Tail Gate Party

Alright, I’ve had a couple of beers (I don’t drink much any more, so that’s really all it takes, lol), some chips and dip, yummy guacamole dip, a family tradition:

avocados (at least 4 or 5, but the more dip you need, the more avocados you need)

peeled, diced tomatoes (one to every 5 avocados)

mayonnaise (not too much, about a tablespoon to every 5 avocados)

and tons of garlic salt (must be Lawry’s garlic salt)

Mix it all together, go ahead take a bite, it’s like heaven in your mouth!

It’s a simple recipe, but it must be exact right down to the chips you use with it. They must be Doritos (which makes it perfect for the Super Bowl), preferably taco flavored Doritos (when they stopped making them they almost ruined the recipe, but Cool Ranch or Regular Nacho flavored also worked, now that Taco flavored Doritos are back, I recommend using them). I promise the dip will  disappear fast, so make sure to get some big scoops of it before it does.

Now some Pizza and Hot Wings! Or maybe some Burgers and Dogs! Wait is that shrimp cocktails?

Alright let’s eat up, drink up, and watch the game!

I think the Dot Team Dancers have a pre game for us as well!

That should be interesting.

So enjoy the game… I’ll see you here:


at halftime…

it really will be game changing!


11 thoughts on “Tail Gate Party

  1. Cheers!! Im a bit late to the party..I think some of you know what that means!! LOL…Let me crack a fresh one, ahhhhh….Cheers Zero!! TCTH!! Donna!! All of you!! Its KARMA time..didn’t anyone believe me?? I musta wrote it a thousand times..TSK FREAKIN TSK…

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