Another Lemming Bites The Dust

Lawless America Update:

Has another Lemming seen the cliff ahead and is attempting an escape?

debbie and bill

A call for media contact, then denied once received… yes Debbie… I see why you would be confused. But you shouldn’t be surprised… once your eyes open up you will see this has been Bills MO all along. Confusion, confusion, confusion.

Like a magician’s sleight of hand, he wants you to pay attention only to what he wants you to, not the trick itself.

It’s sad that it takes Bill leaving a Lemming out  to hang by themselves before they finally start to wake up.


They never see it when it happens to a fellow Lemming (Sorry if you don’t like the term, I find it quite fitting). Not untill it happens to them, do they see the light.


Be careful Debbie… stalking, slandering… lawsuit… that’s the pattern I have seen.

It’s not easy for a Lemming to escape…

I’ll light a candle for you.


12 thoughts on “Another Lemming Bites The Dust

      • This one sounds just like Nan nan, am i right?? Fluke and Massapequa come to mind as well….So predictable, literally dying for that ‘quick’ fix of attention, even if its coming from a so called ‘loser’….
        I can be a broken record too: Post facts haters!! Show us one QUOTE that exposes Zero as being ‘against’ corruption..LMAO…DO IT!!

        Groundhog day!!

      • at first i wanted to think it was someone like NERD or Fluke… but there’s nothing there… they didn’t take to much time for it. It’s kind of lame, lol.

      • I dont think its nan…Whoever it is, the gamers always insist they’re being ignored or moderated!! Lol, who do they think you are Fla??
        Just pathetic…Dorothy knows exactly who you are, guilty of nothing!! Her beloved investigator even told her how disgusting her words/lies are, for saying such untrue filth…Maybe thats why Dorothy keeps bringing her name up, it must have been HUMILIATING to have her only “friend” publicly show disgust!! After all fla has begged her more than once to STFU (although no threats to sue, i love that, hee)

        She’s truly a sick, jealous bitch…It kills her to know you have a beautiful life, a quality life, surrounded by your children, loved ones and friends!!
        Evil CUNT, your god knows what you’re doing Dorothy Price Hill, theres a special place in hell for people like you, and NOTHING good will occur in your life, NOTHING.You will end up alone, take a good look at Nan, she’s you..Hurting people because you think you can, its an abomination, you want others to feel like you do inside!!! Fucking so transparent you are, fucking devil…You’ve only succeeded in making yourself look sick, people are literally coming out of the woodwork, to share the pain your stories of jealousy and bitterness have caused..Others beg that we sue you, they’d be happy to testify..Thats right, complete strangers….
        Yes, for you, a very special surprise!! So keep talking serpent, you’re finally gonna receive the attention you’ve been begging for, are ya ready…
        Hope so (although Karma comes when u least expect it)…You pissed off so many people over the years, hurt them with your venom..I guess you knew it would catch up one day…Unless your a TRUE sociopath, and you may be…Have you convinced yourself your lies are true?? Hows that reflection, you know, when its just you…Must suck to be you. You’re deranged.

  1. Sigh??? Lemmings, agreed…..But how did it take sooooo long for his followers to see this?? Take some time, if you’re interested, watch some ‘testimonials”. then comment… see if you’re not as confused (or enlightened, as ‘we’ are)

    I should add: I believe EVERYONE is welcome Here, second and 3rd chances even…But if anyone is here to Slander, start up shit, or open up Old Wounds, proceed with EXTREME caution!! ‘We” are ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KK??

    • Yup. Linda is right. Zero and Linda are amazing people and I consider myself fortunate to have gotten a chance to know them. New readers, please come here with an open mind. Get to know the people here before you decide how you feel about them. This just might be a place you’ll like, and if it is, a great big welcome to you.

      • I just LOVE me some Donna, what a beautiful woman..inside and out…
        TY for all you’ve done!! Words always seem inadequate however ❤

      • Again, happy Birthday to my treasured friend Zero…Remember Z, you set the tone, example if you will, of how we should all treat each other!! NO doormats here, just tons of compassion and empathy, if you dare to remove your masks!!!
        But be WARNED, the days of painful games, slander and outright lies, will NEVER be tolerated again….So welcome all, just check your attitude at the door before u enter..We have all grown beyond weary of the EVIL abuse…BEYOND

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