Bill Windsor On The Run?

Hopefully by now everyone has seen this:

Bill wanted

That comes straight from the Facebook of Ellis County District Attorney, Patrick Wilson:

Out of all the things I am following on the Wild, Wild Web right now, The Bill Saga is the one that’s really got my attention. Or should we call it The Joey Wars or The Fall Of Lawless America… call it what you want… it’s getting good!

It makes me giggle a little that so many of those who I’ve come in contact with here call me a narcissist… I know most of my readers get, that I really play on that, and that’s mainly because these people are some big time narcissist. Big Time.

I’m a ham… an attention whore… I know that. I’ve got God Complexes and Narcissistic Values… most people with a Facebook or a Twitter are right there with me to some degree. But please… on a scale or graph or how ever you want to measure it… I’m paled by the likes of a Flukeyou or a Dorothy… or just about anyone over at Lawless America and their Ego Maniac Leader:

Zero thinks Bill Windsor is way up his own ass.

Zero wonders how many lemmings will be left commenting when this all comes to a big crash.

Zero finds this whole thing very amusing and top internet entertainment!

Yea, see, I could never write like that… I mean that’s just fucked up in the head right there, go ahead sue me. But that’s some crazy shit!

I go back n forth between Bill’s FB:

and the Joey Blog:

But I also find other places from time to time:

The whole thing has me entranced.

I went way easy on the Lawless America Gang in previous posts, but let’s face it, most of them are really out there. And although there is corruption in the courts I’m sure… these people who Bill found seem to have good reasons for their court room encounters…

Many talk about spending time in jail and hospitals… psych wards.  They talk of the meds prescribed to them, that they refuse to take. They blame everyone around them, taking none for themselves in any of their rants. All out on the internet for everyone to read (or in the case of the Doomed Lawless America Movie, which I see is a go again, watch) and make their own opinions on. Here are some of mine…

They have sad stories, that is for sure, and some may have even been wronged by the “system” in some way… as I said corruption is there… any organisation has corruption… Lawless America seems to prove that point.

From what I can tell Bill started Lawless America as a project to go to all the states and film someone who has been a victim of court corruption. So he says anyways.

But it seems he picked some pretty wacky people to represent his cause. I mean he couldn’t find one that didn’t have to do with people suffering from disorders of some type.

I know I’m heading into waters where people do get sued for what they say and write… but last I checked, I’m still in America, and as Lawless as it may be… I still have the right to comment about what I see on the internet. I still have the freedom of speech that allows all of you to post your crazy shit out there as well. So fuck it, let’s get real about this…

Bill is screwing with a lot of people off who are suffering from various mental issues. That’s how it seems to me when I read all of this stuff. (no wonder he and Dorothy hit it off so well at first):

dph la

Anyone see it different? Please let me know what I am missing.

I see multiple times where people who have come to him believing he can save them from their issues (and again, I’m not saying all of them have mental illnesses or diagnosis, just the ones who, they themselves, say they do) feel used and betrayed, even ripped off. But if they say anything about it… confront him (Bill) about it… they get thrown to the Joeys… and by that I mean they get called a Joey, and treated like a Joey… sued, stalked, and slandered. Quite a few of these exiles actually find their way to The Joey Blog. I really love that place!

In most of the back-and-forths I have come across on the internet, it’s hard to tell who’s on the wrong side of things, or if there even is a right side. I first thought the “Catching LISK” blog was for reals and a serial killer was stalking it’s posts… we all know how that turned out.

But right away, I could tell The Joeys (sorry if that’s seen as a slur, but it cracks me up how some of the Lemmings still say who is this Joey guy?!? LMFAO!) were on the pursuit of truth and trying stop a mad man. That’s how I saw it when I first read there, that’s how I see it still.

That blog is one of the best I’ve come across so far.

Job well done Joeys! I’m a lifetime reader now!

As for Bill… keep it up as well, I love reading your latest attempts to make people see reality the way you see it. Twisting the truth just enough that it fits your agenda… and what is that? Well from one narcissist to another… we both know what that is…

Make it all about you!

Don’t worry though… it IS all about you Bill. Not the Joey Blog or your followers. Some of them figure that out and you are quick to the punch. Which is strange to me, why go to so much trouble to make it about yourself, then punish those who acknowledge it. Maybe I’m not narcissistic enough to understand that part. Well like it or not, everyone is seeing it. The courts seem to see it.

Yes, Bill, it’s all about you.

7 thoughts on “Bill Windsor On The Run?

  1. Did everyone see how LINDA was RIGHT??? Catch that?? Im not trying to rub it in Zero, just pointing out …No big thang, my genius is not always apparent at FIRST!! We’re good!


    • yes, if anyone else did not go click on the Catching LISK link… there are early comments… where I was wrong about some things, but I was willing to admit I was confused… Linda on the other hand was doing a great job of figuring it out. Saw Dorothy’s involvement in the “List” something we still havent gone into to much cause it deals with Fieldnotes and Cristin and both of them kida want nothing to do with all of that anymore… but yes, that interview that was all faked, Dorothy and MM7 (jen was involved in there to) hounded Jim Jones, calling his work, stopping by there, Dorothy called and said she was MM7… so all the cobfusion was wrapped up there for a moment… but PS149 talked to Jim Jonnes, found out it was all a lie… Linda saw it as well and in those comments calls out Dorothy’s husband being added to the Brewer party List, in hindsight, you can see it all playing out. I was new though, so please don’t think I was to slow to getting it…lol. I had to catch up, and some heavy games were being played. I was told Linda was a massage therapist and involved with a criminal ring, that jen was also a recruiter for… and so on and so on… but we all got there… or here… and i should point out, in those comments, I asked where i could see what Dorothy was writing, that started me in the right direction, but even there MM7 lied to me, saying she didn’t comment there or, knowing full well Dorothy commented there. Yes, at that point she wasn’t letting Dorothy’s comments through and probably didn’t want me looking into all the things Dorothy had to say. Click on the Catching LISK link, read the comments, and all you Linda hatters and defamers… suck on it… she had right! She’s the hero… while you guys still lieing about her (yes I know Dorothy is still lieing about both of us) are the type of people you claim you hate. Liars, stalkers, and slanderers. Can’t change facts with a Flukeyou equation… and those are just the facts.

    • what get’s me most is your insights on me, Linda. You told me i was just looking for fight. lol, hidsight, how funny is that. You also went to the red and black and saw something else in me. I thought you were mocking me at first… but we have talked about this, in person actually (remember rocking out to Enimem in my car, tell me this all isn’t sureal) you and too close gave me the time I needed to get to where I needed to go. damn, all this “trip down memory lane” has got me choked up. This whole thing is beyond anything I thought it would be!

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