They Burn Witches, Don’t They?

So in the post I made the other day I mentioned putting Dorothy on the back burner. That was a reference to burning witches… which is something they used to do right?

After reading Dorothy’s private message on the Zero’s World Facebook:

dph c&d

I thought maybe I needed to take Dorothy off the burner all together and throw her straight into the oven till she was done!

Another “burning witches” metaphor for ya. But I seem to recall that they also used to drown witches. Two totally opposite solutions to the same witch problem…

Fire… water? I want something grander!

In The Wizard of Oz they combined the 2… throwing water on the witch, which then caused her to melt away. I like that… but it’s still not enough…

Wait… I got it!  This also comes from The Wizard of Oz, right from when the worlds collide jumping into Technicolor!

That’s right… we are gonna start dropping houses on these witches!

And those houses will begin to drop on Super Bowl Sunday, during halftime on ZW’s FB Page:

All information and hyped up fanfare will be posted to promote the House Dropping Event over the next 3 days…

Stay Tooned…



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