My Phone Call With Dorothy Price Hill

Well this day has been a long time coming… but before I get to the call, I have to wonder out loud about Jen. I mean she must be fuming… after all, I’ve now talked to everyone on the phone but her… don’t take it personal Jen, I’m not a phone person… there’s nothing more to it then that. And I just don’t think our speaking on the phone is gonna help anyone at this point.

I know what most of you must be thinking… how on earth did you end up on the phone with The Dot Girl… well I’ll tell ya the whole story, but bottom line… this flu really kicked my ass.

So I said, that year two would have worlds colliding… and we ain’t even through the first month and bam we are in serious collision mode. In fact the other day I received an email from someone who said they went to school with Flukeboy Joey… said Joey was a bully who liked to pick on kids younger than him. Wow! Not surprising though, right? If the person who wrote me is reading, thanks for the email, I plan on emailing you back soon, I’ve just been a little under the weather lately.

Let’s see… neighbor of Dorothy  wrote in… a neighbor of Nancy’s got in touch with me as well as did an old friend of hers… Cristin’s good friend contacted me… and now a school mate of  junior fish boy! I wonder how many people have run to you guys with stories about me… oh that’s right, none… EZ’s failed Facebook page shows that. Why do so many around you nutballs all say the same things about you? Rhetorical question of course.

Yes, quite a bit of people finding their way to the ZW… and it’s making for quite the discussions off-blog… those of you involved in them know just how interesting some of these discussions are.

Point is things are coming together…

there’s some heavy understandings there…

things colliding… things coming together… sometimes chaos and anarchy breeds a peaceful new understanding of things…

So with the chaotic happenings of this morning a new day will come…

Well except we are talking about Dorothy Price Hill, right?    (NOTE: I know this has now changed… within one day of this post the President and Vice President was removed, but at the time of this post the president was listed as Dorothy Price Hill with her phone number, the vice president was an Eric, they can pretend it wasn’t there… but we all saw it)

I was sent this today, I have heard mention of Dorothy and the NCA before, so it wasn’t anything special, just one more thing involving Dorothy that just doesn’t seem to fit with the Dorothy we have all come to know and not love so much. And I don’t know, I haven’t been sleeping very well as I said… this flu kicked in with fevers and body aches like I haven’t felt in a long time (another sign of my youth making its final exit I fear)… I don’t know, but just looking at that page made me want to scream. I have had Dorothy’s phone number for a while, she asked me a long time ago to call her, but I was not about to jump on that crazy train… that changed today.

I grabbed my phone and dialed the number… it went to voice mail and I declined to leave one… that time.

You can see a vice president is listed there… Eric… well I called him to… another voice mail… this time I left a message.

It wasn’t very good… kind of ranty… again… I’m not 100% right now… just not on my A game… some sympathy please, lol.

But seriously I went off a little on the things Dorothy said about me and others on the internet… I came together at the end though asking Eric to help me understand this part of Dorothy that just seemed so foreign to those of us on the end of her lies and cyber attacks. I left him my email if he didn’t want to call me back.

That might have been that… but then a short while later my phone rang. And again, just to show you I really shouldn’t have done this today, I was in the rest room gagging up mucus and blowing pounds of snot out of my nose when my wife came running in with my phone.

I answered it. “hello?”

The reply back was, “Someone called this phone?”

Is this Dorothy, I wondered to my self, I had not looked at the number before I answered it, due to the throwing up (I know, ironic huh, throwing up before talking to Dorothy, trust me it was not lost on me).

“Who is this?” I asked, and did not hear her reply, I was trying to look at the number now, plus my head was kind of ringing, my ears were also plugged (still are right now). “Who?” I asked again… this time I heard her, but asked “who” one more time, just to make it a nice number.

“Dorothy Hill”, she said for the third time.

“This is zero,” I said, to which I received the same reply that I had given her… “who?”

I said it again, but my voice was garbled the second time due to that mucus I mentioned earlier, so she asked again, “Who?”

I kid you not, this is exactly how it went, we both said our names 3 times… and when I said zero for the third time, after clearing my throat and my head a little, Dorothy realized who she was talking to and I have to admit I was surprised she didn’t hang up right a way. She might not have hung up on me at all, but as I said I wasn’t on my A game.

I could tell she was a little shocked to be talking to me, and what else did I read in her reaction… was she flustered? I hate to say it, but it was there. Looks like you were right again Linda, I thought she hated me, but I read something else in the brief call.

She said she was at work and I replied that I didn’t want to bother her at work but I  thought it was time for the games to end and for us to talk this out… she replied, and this is where I detected that little school girl crush like admiration… She said, “Alright, and I’m sorry about before”.

That little sentence said so much… and it just brought me to a place of, “oh hell no!” Let me explain.

I’ve been told by Cristin and I’m sure some of you might have seen places where Cristin wrote that Dorothy sounds different on the phone… she comes across a different way than in her posts. I guess I wasn’t ready for just how different she would sound. First off, her voice is very pleasant, dare I say school girl like? Plus she didn’t sound crazy or delusional, and I guess that is what I had expected. But all this made it worse to me… and was she really about to apologise to me? I snapped… I wish I hadn’t but I did. I couldn’t help it, “I’m sorry about before” it was all right there, she’s not crazy, she knows exactly what she’s doing… I saw it all in my aching head from those few words and where they were leading… but instead of letting her continue I cut her right off… those words had pushed me right over the edge.

“You called me a pedophile”, I barked at her, “said my mom abused me, told lies about me to others all along knowing I’m a real person a father and not connected to any of your exs or serial killers.” She then cut me off asking me a simple question, one that said it all…

“Why do you care?”

Why do I care? Damn that’s a good question, one I often ask myself that question, “Why do you care?” It’s one we will have to tackle another time… but in my flu stupor I gave a simple enough one that must have done the trick.

“Because you lie about people Dorothy”, I said. To that I got the reply, “This is a federal investigation, I can’t talk to you about it” and hung up the phone.

Damn, I had blown it… I could have stuck with the Nice Guy Eddie act (though on me it’s no act, I swear, I’m a nice guy, lol) heard her apology and maybe get some answers to why she does what she does… but I chased her away with accurate accusations of being a liar… nobody likes to hear that.

Though at the time I was more like, “did that bitch just hang up on me?” So I called her back… voice mail of course and I left a message.

“If this is under federal investigation have the FBI call me so I can clear up any lies about me… or better yet, maybe I should call the FBI myself…”

I said a few more things along the lines of you have my number now so have the proper authorities get in touch with me, I’m happy to help in any investigation… “bye”

For some reason, the simple “bye” at the end made my wife laugh while she was listening… it was funny I guess. But now I was seeing the bigger picture, the shock of Dorothy sounding like a rational human being and therefore really f@cked up in the things she does had worn off, my head was still swimming with flu but I realized I gave up an opportunity today that I might not get again.

And so I called one last time and left one last voice mail (I know, I know, who’s the real school girl here?).

I simply said that if she wanted to call me back and explaine to me what it is she was trying to do or how I was missing something in all this I’d be willing to listen to her side of it.

But I knew it was too late for that. I had heard all I was gonna hear from Dorothy, she was sorry about before and wonders why I care.

As I said, I wonder myself sometimes.

13 thoughts on “My Phone Call With Dorothy Price Hill

  1. So Dorothy Price Hill is sorry?? HAH?? She sure is!! All this, because our blushing schoolgirl’s games were exposed?? Because you weren’t fascinated by her BS…How bout that, just a bully behind a keyboard, The mighty wizard…
    And i thought i was submissive…DPH, get over your crush on Zero!! and get over your overwhelming jealousy of me!!
    Dogshit!! Think you owe nan an fuckin Dr Frankenstein..nice job fucking with her already sick mind! BIG HELP

    Heh heh!!

    • yea, she tried to apologise…lmao… I cut her right off. Like I said, maybe I should have played nice and seen where it all went… but my head was in chaos and i just went with straight up truth… she lies. And she knew it,I could hear it in her voice, she’s well aware she is lying to people… she knows she lies about me she lies about many others. She seems to be lying about the phone call already. Add it all up people! Some of us are getting very tired of you Dorothy enablers out there!

      • Please!! No need explain your rational knee jerk reaction to that venomous , fake,LIAR…What a disgraceful person, woman, SO PHONY, SUCH A FRAUD..How her blood runs BLACK, and yet, she’s so INEFFECTIVE…Its the evil that she wishes on others, very SICK, ‘normal people’ are ALWAYS appalled by her, ALWAYS…She’s makes me literally nauseous…Good for you for showing what i consider GREAT restraint, No need to pretend to kiss her ass, EVERYONE HAS HER NUMBER , just please… Good for you..She can fuck herself as far as im concerned..
        Bitter taste of her own medicine, and that being just a TINY taste..
        Karma …..Kisses ❤

  2. Lets she how she likes her jobs and associates called, and directed to this blog…Or maybe just a teeny tiny goolge search??
    Yum..Sweet Karma!!

    • Linda, I personally would love to see how she would like that. Of course, twisted sickos like Dorothy don’t see things the way we normal people do. Its only ok for her to do it to others, but not ok for her to be on the receiving end. But I think she needs a dose of her own medicine. I can do that right? I mean she should be just fine with the truth out there everywhere. After all,in her own words, why would she care? Remember that Dorothy!

      • Exactly!! Now she’s dragging you in, the one who’s reached out a peaceful hand to all!!
        Who care indeed Dorothy Price Hill..Haha…Something tells me her antics are FINALLY gonna bite her in her boney ass!! Joy!!

      • BTW Donna honey..Dorothy Price hill and gang call ANY woman who calls out their BS: trannies…Its their word for : “so jealous, my heads gonna explode”..Plus, you know, we have our kids, families, loved ones..So yea, that all equals Tranny for the EMPTY HEADED

      • I think she is just afraid to go up against strong females, it reminds her of what she can’t be, so she makes you men dressed as women, she can deal with that.

      • Funny, but i dont see myself that way…Im simply appalled and sickened by their actions..i mean that! Its just DARK…dangerous people out there….Im just so grateful for ‘You Guys’
        Awwwwwww, cute 🙂

        I just told Nan the same thing BTW…We ALL have dealt with some horrific life events, but it doesn’t give you the right to take your BS out on innocents!!!!!????? EVER, DOPES

      • Donna, my dear friend…ROCK BOTTOM (and everyone’s got one), is a wonderful teacher..In the meantime you have us..ME!! Homelessness is a GREAT motivator!! Or a life of lithium, numbed out to the complete failure and waste of a life..what…EVA!!
        XO To all u Beautiful people!!
        And for YOU TCTH..Speechless ❤

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