Return To The Mystery Of Lake City Quiet Pills

Yesterday there was a spike in views for Zero’s World. The strange thing was that over a hundred views were all to a post from last year… take a look for yourself:




Seems there was a lot of interest in Milo and the Lake City Quiet Pills yesterday.  That kind of spike in readers on that post makes me start to wonder… what happened yesterday to spark interest in the mystery?

I did my best to chase down answers to the mystery when I first posted about it… but came up with 2 equally believed conclusions. Half the people seem to think the whole thing was a hoax and half think this was a group of military friends who got together on the different sites linked to the mystery. Very few actually thought they were mercenaries for hire, though there was some things hidden in the conversations of this group that did seem to imply something secret was going on.

I corresponded with one of the members on who seemed to do the most research on the whole thing and they believed there was no mystery, just a group of military buddies who stayed in contact through the porn pages they made (though most of the discussions were encrypted in those sites).  We both agreed, that only the group themselves could clear the mystery up now, and they didn’t seem to be wanting to do so. In fact at least some of them seemed to be feeding the mystery at some points or maybe covering it up. Milo himself really made it seem like there was something in it that was worth looking into. And with the announcement of Milo’s death, maybe the game he started was continued by others. I chased it as far as I could and decided to wait and see if anything new on it turns up.

Well, did something new pop up? I went searching for anything new on it, and my post seems to be the newest info on it, and since my post relies on mostly the posts on, those are the posts that seem to be the last on the subject:

Still, there was an unusual jump in interest yesterday… I’m baffled and intrigued, but I am left with nothing new to add… well accept this:


It’s a comment left on my LCQP post. It’s from a little over 5 months ago. Not really a comment, just a link:

Kind of strange. I missed it when the comment first went up, which is not so strange since sometimes I miss comments. Especially back then, when there used to be lots more of them.

Well, when I went to look at my post after seeing the spike in views yesterday, I saw this comment and clicked to see where the link would take me… and it only got stranger:


This shows it was created about 6 months ago, right before SUSK put it in the comment on the ZW blog. It is coordinates leading to this place:

This could have to do with the “party” that was maybe held in honor of Milo after he died, which some believe is actually cryptic discussions of the assassination of Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh:

And if that’s the case, well then it leads more credibility that there is something more going on here than just some war-time buddies hanging out… in fact even if it was a party in remembrance of their buddy Dutch Milo it seems a little extravagant:

party bills here is the final for the party hotel rooms 48341 limo 6080 bus 569 bar bill 18890 food 8030 dancers 8300 misc tips 850 misc exp 2840 med supplies 180 (fat tommy and stu are okay, to.) total 94080 you all did dutch milo proud. thanks.

The more I think about it the more I think this is some weird hoax… but there’s just enough there to be something else…

And with this SUSK comment I am once again chasing stories…

I put SUSK in to the old Google bar and these are what came back:…0i10j0l4.………..0.ZelPfXIzxgw

Ukrainian Canadian Student Union…

Well that is mysterious.

If you still read here SUSK, feel free to comment again. I wish I had seen it when it first went up so I could have addressed it properly.

So that’s where the mystery sits… if you weren’t one of the many people who read the post yesterday, here’s a quick link to it:

I actually wrote 2 posts on the subject (this makes the third), but the second post did not get the rush of readers yesterday that the first post did. So if you want to check out the second post on the subject, click on this link:

And if anyone is coming here to read about Milo, Angel 2-6, Kim, Jerro Mank, Joe The Snake, Fat Tommy, Stu, RoP, The Drunken Stepfather, or any other Lake City Quiet Pills connections, please leave a comment explaining why all the sudden interest… I mean over a hundred views in one day… and they came from all over:



I’m really curious… actually I was really curious when I first looked into it, now that so many showed up here yesterday to read about it, I’m beyond curious! I’m dying to know more!

Alright, given the subject matter here, I may have over spoke. “Dying to know more” may be a little too much, but I am curious, so if there is anything new on the subject, please share. If not here, my email is (who doesn’t know my email by now? lol):

I will also keep a look out for anything new on LCQP…

Until then… it remains a mystery!

9 thoughts on “Return To The Mystery Of Lake City Quiet Pills

  1. Very intriguing!! Meanwhile, congrats on the growing views on all you’ve written..Bask in the interest in your hard work, and dedication to your readers…Well done 🙂

  2. Kumail Nanjiani, comedian, has brought up the Lake City quiet pills conspiracy on at least 2 podcasts. That’s why I looked into it.

    • Thanks John, I had another big hit over like 200 readers the other day all on the MCQP posts… I have found a few more things on the subject and will try to do a new post next week. The things I found seem to only deepen the mystery though. Again thanks for the heads up on why the sudden interest. It is a strange and intriguing story.

    • Yes it seems there are a few podcasts on the subject I still get a lot of views/hits on the subject. last month I had over 500 views just on the quiet pills stuff. I plan on doing one more post on this listing all the stuff i have read on in the subject. there isnt much said anymore, but things still pop up. I guess i should check out the podcasts on the subject as well. i’ve never listened to a podcast before. But if i’m going to make a final post on the quiet pills subject, i guess i should. thanks for the comment and info!

    • I did look into it further, don’t know if I’d say I made any more progress. But t does seem over the last few years most are believing there is something to it and it was or is not some kind of internet hoax. Although the few people I spoke to who seemed to have a better understanding of it all then I, don’t see the mystery ever solved or truth known because only those involved can shed more light and Milo seemed to be the only talkative one in the bunch. But that alone makes you think it’s not a hoax, those at DS don’t seem to want to be involved. At least this is where it was when I last looked into it, which has been months. Out of all the things I have blogged about this is still the one with the most views on, so I don’t see it dying down, and it does seem to get very hot at least a few times a year. I definitely have planned to write at least one more post on the subject trying to put everything out there on the in one place. Out of all my searches on the web, dark web not included, Utopia Guide and Drunken Stepfather are 2 of the strangest sites. There seems to be mysteries hidden in both sites. They both are hard places to read due to the questionable people who post there, you find yourself feeling wrong for reading there and wonder why either sites are still up and easy access for anyone to peek in. I plan on large posts on both sites soon.

    • Thanks for the comment, I clicked on the link and went chasing… it’s amazing to me that after all this time no one knows for sure what is going on here. I would like to think it’s a hoax or misunderstanding, but for so long? There uses to be more to it and therefore will kept being looked at by sleuthers and internet mystery seekers. How those at DS react will continued to be scrutinized. In other words… this is a long way from over.

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