Are You A Good Witch Or A Bad Witch?

good witch

I just want to clear something up. When I say I’m dropping houses on witches tomorrow, I am in no way referring to the Wiccan Religion. I was raised Catholic, so we share a lot of the same Pagan holidays.

Seriously though… when I say witch I mean like Wizard of Oz stuff. You know, good witch, bad witch stuff.

There are some evil witches out there trolling the internet as we speak… and the head witch, the evilest one of them all, the Wicked Witch of the East, Dorothy (I know that seems backwards from the story you know, but this is a backwards story with backwards people) needs to watch out for falling houses tomorrow.

The Wicked Witch of the East left me a private message on my ZW Facebook last night:

zw dph pm drunken sf

See… what a wicked, wicked, witch. I have nothing to do with the website called “Drunken Stepfather”. I just wrote a post about it, that’s all. I think any reader here knows that, well everyone but Dorothy of course (and she does read here, all the time). Go ahead Dot Girl, look into the DSF site. The outcome of that can only be hilarious.

The evil, wicked witch calls me a liar, says I have no children. I really wish you would stop talking about my kids in any way. Telling me to take care of them or saying I have none, just don’t even talk about other people’s kids. It just leaves you open to similar discussions of your own children that I know you don’t want anyone getting into. Right? Right!

The ugly, troll of a witch talks about me going to jail and losing my apartment with the “dumpster view” (what the hell is she talking about there? I bet I can crack it in time for my half-time show tomorrow, lol, it’s already cracked, so that bet would be unfair… oh, clues to secrets) The whole threatening message is more of a joke than a threat, because it’s all wrong.  Everything this wicked witch does is all wrong, you would think she would be tired of being wrong. Not as long as she can fit it into her wicked little head with all the other lies stuck up there.

Will you allow me to digress for a moment? LOL, you (my reader) always do.

When I was growing up I went to Knott’s Scary Farm every year. They always had the “Hanging” as a main stage show. Well almost always, and every time I went there was a hanging. They hung witches for a while, but after getting grief from local practicing witches, Knott’s stopped hanging witches and went with celebrity figures, Freddy Krueger was the star of a few I saw. The last time I went (which was 2013) they had brought back the “Hanging of the Witch”. I thought that was cool, because it was about good witches and bad witches… not Wiccan and Pagan beliefs… it’s about Wizard of Oz type stuff.

And that’s the point I want to get across here. Tomorrow’s “House Dropping” festivities is not aimed at anyones religious or spiritual beliefs…

It’s about good witches and bad witches…

and wicked, wicked ones!

2 thoughts on “Are You A Good Witch Or A Bad Witch?

  1. Dorothy’s new puppet, Julia, is becoming a runner up for 2nd place witch (just ask The viscous gang of “Joeys” LMAO!)..Or is she ‘Just’ an IGNORANT, slandering lemming?? If you need a laugh, look at the stuff she posts on Windsors FB (does she realize YET he LOST in court 2 days ago?? lol)!! She, just as her long gone predecessors, may as well copy/paste the libel she spews…Same shit about the ‘Joeys’, proving she has done not ONE shred of INDEPENDENT research!!!! ITS CALLED CHECKING YOUR SOURCE, Lest you end up looking like a stupid bitch!! Can you imagine slandering people, literal strangers, because another ‘stranger’ told you to?? Who is cruel and IMMATURE enough to behave so carelessly?? Do these ‘crusaders’ not PREACH all the time that WORDS HURT?? Should these types be raising children?? Ah Zero, i hope you notice, the only people that criticize your parenting, are those that LOST CUSTODY OF THEIR OWN, envy, one of the the lowest forms of human emotion (so transparent)..Please bitches!!…Who’s calling WHO CRUDE????, hahaha!..This is gonna be a great day!!

    Well, ill see you guys later!! How bout a big shout out to ZERO for defending the innocent, for all he’s gone through to defend a handful of us!! seeking out truth Relentlessly!! TY Zero, for being a MAN of your word..Love ya!!

    Waving at the “Joeys”, and a big congrats!!! Justice baby!! Joy!! Save us a ‘Mikes”!! lol

    • TY Linda… and yes, Julia… I hope she’s watching the ZW FB during halftime! But she needs to be paying attention to that sky as well… today is a dangerous day for the witches!

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