostly the posts on, those are the posts that seem to be the last on the subject:

Still, there was an unusual jump in interest yesterday… I’m baffled and intrigued, but I am left with nothing new to add… well accept this:


It’s a comment left on my LCQP post. It’s from a little over 5 months ago. Not really a comment, just a link:

Kind of strange. I missed it when the comment first went up, which is not so strange since sometimes I miss comments. Especially back then, when there used to be lots more of them.

Well, when I went to look at my post after seeing the spike in views yesterday, I saw this comment and clicked to see where the link would take me… and it only got stranger:


This shows it was created about 6 months ago, right before SUSK put it in the comment on the ZW blog. It is coordinates leading to this place:

This could have to do with the “party” that was maybe held in honor of Milo after he died, which some believe is actually cryptic discussions of the assassination of Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh:

And if that’s the case, well then it leads more credibility that there is something more going on here than just some war-time buddies hanging out… in fact even if it was a party in remembrance of their buddy Dutch Milo it seems a little extravagant:

party bills here is the final for the party hotel rooms 48341 limo 6080 bus 569 bar bill 18890 food 8030 dancers 8300 misc tips 850 misc exp 2840 med supplies 180 (fat tommy and stu are okay, to.) total 94080 you all did dutch milo proud. thanks.

The more I think about it the more I think this is some weird hoax… but there’s just enough there to be something else…

And with this SUSK comment I am once again chasing stories…

I put SUSK in to the old Google bar and these are what came back:…0i10j0l4.………..0.ZelPfXIzxgw

Ukrainian Canadian Student Union…

Well that is mysterious.

If you still read here SUSK, feel free to comment again. I wish I had seen it when it first went up so I could have addressed it properly.

So that’s where the mystery sits… if you weren’t one of the many people who read the post yesterday, here’s a quick link to it:

I actually wrote 2 posts on the subject (this makes the third), but the second post did not get the rush of readers yesterday that the first post did. So if you want to check out the second post on the subject, click on this link:

And if anyone is coming here to read about Milo, Angel 2-6, Kim, Jerro Mank, Joe The Snake, Fat Tommy, Stu, RoP, The Drunken Stepfather, or any other Lake City Quiet Pills connections, please leave a comment explaining why all the sudden interest… I mean over a hundred views in one day… and they came from all over:



I’m really curious… actually I was really curious when I first looked into it, now that so many showed up here yesterday to read about it, I’m beyond curious! I’m dying to know more!

Alright, given the subject matter here, I may have over spoke. “Dying to know more” may be a little too much, but I am curious, so if there is anything new on the subject, please share. If not here, my email is (who doesn’t know my email by now? lol):

I will also keep a look out for anything new on LCQP…

Until then… it remains a mystery!

They Burn Witches, Don’t They?

So in the post I made the other day I mentioned putting Dorothy on the back burner. That was a reference to burning witches… which is something they used to do right?

After reading Dorothy’s private message on the Zero’s World Facebook:

dph c&d

I thought maybe I needed to take Dorothy off the burner all together and throw her straight into the oven till she was done!

Another “burning witches” metaphor for ya. But I seem to recall that they also used to drown witches. Two totally opposite solutions to the same witch problem…

Fire… water? I want something grander!

In The Wizard of Oz they combined the 2… throwing water on the witch, which then caused her to melt away. I like that… but it’s still not enough…

Wait… I got it!  This also comes from The Wizard of Oz, right from when the worlds collide jumping into Technicolor!

That’s right… we are gonna start dropping houses on these witches!

And those houses will begin to drop on Super Bowl Sunday, during halftime on ZW’s FB Page:

All information and hyped up fanfare will be posted to promote the House Dropping Event over the next 3 days…

Stay Tooned…



Facebook… Are You Fucking Serious?

Woke up to this on the ZW Facebook this morning:

fb bitches

Are they fucking serious?!?

What the hell is wrong with what I wrote there? There is much worse on that page by me and all who dare to comment there. WTF?!?

Does everyone remember when my screen name, was being plastered on the SG FB memorial page…  saying I was in a Satanic Cult and made child porn etc. Here let’s look back:

DPH SG FB zero Psycho

She posted that, but then quickly changed it to read this:

dph sg fb zero minister correction

At least she took off the worshiping satan crap, but she added more to her rant in the process. The crap just pours out of her. Pure sewage:

DPH sg fb zero attacker

I am not a web site designer. I have no idea where she got that from, but that’s the least of the lies posted in this rant. And remember this is on a Facebook page made as a memorial for a possible serial killer victim! And there is more, lots more:

DPH sg fb3a

dph sg fb zero linda

Yea she posted all sorts of crap about Linda and I on that Facebook page and as we all know she posted crap about many other people there as well:

DPH sg fb 13dph sg fb brunkard2

DPH sg fb postDPH sg fb 10a

DPH sg fb 10bDPH sg fb 10c

DPH sg fb 10dDPH sg fb 10e

And as we all also all know, it was like pulling teeth to get Facebook or the page Admins to do anything about it. And this was just one place on Facebook where this was going on… Nancy’s FB has so much slander about so many people posted by both Nancy and Dorothy, and yes I have snapshots of all of it, including stuff where you weren’t smart enough to write zero as my name. Things about me, people I know, people I don’t know… how many of us in that same boat now? Reporting to Facebook about the slanderous lies only to be told (in form emails) that it does not break Facebook policies… but what I wrote did?!? Let’s look at that again:

fb bitches

I just don’t get it. But…

Once again I was asked if I wanted to remove the Zero’s World Page:

fb bitches2

My answer? I think we all know it:


In fact, all it did was get it all put into a blog post this will be posted right back on Facebook…LMFAO!

The bright side to this… I’m sure Dorothy reported a lot more than just that comment, and she must be very frustrated on how Facebook picks and choose what breaks FB policy… and since that was the only thing that I know was removed… that’s gotta be a big let down…. LMFAO!

By the way, I just want to mention that I had a message on my phone yesterday from Chris Q. That’s the old NCA president that is now shown as the acting president since Dorothy was pulled. He left a nice message assuring me that my concerns would be taken care of. He said he received an email with my email and phone number (again, I’m guessing from that Eric guy… Eric you ROCK!). I sent Chris Q. an email going over the basis for me contacting the NCA about Dorothy… so hopefully more and more people will see the true Dorothy Price Hill as we all do.

One last thing… this whole Facebook thing has inspired me… so that’s where this is gonna end… right there on the ZW FB Page…  and it will live up to the all the hype… it will be Legendary!

And one last, last thing… you are about to witness the return of Zero’s Id…

We all know what that means…





The Nut Gallery

nut gallery

I know this place is starting to look like one of these:

and the countless others out there…

I know some people might think I’m stuck on Dorothy…

Well, just so every understands… Dorothy is no longer the menace she once was, for what ever reasons, her crap is no longer all over Facebook everyday or finding its ways onto the SG Facebook page.

I don’t need to post about her any more and none of these latest posts were aimed at Dorothy.

No, you see I stopped her mindless internet chatter… I stopped quite a few people’s mindless internet chatter, even Nancy keeps most of it on her own page now, and that’s Nancy! Now I’m no Superman, and I didn’t do it alone, but really… they are afraid to write anything because they know I will find it or someone will send it to me and it will be picked apart… quickly.

No, my aim was at the Nut Gallery… you know who you are… just look at your Facebook friend list… do you see Dorothy Price Hill there? Well then you are probably part of that nut gallery. If you receive emails, PM’s or phone calls from her you are definitely part of that nut gallery. And if you are listening to her crap about everyone, quite a bit of it lately probably littered with the name zero in it, and you didn’t tell her to STFUP, then YOU are the one I’m writing these latest post about Dorothy for. I hope you are understanding what I am writing.

Julia, Kate, Todd, and Diane… you are part of the Nut Gallery!

Nan Nan… you may claim to be out, but you and Dorothy are still in bed together or soon will be I’m sure (that’s not a lesbian joke, although Dorothy, Nancy could really use some sex…  so you could make it literal and help your friend out) so yes Nan Nan… you are definitely part of the Nut Gallery.

Flukey, fluke, fluke! Yes Junior… you are part of the nut gallery… one of the head nuts!

Cristin and Jen, I know neither of you never worked with Dorothy, wait is that a double negative?  LOL! Run and hide and pretend you had nothing to do with it… get in the gallery where you belong!

Did I miss anyone… of course I did, because there are a lot of you nuts out there listening to Dorothy tell lie after lie and you do nothing about it! Damn enablers! You too will reap what you sow… bank on it! (yes I said bank, read something into it Dorothy… see the fake connections, go on dumb dumb)

Well keep reading… there are some more insights coming for you Gallery… one of you in particular is gonna be seen in a whole new light. And for those of you worried that I am starting to look like those other blog wars and afraid I might change the name to something like “Dorothy Is A”, don’t worry, we are coming to a place where she will be able to go back to the back burner again (that’s where witches belong). And  I have 3 new blogs that should be mostly Dorothy free (mostly) coming real soon… I hope you check them all out.

Stay Tooned… (LOL)

I Love My Readers!

I fucking love you guys!


As you see, it was a reader who quickly let me know that my link to Dorothy’s Civic Association association was no longer associated:

And after I wrote a new post explaining this another reader sent me this link:

This morning Dorothy’s name was still listed there as the President of the NCA…

Don’t bother clicking on it though… I guess while I was writing this someone also corrected that one.

This time I got a snapshot though:

dph norgate

Who ever is pulling Dorothy’s name down, don’t forget to correct that assoscation spelling.

So who want’s to take bets on why she is no longer President of the NCA? LOL!

I bet it’s bugging the hell out of her to read about her dismissal here.

I bet she’s already spinning lies about this.

I wonder how many people will buy it.

She’s probably telling everyone that will listen that it has nothing to do with my blog or my phone call to Eric. Oh by the way, that Eric guy listed as Vice President along side Dorothy whose name was also removed… a reader sent me this just so I know I saw what I saw and am not going crazy, lol:

Yep that was him. I called and left him a message… gave him my email… but no reply… well other than his and Dorothy’s names quickly being pulled from the NCA. Would still love to hear from ya Eric, I just want to understand Dorothy from those who know her. As I said before, what is it that she does that allows those around her to ignore the cyber terrorism she is involved in every single day.

And if Dorothy is trying to explain this off to the nut gallery as a resignation, or sayin’ she hasn’t been a part of the NCA for a while… I just want to add this:

Sent to me by a reader… I fuckin’ love you guys.

So let’s see, this happened in August of last year:

dph nca1

That’s like 5 months ago… and she seemed pretty gung-ho about doing the job:

dph nca2

dph nca3

So, those of you in the nut gallery listening to her lies… there’s another one exposed for ya, I bet. LMFAO, yes I am saying, I don’t even know what stories she might be passing around to explain all of this, but I know it’s most likely a lie, and thanks to my readers, I probably just exposed it. I know, too deep for the nut gallery, hope some of you get it though, I know most of my readers will. Of course we will probably never know the truth of what happened (or when)… but it happened fast and it all came to light after my post… just saying.

Alright, I’m done with The NCA, just like they are done with Dorothy… LMFAO! Where else could I go with the help of my readers?

Or how ’bout this:

I know, Dorothy will really get the nut gallery going on this… but so many of you reading here are seeing some pay back… and I know you are loving it.

And even new readers are happy to see some of you dangling from the rope you seem to have hung yourself with:


No, Thank You!

Thank ALL of you!

Keep reading…

I’ll keep writing…

Norgate Civic Assocation

I swear when that link was sent to me… Dorothy Price Hill’s name and phone number was listed under President. And there was an Eric under vice president. I called both numbers while looking at that site. But when you look at it now you see this:


Both gone. Resigned? Removed? I don’t know… but they were there, the person who sent me the link saw it, hopefully some of you saw it as well. I didn’t get a screen shot (I’m gonna blame that on the Flu as well, I just wasn’t on my A game, lol), wish I had, so I could show what I saw… but I’m happy just knowing my blog was seen (or my call to Eric was heard) and Dorothy was removed.

That’s check… again.

P.S. That’s a chess reference… you know what’s coming next.

P.S.S. Whoever is responsible for the NCA page… Assocation?  In your race to pull Dorothy’s name down as fast as possible… I think you made a misspell. Should probably correct that.