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Remember Mari’s blog? The one Cristin helped her with, but a not so elaborate cover-up was used to keep this from public knowledge… well I blew that, I know. Sorry about that, but I just call the lies as I see them. How am I supposed to know which lies are done for good reasons and which ones are done to mislead (I am being way sarcastic here, all lies are meant to mislead).

Anyways, I bring it up because I had 2 comment replies there from Mari today. You can look and see them for yourself:

Just look for the comments dated today,  2-19-2015.

Well, I answered both of those comments and they are “awaiting moderation”. I will give Mari the time to put them through. I also wrote her on Facebook like she said in her comment. I hope to hear back from her.

I really only bring this all up because when I went to the blog to answer these comments today, I saw some other comments left a while back I had missed. If you clicked on the above links, you probably saw them as well.

First off there was this from Nancy:

nancy on mari blog

Wow, Nancy finding her way to Mari. Scary, but “that’s par for the course”, right?

Mari answered Nancy:

mari blog comment zero natasha

Thank God that’s where Nancy’s involvement stopped, though Flukeyou had one right after:

fluke maris blog zero

I can’t believe I missed these! I’m nowhere as good as you all give me credit for…lol.

As for Mari’s comment to me about us having someone in common, as I said, I’m hoping Mari will contact me on Facebook so we can talk more, but for now, that is where I will leave all that. What Mari and I do or don’t discus is not needed to be blasted all over the blog. But Flukeyou… now he’s a different story.

Flukeyou wrote that back in September… I just saw it today, and I did comment a reply to it, also waiting in moderation. But I’ll answer it here as well, well sort of at least. I’ll answer it with a couple of questions.

Fluke, why are you always wanting me to do police work? I’m sure LE has looked at everyone’s phone records, they don’t need me to do it, plus I wouldn’t have the slightest idea how to do so… again you all think I’m much better at all this than I obviously am, lol. Plus as far as phone records, you know you pal Jen is telling everyone you are the king of spoof phone calls, right?

One last question, Joey, I mean Fluke… you keep saying “it won’t be long now”. This last one is from 5 months ago…

How long will it be… because so far it seems pretty long to me.

I bet to all the others watching all of this and hoping for REAL answers also feels it’s been long… way too long, and yet you and Dorothy keep promising it’s almost over. Time is gonna trample the two of you, mark my words.

I’ll leave this here:

Mari, I’d love to talk to you, but you have been listening to some people with questionable agendas and mindsets. Still, I understand why you would do so. If you want to talk to me, you know where to reach me:

Flukeyou and Dorothy… I can go on about lots of things and lots of people… but that nasty smell of dog shit keeps leading me back to you 2. Dang it, there I go with the language again. Sorry!

3 thoughts on “Mari’s Blog

  1. Oh how sad!! makes me puke..I smell DPH all over this “blog” and i use the word loosely..
    It was the comment asking youy to find Natasha Jugo’s mother…Couldn’t Maris lawyer do this..Disgusting slanderous POS. blog…IMO

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