Ain’t Nothing But Music

I found a link for the songs used to torture terrorist. Before you read it, who do you think is on it?

I already said Eminem was on the list… who else do you think made it?

Here’s a list of performers, take a guess at which ones were used to drive the prisoners to talk:

Britney Spears

Motley Crue

Marilyn Manson

Depeche Mode

Christina Aguilera

The Bee Gees



I’ll give you a clue, 3 of the above were used.

How ’bout songs? Take a guess at which of these songs below were on the play list (again, 3 of them are mentioned in the article):

Afternoon Delight

We Are The Champions

The Barney Theme Song

The Thong Song

The Silver Spoons Theme Song

Never Gonna Give You Up

The Meow Mix Theme


Make you guesses than click on the link below to see if you’re right:

6 thoughts on “Ain’t Nothing But Music

  1. I listen to Eminem all day every day, im not crazy, right?? hey!
    But that Barny song, yeah thats some messed up shit!! im certain the years i was exposed caused irreparable damage 😦

  2. I hear The Wiggles everyday. My grandson sings the dorothy the dinosaur song and so does the dorothy dinosaur doll he has. Try listening to dorothys name all day. Now that is torture!

  3. Linda, that cracked me up! I’m picturing prisoners pleading, I’ll tell you anything, just make her shut up! LMA0. Everytime I see her go on about her exes poker parties and business meetings, I’m like, ha! You just know those were excuses to get away from her annoying ass.

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