Happy Anniversary!

wp 2 year anniv

2 years ago I wrote the words: “Soon… everything changes!”

I had no idea the journey I was about to embark on once I found WordPress: https://zeroprophetblog.wordpress.com/2013/02/28/zeros-sunday-blog/

That was the first of several blogs I created, that have all come together, here. And as I always say… I’m just getting started.

March will be a busy month here on WordPress, as I plan to celebrate that 2 year anniversary with lots of new posts, a few new blogs, and a wrap up of our favorite, stalking troll (That’s you Dot Girl)!

Third year on WordPress, you know it’s gonna be good!



My Phone Call With Dorothy Price Hill: Dorothy’s Version

As I said, it was my phone call to Dorothy that really got her and Kate talking. And if you haven’t read about that call yet, you really should:


That is exactly how the call went. I called Dorothy, she did not answer and I did not leave a message. A short time later Dorothy dialed the number back and our first real introduction to each other took place. She started to apologise to me, I kind of lost it a little and told called her a liar and asked her why she lied about so many people so easily? She freaked out and hung up on me… I called her back twice, both times leaving her messages.

That’s what happened… what I wrote before is the whole thing, nothing left out, nothing added. And as I said, I felt I dropped the ball by going at Dorothy so quickly and not letting her “fake” apology lead to some “fake” conversation… yea, that’s when I took the idea of Kate to the next level… shall we:

k8 dph91

Right away, Dorothy lies. I know a little bit about compulsive liars. They tend to lie even when they don’t have to. I never spoke to an assistant, as I said, no one even answered the phone when I called, Dorothy called me back and that’s when our short and not so sweet phone conversation began… and she said it was her 3 times… so no, there was no assistant, I doubt very much that Dorothy even has an assistant. Let’s see some more:

k8 dph92

Of all the people I have ever met in my entire life, Dorothy takes the cake. I do not know if I have ever met anyone like her… and that is not a compliment. We are just getting started here, but you can already see how her mind starts twisting truth with stories she is making up in her head. The last thing Dorothy said before she hung up on me was “I can’t talk to you about any of this because it is under federal investigation”. She adds that part of the conversation to her made up assistant story. It get’s better:

k8 dph93

So here we go… pay attention, because this lie will be exposed by Dorothy herself in the next few comments:

k8 dph94

k8 dph95

I love how Dorothy tries to explain her apology to me here. Her assistant was apologising cause she thought it was Dorothy’s “friend” in Vegas. Mixing what really happened with what her head was creating about it.

So Dorothy asked her “assistant” to write down what I said, but the poor fake person from Dorothy’s imagination could not remember, because she was on the other line when I called. Yet didn’t Dorothy say the call was recorded? Yep, I went back up and read to make sure, and yes she said (well wrote) “The call was recorded”. I really wanted to call her out on that, as I did every time she contradicted herself, but due to my short phone call, I was not going to let this end too soon. But I really just wanted to ask Dorothy why she needed her assistant to write it down if the call was recorded… just listen for yourself Dot Girl.

Before we wrap up what Dorothy had to say about our phone call I have to comment on these strange lies Dorothy quickly makes up for no reason at all, I mean the real story of our phone call was a bust… it was quick and pointless… in fact it would have gone nowhere further if I didn’t have these gems she told Kate about the call, I think the whole thing must have really caught Dorothy off guard.

She makes up this story of some friend in Vegas and in doing so she complicates her story too much for herself to stay on track. Her assistant, remember, supposedly told her she had a call from Vegas and then a few minutes later Dorothy writes that her assistant asked her where I lived. Um… yea, it’s a small error, but it shows how easily Dorothy confuses herself with her own delusions.

So in her story, I call, get the assistant, who thinks I am Mr. Nero from Vegas, (LOL, again with the Mr.) Dorothy calls her friend in Vegas who is at lunch, so she tells her assistant to blurt out “federal investigation” and hang up. That’s what I got out of Dorothy’s much holed  and contradicting side of the “phone conversation”.

The crap about me having an accent, having a “whiney voice”, sounding like a “hurt lamb”, that’s all good stuff there. I do sound a little “whiney” I guess… plus I was sick with the flu. Still I’ll give her that, I can come across whiney, but can’t Dorothy just say that’s what she thought of my voice? Why make up a fake assistant and a fake friend in Vegas… I was on the call, I know it what was really said and what was not. Oh yea, Dorothy didn’t know she was talking to me, she thought it was some lady named Kate… so Dorothy was doing what she does…

Dorothy goes on about other things after that, the usual stuff on her ex husbands, stuff on Nancy and Mike, things on Hackett, but mostly stuff about a cop named McCready… she ends her rant on him before deciding to bring the phone call back up, the last snip where she calls me a “hurt lamb” was snip #95, the next 2 I’m about to post is snip #123 and #124 so you can see, Dorothy went off for a minute before deciding to talk about the call some more:

k8 dph123

k8 dph124

A bunch of ramblings and then BAM, “zero called me”! Did she forget we had a long talk about the phone call earlier? And what’s this… she recognized zero’s intonation? I thought it was her assistant that talked to me… maybe Dorothy listened to the recording of the call (her and Cristin love to do that, but come on, it’s highly, illegal) either way, she figured something out. What could that be?

k8 dph125

Damn, that’s harsh. “Could not put a sentence together” “A 10-year-old who can’t speak”, I’d take offence, but the bigger offence here is that she think’s that makes me African-American!

Dorothy constantly says her ex husband is racist… but I catch Dorothy saying racist and anti-gay statements all the time. She seems to hate men, homosexuals (especially transgendered), and minorities. In fact she comes across as a very “everyone is beneath me” kind of person. But that’s enough about what I think about Dorothy, we need to discus what Dorothy thinks about me… trust me, the African-American remark is just the tip of the iceberg on the stuff Dorothy had to say about the who, what, and why of Zero.

Your gonna love it…




Kate Carter Part 1

Before we get started here, I know some of you are gonna use this as “proof” that I’m just as much a part of the games I write about. That I’m just a much a player as Jen or Joey, as much of a liar as Cristin or Dorothy, as much or a narcissist as Bill,  and maybe even as crazy as Nancy.

Fine, I accept all of that. But I must remind you, back when I was writing my LISK blog and some of you nut ball game players started accusing me of doing the same, I explained I was not and if I did you would know it. Well now you know it. When I started this blog, Zero’s World, I said I would be joining the games now and that the rest of the players would be sorry I started playing.

How long has it been since a Flukeyou comment… or a Dorothy one? How long since trolls like Nerd have shown themselves in all of this? How long since Mysterymom7 has had anything to say about her 98 and 99% surety that she was being stalked by Hackett? How long since screen names pretending to be other people have popped up? No CPHs or Teps or PS149s in a while right?

You can all pretend I had nothing to do with these people giving up on their game, running away and pretending they were never a part of it. But you can’t have it both ways. If I was part of the games, if what I have done here only made the games worse, than why have they all cleared the playground? Why has this blog shut so many up?

It’s a serious question for all my haters out there… if I give them a place to continue their lies and slander… why are they all gone from not only these comment pages, but most of their other social media and internet sites stomping grounds.

Fuck it, people… I said, I have no problem becoming your villain, believe your delusions and see it your way. I’ve said it before, perception does not trump truth, it only hides it, truth is always there waiting to be seen.

Alright, let’s talk about Kate.

Kate is gone now, and she will be missed. There seems to be lots of questions about her now that she’s gone. Did I hack her Facebook? Was she a friend of mine? Did she come to me like other readers? Was I given the account or was it mine from the beginning?

All good questions, but today we are just gonna go over why. Why was the Kate Carter Facebook account used to talk to Dorothy.

Many people were tired of being drug into Dorothy’s online lies and delusions. When I spoke to Dorothy’s ex husband Chris on the phone, he told me it wasn’t just him, but many of his friends and family that got drug into Dorothy’s lies. And later Dorothy would prove that this is exactly how she worked by doing the same to my friends and family. But with me it was more difficult. Dorothy didn’t know who I was. So she got most of the people I know from my Stranger Facebook page. You remember him, right? He’s a character I do for a Haunt here in Vegas every October. I had a Facebook for him, but coincidently, once I let his Facebook be known on this blog, Facebook got complaints that The Stranger wasn’t real. Well, duh. Fucking Facebook, the most uneven standards in any community.

The problem with Dorothy using The Stranger’s “Friends” list, is that The Stranger had over 2,000 friends on his FB before he was gone, and some of the people Dorothy found on there I didn’t really know… so when she tried to come after me with her usual online terroristic attacks, it was hit and miss. Still, Dorothy was persistent and got at few people I do know.

Alright, so try to understand this. I had all these people I did not know telling me that Dorothy has lied about them online, slandered them, their friends, and family,  some even having their jobs messed with. And then I see it happen first hand with people I did know, whose only crime was they were on my Facebook “Friends” list.

I’ve known for a while Dorothy wasn’t working alone… she talks about her team, and unfortunately people join that team all the time. Some run from it eventually, but only after damage has been done.

Someone said to me, too bad we don’t have someone who could befriend Dorothy and find out exactly what she is saying in private and who she is saying it to.

Well, Kate was recruited to do just that.

The ultimate goal was to befriend Dorothy on Facebook and become part of her inner circle… the nut gallery. That didn’t happen with Kate, but the results were just as good. In fact at first I thought Kate would be called out right away… Dorothy was forewarned:

k8 dph16

k8 dph19

I don’t know which “friend” tried to warn Dorothy, but they must be one of the sharper nuts in the gallery. Too bad Dorothy didn’t listen.

That took some persuading from Kate, and patience, but really it was my phone call to Dorothy that got her and Kate talking… that’s jumping ahead though… we’ll get to that in the next post. Right now I want to strongly stress 3 things:

1: Dorothy is very much a cyber terrorist who goes after innocent people whom she finds on other people’s Facebook.

2: She has help.

3: To those who help her, she will take you down with her.

And I’ll do so like I always do… with an example:

k8 dph234 Mike K

When Kate told Dorothy she had contacted a detective in Las Vegas to figure out who Zero was (I know, I know, hysterical right?) Dorothy threw this name out. Not a surprise. Her and Nancy have posted this persons picture around quite a bit, sometimes saying it is me. It’s not. We’ll get to who he is in a moment, but first we have to see what Dorothy wrote to Kate right after this:

k8 dph235

Now this is just messed up. I’m not mad, but I am a little disappointed. Cristin swore to me, she never shared any info about me with Dorothy and that she never would. I guess I shouldn’t be too disappointed, I knew she was lying when she said it, lying is what Cristin does. For someone who doesn’t like being called a liar, she sure does lie a lot. But like I said, I never believed it, not really. I figured Cristin and Dorothy loved to share misinformation about people, there was no way I wasn’t the topic of some of those discussions.

Now let’s debunk this crap they chased down together.

I do know this guy and he is a tattoo artist, in fact he did 2 of my tattoos. But first let me just say, as far as I know he has not had a shop in Henderson or Reno, in fact this goes back to some delusion Nancy and Dorothy have about Reno and Henderson being near each other, they aren’t. I explained this before when Nancy was saying she had pictures of her in Henderson… way back then I knew they were putting some kind of weird dots together. I have lived in Henderson… again, I pointed this out then. But where do they get Reno? I believe those are their own connections because they thought Reno and Henderson are near each other. And both of them have been to Reno. But really, it’s like all Dorothy stuff (should I say nancy and Cristin stuff too?): find some information, blend it with their own delusions.

Now as for this tattoo artist, why did they leach on to him? Well, let me explain that as well. Once again, Dorothy and Cristin (might as well use both the names of these cracker jack Facebook detectives) were looking at people who were connected to my Stranger Facebook Friends list… and the Stranger always wished people on his “Friends” list Happy Birthdays on their Birthdays. Mike (yes 2 strikes against him, his name is Mike and he’s on my “Friends” list, and unfortunately I gave him the 3rd strike) came up on the list of Birthdays for my Facebook “Friends” and I wished him a Happy Birthday. I also said something to the effect of him coming back to Vegas (yea, I should mention, I knew Mike years ago when he lived in Las Vegas for a few years, he worked at the same haunt as I did, and I got a few tattoos from him, never in Henderson or Reno, but he returned home eventually, which also is not Henderson or Reno, lol). And guess what, right after The Stranger wrote that Birthday message, Mike’s picture starts showing up on Nancy’s page. And who knows how many of you in the nut gallery have received this poor guys picture in one of your Dorothy Propaganda Private Messages.

So, I knew right away, people I wrote to on Facebook, even just to wish them a Happy Birthday, could find themselves being stalked by the Dorothy gang. And I made several posts on Facebook to warn them all. But as we see here, from what Dorothy says, it was Cristin who saw that Birthday greeting and went after my friend. And again I say friend, but I don’t know him really, we didn’t grow up together or hang out a whole lot. But I knew him, I wished him a Happy Birthday and they (Cristin, Dorothy, and Nancy) fell in love with him.

And I feel bad, I really do. In fact I’ve said it before, due to me getting involved in some of these things, my internet life has had to change. No wishing happy birthdays, no videos of my kids, I have to beg people not to “LIKE” or post thing’s on my Facebook, afraid they will be personally attacked (where have we heard that before?).

But it’s not all bad… those who help Dorothy eventually will suffer the consequences right along with her. I mean, Dorothy had no idea who Kate was, and she said all sorts of things about me and people I know to Kate, not caring who Kate might be. Lies and connections and all sorts of crap. And I’m sure Dorothy says these same types of things to others, in fact I know it.

But she says all sorts of things about lots of people… here’s a couple of examples:

k8 dph78

k8 dph85

k8 dph252

k8 dph253

Yea, lots of stuff like this.

When you are stuck in circles… what comes around… goes around.

You can quote me on that!


Chronicles of Crazy

So for those of you who read the comments here (and you really should, they aren’t what they used to be, but they still have a lot going on in them from time to time), you know I joked about chronicling  all of this once again, I lost count how many times I’ve done it, but it just keeps seeming necessary. I swear it was a joke, I said it would be up tomorrow (which, since that was yesterday, that would mean today) poking fun of how Dorothy is always going to the FBI “tomorrow”. Seems, unlike in Dorothy’s world, here in Zero’s World, tomorrow does actually come.

Please follow along, because it may be the last time I go through all this:

I came across Longislandserialkiller.com early 2012, which led me to the blog “Catching LISK” by Mysterymom7. Both places had lots of comments from people who seemed to be playing games, IMO. After a short time, Joey Scalise Jr. aka Flukyou and Cristin Kennedy aka Mysterymom7 came to the front of everything I was reading. Flukeyou and Mysterymom7 were trying to convince everyone that Doctor Hackett was a serial killer and was stalking MM7 and trying to stop them and others online from exposing the truth.

I learned of Dorothy Price Hill through MM7’s blog and she soon was sending me all sorts of emails telling me her husband was the killer and a list of “criminals” involved a mile long.

I then met Jen, who told me she knew  Joey, Dorothy, and Cristin. She told me Cristin was a liar and she had proof. Which she did. She also told me Joey was probably a serial killer, but she had no real proof of this.

Jen had some good stuff at first, showing how Cristin and Dorothy lied about some things. But then she went way out there talking about spoof calls and secrets her friends were keeping about Joey.

This is how I first got involved. If it sounds familiar, it’s because I’ve said all of this before.

I was very curious about all of this, and my searching took me to other places, and to other strange people. Murt and Michelle McKee and everyone at Radionewz. These people were connected to Anonymous, and I admit my curiosity grew, because I always planned on blogging more about Anonymous, hopefully I’ll get there someday while they are still around.

It also led me to other cases being used by some on the internet in ways that clouded what was really going on. Cases like The Steubenville Rape Case and the disappearance of Hailey Cummings.

This last one led me to other such questionable people like William “Cobra” Stubs.

So here I am in contact with some questionable people. And some of them didn’t like me poking my head in, and so I became the one responsible for all the confusion, me the guy trying to figure it all out.

Of course questionable people keep being thrown at me… Nancy Evans Figat… yea that has been a rough ride… Bill W. and all his lemmings… Jesus Christ, that brought me to a whole new world of crazies.

There was Sussie S. and Candyce B. as well, although I never spoke with Sussie and Candyce was pretty hostile from the get-go. Another one quick to accuse me keeping the games going when so many had stories of the games she played throughout it. Besides all the LISK.com people who warned me about her, at least 2 of her ex boyfriends have found their way to the blog and had warnings as well.

Let’s not forget Websleuths… lots of crazy stuff going on there, trust me on that.

Look, I’ve said this all before… I’ve explained over and over how I came to all this and why I continue to write about it all.

Main reason was curiosity, nothing more, nothing less.

And although there are now many reasons I continue, I’m still mainly, just curious.

I, unlike many of you, have no agendas. Nor am I prescribed by a doctor to take medication, or worse, skipping the meds prescribed. I’m just writing about the things I see on the internet, yea, I joined some of the games when I created this blog, but that’s only because it was the only way to understand some of you, which by the way, some of you, I do understand… some of the rest of you, we got a long way to go. Bottom line (I like that much more than the way over used “at the end of the day”) is I’m not a part of the games you all play, I’m just chronicling them from time to time.

Yet some of you just won’t see through to reality. And one of you just keeps asking the same question even though I keep answering it:


DPH zero why1

You keep asking this and I keep explaining it. I hope everyone understands now, if not please let me know where I need to clear something up. I’m nothing but patient.

Let’s move forward… or back… yes back to the Dorothy/Kate PMs… I have to get some of these off my chest and out of my head…

Mari’s Blog

Remember Mari’s blog? The one Cristin helped her with, but a not so elaborate cover-up was used to keep this from public knowledge… well I blew that, I know. Sorry about that, but I just call the lies as I see them. How am I supposed to know which lies are done for good reasons and which ones are done to mislead (I am being way sarcastic here, all lies are meant to mislead).

Anyways, I bring it up because I had 2 comment replies there from Mari today. You can look and see them for yourself:



Just look for the comments dated today,  2-19-2015.

Well, I answered both of those comments and they are “awaiting moderation”. I will give Mari the time to put them through. I also wrote her on Facebook like she said in her comment. I hope to hear back from her.

I really only bring this all up because when I went to the blog to answer these comments today, I saw some other comments left a while back I had missed. If you clicked on the above links, you probably saw them as well.

First off there was this from Nancy:

nancy on mari blog

Wow, Nancy finding her way to Mari. Scary, but “that’s par for the course”, right?

Mari answered Nancy:

mari blog comment zero natasha

Thank God that’s where Nancy’s involvement stopped, though Flukeyou had one right after:

fluke maris blog zero

I can’t believe I missed these! I’m nowhere as good as you all give me credit for…lol.

As for Mari’s comment to me about us having someone in common, as I said, I’m hoping Mari will contact me on Facebook so we can talk more, but for now, that is where I will leave all that. What Mari and I do or don’t discus is not needed to be blasted all over the blog. But Flukeyou… now he’s a different story.

Flukeyou wrote that back in September… I just saw it today, and I did comment a reply to it, also waiting in moderation. But I’ll answer it here as well, well sort of at least. I’ll answer it with a couple of questions.

Fluke, why are you always wanting me to do police work? I’m sure LE has looked at everyone’s phone records, they don’t need me to do it, plus I wouldn’t have the slightest idea how to do so… again you all think I’m much better at all this than I obviously am, lol. Plus as far as phone records, you know you pal Jen is telling everyone you are the king of spoof phone calls, right?

One last question, Joey, I mean Fluke… you keep saying “it won’t be long now”. This last one is from 5 months ago…

How long will it be… because so far it seems pretty long to me.

I bet to all the others watching all of this and hoping for REAL answers also feels it’s been long… way too long, and yet you and Dorothy keep promising it’s almost over. Time is gonna trample the two of you, mark my words.

I’ll leave this here:

Mari, I’d love to talk to you, but you have been listening to some people with questionable agendas and mindsets. Still, I understand why you would do so. If you want to talk to me, you know where to reach me:


Flukeyou and Dorothy… I can go on about lots of things and lots of people… but that nasty smell of dog shit keeps leading me back to you 2. Dang it, there I go with the language again. Sorry!

And Here We Go Again…

fb remove page

It’s not that Facebook is responding to complaints about the ZW FB page, it’s just the ones it responds to that crack me up:

fb removed comment zero

Yes, today I opened up my Facebook page and this is what was waiting for me. Once again… seriously Facebook?!?

LMFAO… I bet Dorothy and whoever is still in that nut gallery listening to her poo-poo (yes poo-poo, I could have said crap, or bullshit or just plain shit, but I’m trying to clean it up in here, I’ve been told the language get’s out of hand) must be posting complaints about everything I say on Facebook… and this is what they remove…

Damn, that’s good.

Still… this could mean more comments removed in the future… which will mean they just pop up here, even the unimportant ones like the one they just pulled because they don’t “follow the Facebook community standards”… LOL! Facebook can remove them… and I will blog about it here… so keep reporting me to the FB police… it keeps ya nuts busy, no?

Of course Kate’s Facebook dismissal should be right around the corner… so I have been putting it to some other quick uses before she’s gone.

I know, I was supposed to take a Dorothy break and write about some other stuff… and while I did take a break, I didn’t write about too much else… didn’t even finish my thoughts on Shadow People, though I assure you I will.

I was taking advantage of the quiet though, playing Star Wars Galatic Defense on my tablet. I’m obsessed with that game! I love tower defense games and I love Star Wars… so I knew it would be good!

Plus I knew the quiet wouldn’t last… it never does.

Cupid Carries A Gun

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope everyone has a good VD!

Even those of you in the lonely hearts club, I know how hard this day is for some of you. After all, love is war… or is it a battlefield? Ether way, cupid carries a gun:

That’s where I’ll be spending my Valentines Day! Surrendering to love…

at the Marilyn Manson concert tonight! The tickets were a Christmas present… thanks Sassy! I love it when holidays come together like that. I’m so freaking excited that I can’t even think of much more to write here.

Plus I gotta go get ready… where’d I put those red sneakers?

Shadow People Part One

SPOILER ALERT!!!  This post is about the movie/documentary called “Shadow People“. Though I will not be discussing the movie itself in too much detail, there are still parts of this post that may ruin the experience of watching the movie… just a little. So go ahead and skip this post if you are planning on seeing the movie. Then just come back and let me ruin the experience properly, lol.

Alright, are we safe now? Good. Let’s begin… this movie is really a mockumentary, and that’s not just putting the words movie and documentary together, it means that the movie is mostly faked in a way to make it seem like it’s based on a real event. I like these types of movies, but I’m able to see through them, what about those who don’t? I’ve often wondered (and mentioned here at least once) if these types of movies are having effects other than starting internet “thread” arguments.

Here’s what Wiki has to say about the movie:


I find it a little strange that wiki isn’t a little more detailed on the fact that most of the movie is not based on any type of true story, though it comes off like it is.

It talks about the fake You Tube Videos, but not that the movie’s whole story line is made up and its main character, Charlie Crowe, is not a real person or was not a real person, since many people believe he is now dead, from SUNDS, thanks to the fake “in memory of” at the end of the film.

Yes, the movie goes so far to make its viewer believe the movie is a true story as to make up a later death of it fictionalized lead character.

In fact it’s hard to find anyplace that explains Charlie Crowe is not a real person. The movie itself plays fake old video of Charlie Crowe, making you think they are actual footage of a real person, but that too is just an actor like in the You Tube videos. That’s right they have 2 actors playing Charlie Crowe, Dallas Roberts who is listed as playing Crowe and an unnamed actor in the fake old clips, pretending to be the real Charlie Crowe… which I’m telling you… there is none. Well there is real Charlie Crowes, just not this one made up for the movie.

It’s a great way to use the internet for marketing this type of movie, and quite a few mockumentary movies are doing this. In fact some are blurring the lines between real stories and hollywood scripts so well, it’s almost impossible to tell anymore if what you are watching is a real documentary or a mock one.

Even in this interview, the actor playing Charlie Crowe, Dallas Roberts, get’s in on the fake back story:


Is Fangoria in on the joke too? Probably. Let’s take a look at what is said:

sp interview1

The real answer there would have been, all of it, since the footage is not real and was filmed for the movie.

sp interview2

Well, that was truthful I guess, lol. Everything was so descriptive in the script, because that’s where the whole Charlie Crowe story comes from.

sp interview3

And that’s where it just crosses the line, using another real person, Sam Phillips, and a movie about real people, “Walk The Line” to make the reader truly buy into the lie that Charlie Crowe was real.

Are you confused yet?

Let me sum it up… Shadow People is a complete facade, a sham, a phony, a fake.

I think it’s a good movie though… I say I think, because I really only caught the last 20 minutes of it. But it got my mind racing immediately. Right away I was like, is this real, or another great “Catfish” movie.

I hit the internet and Google searched for anything on Charlie Crowe… go ahead try… it’s not there, because he’s not real. The only things on him come from the movie. The whole story of a radio DJ being pulled into the mysteries surrounding sleep paralysis and the stories of Shadow People never happened. There was no controversy and no suicide heard on air (Ok a little movie discussion, but not much). About the only thing real in the movie, is that there is a documentary called Your Worst Nightmare that does deal with sleep paralysis, but even that film can be questioned to whether it’s a legitimate documentary.

In fact there are many questions about sleep paralysis, and what some call “Shadow People.”

But bottom line, nothing in Shadow People is real… so therefore it could cloud people’s judgement if they are looking at the movie as a true story. Especially if they are dealing with something like sleep paralysis. Believing the Charlie Crowe in the movie is real and  the story portrayed in the movie is also real could cause some confusion I’m sure. And you will find stuff on Charlie Crowe, like this:


That one even says he was a disc jockey beginning in 1971, good year. Wrong spelling of the last name though, so not our Charlie… how ’bout this one:


That one’s a football player. Nothing on the Charlie Crowe from the film though. But if you search, the truth is out there:


“The film is quite clever, but for the record Charlie Crowe is “also” a fictional character (though the phenomena of “Shadow People” is not).”


“The character Charlie “Crowe” Camfield, seen in the 2012 movie “Shadow People”, is a fictional character. The person who is seen in the movie portraying the “Real” Charlie “Crowe” Camfield is in fact an un-named professional actor. The fact that this is a fictional character is the reason you were unable to find his cause of death in your search. The movie “Shadow People” is brilliant in it’s portrayal of it’s half Horror Film, half Documentary style, and leaves the viewer not sure if it’s all true, partly true, or all fiction. Only a long, involved search of many resources gives you the true answer, which is that the movie deals with a very real phenomenon-SUNDS-and mentions a very real “outbreak” of SUNDS in mostly Vietnamese immigrants, but other than that it is a fictional movie. A look at the “actual” Camden College Sleep Study GR16, 1971 video on YouTube shows that the number of view does not match, highly suggesting it was put there as a highly effective marketing ploy for the movie.”

Sleep Paralysis and SUNDS… real subjects in an otherwise not very real movie. I only know a little about SUNDS, but I know quite a bit about sleep paralysis… dealt with it first hand. Let’s leave that for the next post where we can bring back those who were afraid I might ruin the movie for them, which this post kind of does ruin the movie if you just want to believe it’s all real instead of a hollywood script (anyone else out there see flipped parallels?).

I’ll leave you with the Camden College Sleep Study GR16 from 1971 (there’s that year again), you be the judge on its authenticity:

To Be Continued…

Dorothy Detox

I had to read the Dorothy-Kate conversation many times… from the first time to when I copied them… to going through them and making a list of what was in each snip (I did that Saturday… and it took all day)… to when I go over them as I put them in a post.

It’s hard on the body, mind, and soul. Seriously. I’m in need of a short detox… but it’s gonna take something big to cleanse the palate this time around… let’s see… yes… this will do…

Has any one been following the Randy Quaid circus?

I had heard and read a little here and there… but wow bob wow, take a look at this:


Now this is something to blog about. WTF?

Let’s take a closer look, try to put it all into perspective:

Is Randy crazy? Or just pissed off? Or is he seriously afraid of  Hollywood “Star Whackers”? I could make the joke about dropping the H… but I don’t know, maybe there is an Illuminati. Maybe vaccinations are bad, maybe Sandy Hook was faked, maybe dark forces are about to desrtoy us all.

Am I crazy for thinking the whole world has gone mad?

Alright… next…

It’s Not That I Cant Stop… It’s That I Wont Stop

k8 dph151b

This is one of the truest things DPH has ever said. I OBSESS on everything!  Wait that makes what she said only kind of true.

Even though it may seem at times I’m fixated on one subject, that’s just what I have time to blog about. I’m constantly OBSESSING on all sorts of things I don’t ever get a chance to post about. And some things I post and never have time to get back to them even though I OBSESSED on it for a short time.

The truth of the mater is I can’t stay on a subject long enough without moving on to something else. Really it’s true, and I will show by example here in just a bit.

Besides Dot Girl, you seem to have an OBSESSION yourself:

dph zero pm

Those are from yesterday… YESTERDAY! They were in a PM on the Zero’s World Facebook Page. WTF?

I think she misses Kate.

Well, keep OBSESSING on me Dorothy…sit and wait and wonder what I might write about you next.




I’m sure I’ll get back to you at some point.