Norgate Civic Assocation

I swear when that link was sent to me… Dorothy Price Hill’s name and phone number was listed under President. And there was an Eric under vice president. I called both numbers while looking at that site. But when you look at it now you see this:


Both gone. Resigned? Removed? I don’t know… but they were there, the person who sent me the link saw it, hopefully some of you saw it as well. I didn’t get a screen shot (I’m gonna blame that on the Flu as well, I just wasn’t on my A game, lol), wish I had, so I could show what I saw… but I’m happy just knowing my blog was seen (or my call to Eric was heard) and Dorothy was removed.

That’s check… again.

P.S. That’s a chess reference… you know what’s coming next.

P.S.S. Whoever is responsible for the NCA page… Assocation?  In your race to pull Dorothy’s name down as fast as possible… I think you made a misspell. Should probably correct that.




5 thoughts on “Norgate Civic Assocation

  1. She seems to be connected to a lot of crappy people from what she says about ex husbands etc. she just seems like a bipolar paranoid scorned woman who seriously has a pathological issue with lying. I’ll
    credit her with a big imagination. But can we get over these lying assholes and focus on the case again and other avenues of finding suspects and discovering potential victims he is probably going to murder this coming summer? Stop giving these duck heads the attention their parents and husbands/wives never gave them. No oil for the squeaky wheel. Let’s figure out other people who might have an idea of who this LISK is. If any of This crazy woman’s assertions were true something would have been done by the FBI by now. She’s whack lol.

  2. P.s. Organized criminals typically don’t dispose of bodies right next to the scene of the crime or their own neighborhood. They throw them in an old mineshaft or cave states away or do something else to make sure the body isn’t found. This whole idea that organized criminals in a ring would leave whole bodies right next to their operation is so laughable that it’s not laughable – it’s sad.

  3. Seems i cant post again,hmmmm?? Hi Annie, yeah they love attention, we try to ignore them, trust us..But when your job gets called, your friends harassed, your kids pics get posted with disgusting lies, you’ve had to involve law enforcement…well, think about how you might react..
    I agree that the LISK hasn’t/won’t stop, although I see him as more of the type that likes attn and credit for his work, JMO…There have been quite a few very similar deaths: Bodies of women found or washed up on East Coast shores, that appear in the news, then quickly disappear info wise… Either way, It’s encouraging to knopw there are still people who haven’t forgot LISK!

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