My Favorite Dwarf

Get it? LOL!

So 12 days of Christmas is over, it’s safe to go to the ZW FB without being accosted by that annoying Christmas carol.

Which brings us to the 7th. Now I have never brought the number up to much. Any reader here knows it’s the number 3 that has all my love. But Dorothy for some reason wanted to confuse this simple thing:

dph zero 7

Now, I have already pointed all this out when I first saw this. “THAT is why Zero is obsessed with the number 7”.  I have never even brought the number up much, other than to say I have seven kids. So no, I’m not obsessed with the number 7… it’s 3! I also mentioned the number 13 as being one of my favorites  as well… and how ’bout zero… it’s my name, you know I have to dig on that number.

So down the line though, yes, Dorothy, I like the number 7. I have seven kids… and tomorrow, well I do love celebrating the 7th of January. Actually from Christmas to the 7th is a big ol’ holiday for me. The holy days!

But why did Dorothy mention in a  public post that I am obsessed with the number 7? I’m sure she had a reason… just like I’m sure when she lied in the post about me saying I was from Nebraska (I also covered this when it happened). I have never said at any point of my life that I had lived or have ever been to Nebraska. Still I’m sure she has her reasons when she makes such unimportant lies.

Now you may be asking yourself, why am I bringing this back up, surely there must be a reason for speaking the devil’s name out loud.

Of course there’s a reason… and don’t call me Shirley.

I just want to point out to all those who have come into contact with Dorothy… not those of us whom she lies about and tells everyone who will listen that we are mastermind criminals, controlling the internet, the banks, and the government… no this is for everyone who has joined forces with Dorothy at one time or another. I just want you to know that you are always on her mind, she loves to tell stories about all of you as much as she does those of us she hates (and yes, Dorothy does hate me… probably more than anyone else in all this… she hates me).

Let me show you what I mean:

dph oct rant

Damn… I think I’d much better be on Dorothy’s bad list… it’s all lies… but those of you that her “TEAM” is working for… who knows what she tells people about your personal stuff.


Who’s enjoying this ride… I’m F’in’ lovin’ it!



8 thoughts on “My Favorite Dwarf

  1. The more i read Dorothys crap, and knowing she operates literally on an adolescent level (and cant control herself, even though its her downfall), the more i realize she obsessed with you!! Yes romantically!! Head over heels! Jealous schoolgirl… Her Dot connecting is downright laughable, if it werent for the fact that she truly is out to destroy, We wouldn’t even dignify her rants with a response…Useless DOPE..But she DOES hurt people..And the more that come forward (including her neighbors), all agree she’s sick, an unfit mother and downright cruel…Yep, more and more come to zero, whether they comment or not, and let him know he’s got her number, literally cheering him on, as he exposes her evil games, and that he’s basically destroyed what last shred of credibility!! HaHA!! Good for you Zero, rock on!
    I also realize (duh), she hasnt done any real investigating of you, or anyone else for that matter…If she did, she’s realize im exactly the type of woman she defends!! Some of you know about my first marriage..Ill leave it at that…I say this not for any sympathy, just to prove a point: She could give two shits about the women she writes about, quite like Bill!!
    She’s a phony and a complete FRAUD!! And clearly the most evil of them all..An outright bitter stalker!! But she falling apart at the seams, her writing clearly illustrates this..Grasping at ANY straw in a desperate attempt to be heard…Just please, how pathetic! Ugh
    Reaping time!!

    • well said… goes well with a PM donna sent me… I just want to add, thatsome of my favorite people I have met in all this are people who came to me and say I saw something Dorothy or Nancy wrote in their Facebook fornication and then when they googled their name it led them to me. These internet readers were just like me… they read and said WTF? But thanks to google and team zero…lol, they see exactly what’s gone on. and they are so afraid of this place they never stop by anymore… and notice no Nv in that BS post dorothy made to mary… yea… not even zero pops up anymore… I may be to optimistic… but this looks more and more like they are done… they know I jump on every lie they tell… and I is a we now… makes me laugh when I think about all the early comments about the WE’s and I’s… damn, head on an overload today…lol.

      • …”thanks to Google”…
        One can pretty mjuch narrow down who’s behind this new FB…Just as myself at one time, I had no clue the ramifications of having ones BS, slander and lies being memorialized on a google search FOREVER…Just as there is a way to access a ‘ghost blog’ (that is, one that’s been removed), your words on Google stay with you FOR LIFE, worse than a tattoo….
        And well, since even Nan is beginning to see this, I believe this EZ is a COMPLETE newbie, thus “being way over her head”.She has no clue, particularly if she’s still in family court, how her words will HAUNT her, ask Fla, her words (as she was warned) were used in court, and she joins the club of those who lost custody of her kids, YES, i went THERE, too bad..Yes i said ‘her’…Its obvious, and we all know why Dorothy Price Hill hand picked her…So Sad, NOT…Now, to contact her ex…heh heh..
        FUCK YOU, its your fate…You dope ass DOPE
        Its been awhile, but im resurrecting my old favorite saying: Keep Talking, please??

  2. Happy Birthday Zero!! Hope you have a fun filled day!! May this year bring you and yours health, happiness and prosperity!! JOY<3

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