11 thoughts on “Classic DPH

    • you have to have some insight there Annie… Dorothy was telling people for a while that Mitt’s wife was Dorothy’s real mom. She claimed she was adopted… something I found was a lie, found her whole family tree… she was not adopted, her parents are her real ones, both broke up while she was young and from there, well it gets muddy because she lies so much about it. she claims her sisters were molested etc. Truth is, what ever went bad in the Hill family Dorothy was damaged by it… so she goes around damaging others to help with what ever pain she masks… either that or she makes it all up, her family was just like everyone else (well except they have money) and she is just a spoiled brat who blames her family and her exes and everyone else for her not being able to be happy. Since neither Dorothy or Nancy’s family will come out in public and let it be known if these 2 ladies have any legitimate reason for the lies they tell and the pain they pretend to mask (or realy mask, again, something ccould have happened to them) It’s all mixed up. The problem is, that the internet allows a place for peopl like this to really do damage to real cases, people with real problems, people who have nothing to do with things and are sucked in (like me), and other crazies who add their own people to the mix. My blogs tell of her and many others like this, it also shows other places that deal with things like this)joeyisalittlkid blog is one of those radionewz.com is another one, the list of those who have done this for years goes from Flukeyou/Joey scalise to Murt and many many others… Dorothy was just the dumb one who attacked me and my family when I pretty much warned everyone who reads my stuff.. you don’t want to get me started… well, I got started… and well… here we are…lol! Welcome Annie… you came at a great time, next week I plan on knocking some heads for a loop… I have secrets!!! lol!

  1. LMAO !!! You must have thousands of these..Great work…And good for us!! This witch has gone on and on, virtually unchecked for years!! Mostly because Good people dont have the time and energy, its called LIFE, and the REAL world is full of reponsibilities…But you have proved yourself a man of your word!! WE are most certainly more ‘than a handful of losers”..Thats right haters, there’s lots of us now, growing every day, keep it coming….
    All the while we still pray that LISK gets caught, still welcoming any new info or readers…Let us never forget how we all came to be ❤

    • Don’t you love how she talks about mesing up Wolffs life with her friends at Google… well how are those friends at google now, lo! Dorothy must hate that if you google her name it brings you right here… and Dorothy… next week… I’m gonna blow your mind!

  2. Lord, Dorothy even chooses pictures of adolescent girls to represent herself…Just so sick. Unfit, Puke bag!!
    Im even thrilled for JG, as Dorothy Price Hill hit waaaay below the belt regarding her, thats right Dorotbhy Price Hill, Everyone you ever stalked and said such evil shit to, is watching your VERY PUBLIC DEMISE!!!
    Hee!! 🙂

    • unless either of the J’s are involved in something we yet don’t understand. But since the general belief is all of the stories about Hacket, the drifter, Brewer, Flukeyou, figat, wolff, JB the aquariun dude, to the CCC (and stuff from the likes of Canduce and sussie, don’t forget them) all leads nowhere… well then yes, way below the belt. Still, J has secrets and she needs to come clean. I’m gonna do my best to show the right way… to come clean and get to some new starting places maybe… ugh, am I really doing this. Yes, I am. 3 NEW blogs coming real soon… and it all begins with the melting of the witch. (Wizard of Oz refference.. we like those here, don’t read into it Nancy, the whole world knows about The Wizard Of Oz, it isn’t part of only your memories)

      • Hysterical Nan reference….Now understand me, i DEFEND NO ONE, particularly the J’s, But i know Dorothy Price Hill must hate that JJJ sees all this, and believe me, she’s watching 😉
        Rights girls? Right.

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