I Love My Readers!

I fucking love you guys!


As you see, it was a reader who quickly let me know that my link to Dorothy’s Civic Association association was no longer associated:


And after I wrote a new post explaining this another reader sent me this link:


This morning Dorothy’s name was still listed there as the President of the NCA…

Don’t bother clicking on it though… I guess while I was writing this someone also corrected that one.

This time I got a snapshot though:

dph norgate

Who ever is pulling Dorothy’s name down, don’t forget to correct that assoscation spelling.

So who want’s to take bets on why she is no longer President of the NCA? LOL!

I bet it’s bugging the hell out of her to read about her dismissal here.

I bet she’s already spinning lies about this.

I wonder how many people will buy it.

She’s probably telling everyone that will listen that it has nothing to do with my blog or my phone call to Eric. Oh by the way, that Eric guy listed as Vice President along side Dorothy whose name was also removed… a reader sent me this just so I know I saw what I saw and am not going crazy, lol:


Yep that was him. I called and left him a message… gave him my email… but no reply… well other than his and Dorothy’s names quickly being pulled from the NCA. Would still love to hear from ya Eric, I just want to understand Dorothy from those who know her. As I said before, what is it that she does that allows those around her to ignore the cyber terrorism she is involved in every single day.

And if Dorothy is trying to explain this off to the nut gallery as a resignation, or sayin’ she hasn’t been a part of the NCA for a while… I just want to add this:


Sent to me by a reader… I fuckin’ love you guys.

So let’s see, this happened in August of last year:

dph nca1

That’s like 5 months ago… and she seemed pretty gung-ho about doing the job:

dph nca2

dph nca3

So, those of you in the nut gallery listening to her lies… there’s another one exposed for ya, I bet. LMFAO, yes I am saying, I don’t even know what stories she might be passing around to explain all of this, but I know it’s most likely a lie, and thanks to my readers, I probably just exposed it. I know, too deep for the nut gallery, hope some of you get it though, I know most of my readers will. Of course we will probably never know the truth of what happened (or when)… but it happened fast and it all came to light after my post… just saying.

Alright, I’m done with The NCA, just like they are done with Dorothy… LMFAO! Where else could I go with the help of my readers?


Or how ’bout this:


I know, Dorothy will really get the nut gallery going on this… but so many of you reading here are seeing some pay back… and I know you are loving it.

And even new readers are happy to see some of you dangling from the rope you seem to have hung yourself with:


No, Thank You!

Thank ALL of you!

Keep reading…

I’ll keep writing…

7 thoughts on “I Love My Readers!

    • Wow! Right on. 🙂 it’s always been funny to me how people like her who don’t trust others are usually the ones not to be trusted. kind of like when you have a girlfriend who is really insecure and keeps acussing you of Cheating when in reality she’s the one that’s the town bicycle. Lol!

    • We still have power, so that cool i guess…How about Karma!! Did I use the word enoug over the last few years?? KARMA, Karma, KARMA!! HaHa!! Hope it keep you DOPES awake!

    • We’re fine Zero, and Holy Shit, NICE WORK Zero’s Blog people!! LMFAO…”so now they’re sayin im in trouble with the government, IM LOVIN IT’!!!!!!! Karma time, have i said it enough, hope you hear it in your sleep bitches, hee hee…Did you ever think once, JUST ONCE, the can of shit you all opened on yourselves, the scrutiny?? Yeah, keep talking shit, fucking with LE, ect..Ima sit back and watch EVERYONE who’s been flooding ZERO with info on you EXACT their revenge! ya evil twat!!

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