What Me Worry?

Well look at that, we have a new friend…


At first I thought it would be another one of those comment and run types, I mean after all, the email, not real. Not original either. Can’t you come up with something better than “zero is a criminal”, sorry, but I’ve seen much more creative fake emails in the comments.

Speaking of fake emails… there were 2 other new commenters recently I tried to contact through the emails they had on their comments.

The Fluke lover Jimmy from my LISK blog left the email address:


And Bill, the Dorothy neighbor left this as their email:


Now that ones funny. I tried to contact both of them as well as EnoughAlready… but I got the same reply from all three:

mail fail

Look you don’t have to leave a real Email address if you don’t want to. But I want to make it clear, that I would never expose an email address… only the fake ones… and then usually only if they are funny. The ones about my mom are the best!

I also want to say, I don’t try to contact most of my commenters through the emails they leave. I usually wait for someone to contact me. But if I do try, it’s usually to prove that the email is fake or I might just want to talk off the blog about something you posted, but that’s very rare. In the case of Bill though, that is exactly why I wrote them. Was hoping to open up a dialog with any neighbors of Dorothy.

So feel free to leave you real email address, I will only use it in case of an emergency, and like I said, I will never put out or pass out someones email, unless they ask me to… a few of you have asked me to pass your emails on in the past… and for the most part it worked out pretty good… there was that first one that didn’t go so well… Linda and Jen… but it was it was still needed I guess…

Or leave a fake one… but make them good… put some thought into them.

Jimmy, Billy… I’d still like to chat with you about your comments and the subjects they were about, each respectfully, Flukeyou and Dorothy… so feel free to hit me up at my email:


It’s a real one, I swear. Or you could always send a private message to the Zero’s World Facebook:


Now as for EA or is it EZ:


Damn, EZ… you get a little impatient if you don’t get attention right away, dontcha?

Relax EZ, I wasn’t ignoring you, I was just making sure to give you the response you deserve.

I clicked on your link and saw exactly why you were so antsy about me letting your link through… there’s nobody there yet. The whole thing looks like it’s under construction and in need of some views… so I’ll help ya out:


I might even throw you a “LIKE” if you take that picture down.

Look, I appreciate what you are doing, I really do. I have to admit I got all excited when I first saw your page. But you are in way over your head. Many others have long since STFU after trying to dance with me.

People begged me to block Nancy, to stop letting Dorothy and Flukeyou keep repeating their same old slandering lies… but I never had to block anyone. Those FB White Priders and FOTM never even dared to comment here, but I saw who read.

I never had to block anyone… but with time they all STFU.

“Cause no one wants to walk around, stepping in dog shit
And get doo-doo on the shoe again, soon as they washed it.”

You see EZ, you are in a long line of loud mouths that have since STFU, wait I said that already.

Thing is EZ… you are already  showing your cards… and they are all wrong.

That picture you have posted on your page with the title that says it’s exposing me…well,  that’s not me.

I know Dorothy has passed this picture around, telling people it’s me. But it’s not. My hair is much longer and I have no face tattoos. Also, I have a nose ring, true, but not a septum piercing like in the picture.

I’m letting you all know, this is not me. If you want to continue thinking it is… fine, he’s not a bad looking guy. But it just shows how wrong you all are.

“It’s harder to live with the truth about you, than to live with the lies about me.”


Bring it EZ!





4 thoughts on “What Me Worry?

  1. And EZ, you have my full blessing to expose me….What a delicious way to finally be able to slap u all with the libel suite so long over due!! TY…Oh BTW, you haters will soon have more of a reason to hate….Shhhh!! Filter Linda!! Haha ❤
    In waaaaay in over your head, lol, and i love it!! Big shout out to Cristen for bringing Dorothy into our lives!! Hows that Karma we warned u of working out??

    • I posted on that page and it was taken down, lol. I posted this blog there and a picture of Alfred E newman… I screen shot my post right after I made them… I learned wello from when Dorothy would post on my FB and then bam it was gone… you got to snapshot everything. The page dosent look planned out very well, I thought it was Dorothy, but I think even she would have pposted more than just that picture. But we all know that picture came from dorothy… well it was also posted on nancy’s FB I think. as you said, there are pics of me, they know this is not me. It’s internet terrorism… I know i ask for it, but the others out there who Dorothy does this to are not asking for it. Did you noticed she called the Waxman lawyer a pedophile again in that post… damn… I don’t know all those cases she mentioned there, but i know some of them, and I’m pretty sure what i’d find if I looked into the others. Everyone is yelling about court coruptions… well I think I have the solution… let Dorothy be supreme judge and who ever she decides is the true victim… lock them up and offer appologies to the other side imediately! That’s how I see it… feel free to comment that I’m wrong… anyone?

  2. Not for nothin, Zero is being his usual humble self…Hes waaaay better looking that this fellow (lol, its not like his real pic, out of costume is that hard to find!! Talk about DOPEY lemmings)…Please understand, i say this in THE most respectful manner possible…Zero’s like a brotha to me…Just happens to be fact!! Oh yeah, and his wife’s a Hottie…And they love each other, its one of those success stories you wish for anyone you care about!!! ❤
    Hate on Bitches, hee!

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