Calling All Dorothy Enablers


Remember back when most of us were first hearing about Dorothy Price Hill?  Some crazy lady posting places that her ex husband was the LISK Killer…

I was very new to it all and was just trying to sort out who was who when Dorothy rose quick to the surface… I actually thought she was some type of politican at first after reading some article Dorothy wrote on Mitt Romney. LOL! Man we’ve come a long way.

But let’s head back there for a second…

zero mm7 email

So this is from my very first email correspondence, which was with MM7. I was completely lost with all the names involved.

The PS149 Email I am referring to is one of the last posts on before it went bye-bye. For those that did not read there, you could send in a post through email  and it would then be posted as a post. Well 2 of those last email posts came from Mysterymom7 and PS149. The Ps149 one got pretty heavy in the comments if I remember right… and both posts were removed right before the site itself was also removed. I just want to point out though, most of the stuff written by PS149 on that post and in it’s comments (and I know people get all “which PS149?” on me when the name is brought up, but in my mind, the PS149 from Websleuths, the one who is still out there, is the same PS149 who did most if not all of the commenting on, though I do agree that on MM7’s blog and my own blog, NERD became PS149 a few times, but that’s all so confusing and I just need to stop there in fear of losing way to many of you, those who get it… NERD, PS149, etc, you know where I’m coming from) now what was I saying, oh yea, all that stuff PS149 was writing on can be seen as truth exposed with all the hindsight we now have… Fluke is Joey… MM7 was influenced by Joey, Dorothy corrupted the different things MM7 was stealing from others and then making her own… I think I have to demonstrate:

mm7 email dot

That’s MM7’s reply… and there’s at least some misdirection there. I swear, right from the beginning some were very straight forward with me, others had things to hide, and therefore they felt the need to come running to me with information, but holding back things that they didn’t want known or purposely handed me misleading stuff to lead me a certain way. If you look at all those who are pissed at me, most of  those who went running away with thier tails between their leggs and those who stuck it out waiting for me to get it,  you can see right away who kept it real and who thought they could play me. The main thing I want to get across from this email exchange though, is the last part there:

“We’re putting our heads and resources together.”

This started the biggest Dorothy enablement that I have come across… it led Dorothy my way, and therefore I guess to where we are right now.

Now MM7 has changed her tune many times with who she worked with and who she didn’t, most of you have probably heard her say she never really worked with any of them… well:

mm7 email

There’s another place where MM7 talks of working with Dorothy… also says she worked quite a bit with Jen. Need more?

DPH MM7 email

dph mm7 email2

That’s Dorothy and MM7 right before the fake “Feildnotes Interview”.  Remember how PS149 talked about Dorothy calling Feildnotes at work claiming to be MM7… yea, that happened, just as PS149 said. And MM7 and Dorothy were in on the whole thing… working together.

mm7 dph joey etc

That one’s fun for me to read. I read between the lines.

I said it before and I’ll say it again, they all worked together at some point… Jen, Joey, Dorothy, and Cristin. The big Dopey D Team… but that’s not where I’m going with all this… I’ve proven that time and time again, and no matter how much they want to deny it… they can’t. Not to me anyways… and I don’t need to read between the lines to see it… they were very upfront about it at times… so where am I going with all this?  Somewhere I think… but here’s a place I want to stop by as we get there:

mm7 dph UG

I think even MM7 knows most of her work with Dorothy was crap. Jen and Joey played her, so nothing she got from them is worth anything either. But when it comes to the CCC and UG, I think they think they were on to something. And that doesn’t surprise me. Many out there still feel there is something to the CCC theory. Here’s where that all comes from:

teps to magic

Could this be the answer everyone is looking for? A falling out between some creepy men on a call girl “rate” sight?  I don’t know, because, it’s not really that secret, many have looked into the connection. So if there was something there wouldn’t we know by now… but as I said many still come back to this little group of men. Let me tell you where Dorothy and Cristin took the connection.

Magic is Dr. Hackett… and Teps and others kicked him out of their little gang. So according to Dorothy and MM7, after putting their “heads and resources” together, Magic got pissed and decided to get even. Magic knew his old buddies had secrets… each one had killed a girl in Atlantic City… 4 guys, four dead bodies… so he (Magic) set out to kill 4 more prostitutes and blame them on his four old buddies. Other names in that thread like lightweight and Slinky Bender have popped up here as screen names.

I’ve talked about this before and although some of it I understand where it is coming from, it definitely takes some Dorothy leaps to get where they did.

So why am I rehashing all this… for different reasons…  some of you will read this and get something totally different from it than others will. I can’t stress that enough about this blog. Everyone gets something different out of it. Some of you understand this post better than me… believe me, I know that.

But I’ll bring it back to for those it is titled for.

Getting together with Dorothy Price Hill is dangerous. Pulling resources with her… discussing ideas with her… they lead to bad places. Along the way you hurt people. And in the end you are left looking at the very least stupid and foolish.

Want a short list:

I know there are others, many others. Giving Dorothy that pat on the back for lying about everything and everyone. Evil, vicious lies that never helps any cause you may think you are fighting for.

Take a look at the others…. Cristin, Nancy, Jen and Joey… left looking as crazy as Dorothy (shhh… I’m making a point to nutballs and calling them nutballs doesn’t usually help).  Is that what you want? Stop the madness! Stop enabling Dorothy and the destruction she is causing to herself and everyone around her.

See through what ever fog it is some of you allow to mask your judgements.

Dorothy Price Hill is bad mo jo.

She’s a liar and manipulator… and has been involved in many cyber-terrorisim type attacks on so many people who just don’t deserve it.

People shouldn’t have to put up with the likes of Dorothy Price Hill because those around her won’t do what’s right.

Do what’s right people.

2 thoughts on “Calling All Dorothy Enablers

  1. whew, how bout that hindsight?? I truly had to ‘collect’ myself before commenting, because as you reveal each ‘new’ layer of this rotten onion, it makes me even more sickened and furious. Although i must say, YOU GOT THIS!! TY again….Im just gonna jot some thoughts, all JMO:

    NO doubt these four were all working together at one point or another (JG, Fla, Joe, DPH)..Sry to say, i believe Mari was behind some of this too…If that angers anyone, in sry, but ive seen and heard/read enough to know this to be true..
    Joe and JG completely used Fla, i have very little doubt, it was one or both using fake screen names on LISK, to frighten/fuck with Cristen..I believe JS wanted Fla to trust No one but him (his motive), I also believe he thought this would strengthen bonds with the ‘almighty’ Jg (she loves considering herself an insider, Joe picked up on this). I believe NOW more than ever, there is a SPECIFIC reason, JG and JS are obsessed with Mari and Shannon, and i still think they are thick as thieves!..I’ll keep my reasoning to myself till im absolutely certain. But OBSESSED they are!! So was Fla btw, yeppers, they ALL wanted close to Mari..Which in itself is no crime, but i absolutely believe ALL their motives were selfish..I also think theres some truth to the statement, that Mari recruited supporters to check people out. PERIOD, all im gonna say about that!
    JS predicting to search ‘drainage ditch’ is downright fucked up, as the four bodies in AC were found in such a similar scenario…Could he have got these ideas from knowledge of THAT case?? Maybe, MAYBE NOT.
    The RIDICULOUS notion that Fla MADE UP (LIED!!!!) about the ‘party list’ to expose jS and rattle MD (who has never done ONE thing, to deserve the hell he was put through) IS TOTAL BS!! She already believed Her and Joes phones were bugged!! Go back to the LIST on her blog, she gives/writes her suspicions of everyone, YET STOPS BEFORE EVER TALKING ABOUT JS, another lie, WHY?? I believe she absolutely wanted to discredit MD because Mari has a falling out with him..Yes she did this to win favor with Mari..Both of whom have NO evidence to even consider MD Shannons murderer…Maris feelings were of a personal nature toward Mike (and EVERYONE KNEW IT), yes her Private FB friends ALL knew, but never had the balls to call her out!! Fla also got a chance to throw DPH a bone by adding Chris Wolf’s name to the list, but again stopped short of writing one word about him..ALL games, all working together. I lost ALL respect for that girl..She knows she owes ONE VERY important apology, one she should have made immediately and privately…That’s all i can say, but she very well knows she left someone out, someones her words destroyed emotionally..A huge reason she sounds like a hypocrite when she’s acts so concerned for HER FAMILY, who she never mentions in your emails (please), ironic how things turned out for her..
    The further Dorothy drifted from ‘seeing’ CPH as involved, the further JS and Fla drifted from her…And im still DUMBFOUNDED as to why Fla never threatened to sue DPH?? What exactly does Dph have on her?? thoughts, like i said..
    Well have you noticed Dorothy’s evil stalking and slander has increased considerably, since her abandonment by JS and Fla?? Thats why she recruiting from the bottom of the barrel now: nancy?? Bill, Julia (LMAO)?? Desperate much…She is as sick as they come, wearing only a MASK of sanity…a mask with many cracks!! I predict a total downfall for Dorothy, using NOTHING but her own words..
    Thanks for listening everybody..

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