Dorothy Detox

I had to read the Dorothy-Kate conversation many times… from the first time to when I copied them… to going through them and making a list of what was in each snip (I did that Saturday… and it took all day)… to when I go over them as I put them in a post.

It’s hard on the body, mind, and soul. Seriously. I’m in need of a short detox… but it’s gonna take something big to cleanse the palate this time around… let’s see… yes… this will do…

Has any one been following the Randy Quaid circus?

I had heard and read a little here and there… but wow bob wow, take a look at this:

Now this is something to blog about. WTF?

Let’s take a closer look, try to put it all into perspective:

Is Randy crazy? Or just pissed off? Or is he seriously afraid of  Hollywood “Star Whackers”? I could make the joke about dropping the H… but I don’t know, maybe there is an Illuminati. Maybe vaccinations are bad, maybe Sandy Hook was faked, maybe dark forces are about to desrtoy us all.

Am I crazy for thinking the whole world has gone mad?

Alright… next…

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