And Here We Go Again…

fb remove page

It’s not that Facebook is responding to complaints about the ZW FB page, it’s just the ones it responds to that crack me up:

fb removed comment zero

Yes, today I opened up my Facebook page and this is what was waiting for me. Once again… seriously Facebook?!?

LMFAO… I bet Dorothy and whoever is still in that nut gallery listening to her poo-poo (yes poo-poo, I could have said crap, or bullshit or just plain shit, but I’m trying to clean it up in here, I’ve been told the language get’s out of hand) must be posting complaints about everything I say on Facebook… and this is what they remove…

Damn, that’s good.

Still… this could mean more comments removed in the future… which will mean they just pop up here, even the unimportant ones like the one they just pulled because they don’t “follow the Facebook community standards”… LOL! Facebook can remove them… and I will blog about it here… so keep reporting me to the FB police… it keeps ya nuts busy, no?

Of course Kate’s Facebook dismissal should be right around the corner… so I have been putting it to some other quick uses before she’s gone.

I know, I was supposed to take a Dorothy break and write about some other stuff… and while I did take a break, I didn’t write about too much else… didn’t even finish my thoughts on Shadow People, though I assure you I will.

I was taking advantage of the quiet though, playing Star Wars Galatic Defense on my tablet. I’m obsessed with that game! I love tower defense games and I love Star Wars… so I knew it would be good!

Plus I knew the quiet wouldn’t last… it never does.

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