My Phone Call With Dorothy Price Hill: Dorothy’s Version

As I said, it was my phone call to Dorothy that really got her and Kate talking. And if you haven’t read about that call yet, you really should:

That is exactly how the call went. I called Dorothy, she did not answer and I did not leave a message. A short time later Dorothy dialed the number back and our first real introduction to each other took place. She started to apologise to me, I kind of lost it a little and told called her a liar and asked her why she lied about so many people so easily? She freaked out and hung up on me… I called her back twice, both times leaving her messages.

That’s what happened… what I wrote before is the whole thing, nothing left out, nothing added. And as I said, I felt I dropped the ball by going at Dorothy so quickly and not letting her “fake” apology lead to some “fake” conversation… yea, that’s when I took the idea of Kate to the next level… shall we:

k8 dph91

Right away, Dorothy lies. I know a little bit about compulsive liars. They tend to lie even when they don’t have to. I never spoke to an assistant, as I said, no one even answered the phone when I called, Dorothy called me back and that’s when our short and not so sweet phone conversation began… and she said it was her 3 times… so no, there was no assistant, I doubt very much that Dorothy even has an assistant. Let’s see some more:

k8 dph92

Of all the people I have ever met in my entire life, Dorothy takes the cake. I do not know if I have ever met anyone like her… and that is not a compliment. We are just getting started here, but you can already see how her mind starts twisting truth with stories she is making up in her head. The last thing Dorothy said before she hung up on me was “I can’t talk to you about any of this because it is under federal investigation”. She adds that part of the conversation to her made up assistant story. It get’s better:

k8 dph93

So here we go… pay attention, because this lie will be exposed by Dorothy herself in the next few comments:

k8 dph94

k8 dph95

I love how Dorothy tries to explain her apology to me here. Her assistant was apologising cause she thought it was Dorothy’s “friend” in Vegas. Mixing what really happened with what her head was creating about it.

So Dorothy asked her “assistant” to write down what I said, but the poor fake person from Dorothy’s imagination could not remember, because she was on the other line when I called. Yet didn’t Dorothy say the call was recorded? Yep, I went back up and read to make sure, and yes she said (well wrote) “The call was recorded”. I really wanted to call her out on that, as I did every time she contradicted herself, but due to my short phone call, I was not going to let this end too soon. But I really just wanted to ask Dorothy why she needed her assistant to write it down if the call was recorded… just listen for yourself Dot Girl.

Before we wrap up what Dorothy had to say about our phone call I have to comment on these strange lies Dorothy quickly makes up for no reason at all, I mean the real story of our phone call was a bust… it was quick and pointless… in fact it would have gone nowhere further if I didn’t have these gems she told Kate about the call, I think the whole thing must have really caught Dorothy off guard.

She makes up this story of some friend in Vegas and in doing so she complicates her story too much for herself to stay on track. Her assistant, remember, supposedly told her she had a call from Vegas and then a few minutes later Dorothy writes that her assistant asked her where I lived. Um… yea, it’s a small error, but it shows how easily Dorothy confuses herself with her own delusions.

So in her story, I call, get the assistant, who thinks I am Mr. Nero from Vegas, (LOL, again with the Mr.) Dorothy calls her friend in Vegas who is at lunch, so she tells her assistant to blurt out “federal investigation” and hang up. That’s what I got out of Dorothy’s much holed  and contradicting side of the “phone conversation”.

The crap about me having an accent, having a “whiney voice”, sounding like a “hurt lamb”, that’s all good stuff there. I do sound a little “whiney” I guess… plus I was sick with the flu. Still I’ll give her that, I can come across whiney, but can’t Dorothy just say that’s what she thought of my voice? Why make up a fake assistant and a fake friend in Vegas… I was on the call, I know it what was really said and what was not. Oh yea, Dorothy didn’t know she was talking to me, she thought it was some lady named Kate… so Dorothy was doing what she does…

Dorothy goes on about other things after that, the usual stuff on her ex husbands, stuff on Nancy and Mike, things on Hackett, but mostly stuff about a cop named McCready… she ends her rant on him before deciding to bring the phone call back up, the last snip where she calls me a “hurt lamb” was snip #95, the next 2 I’m about to post is snip #123 and #124 so you can see, Dorothy went off for a minute before deciding to talk about the call some more:

k8 dph123

k8 dph124

A bunch of ramblings and then BAM, “zero called me”! Did she forget we had a long talk about the phone call earlier? And what’s this… she recognized zero’s intonation? I thought it was her assistant that talked to me… maybe Dorothy listened to the recording of the call (her and Cristin love to do that, but come on, it’s highly, illegal) either way, she figured something out. What could that be?

k8 dph125

Damn, that’s harsh. “Could not put a sentence together” “A 10-year-old who can’t speak”, I’d take offence, but the bigger offence here is that she think’s that makes me African-American!

Dorothy constantly says her ex husband is racist… but I catch Dorothy saying racist and anti-gay statements all the time. She seems to hate men, homosexuals (especially transgendered), and minorities. In fact she comes across as a very “everyone is beneath me” kind of person. But that’s enough about what I think about Dorothy, we need to discus what Dorothy thinks about me… trust me, the African-American remark is just the tip of the iceberg on the stuff Dorothy had to say about the who, what, and why of Zero.

Your gonna love it…




7 thoughts on “My Phone Call With Dorothy Price Hill: Dorothy’s Version

  1. Profile of the Sociopath

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  2. Just for the record, there’s NOTHING whiny about Zero…He’s calm, centered and emotionally healthy and strong. TRUTH, choke on it haters..Choke on it!

    • Sometimes I can sound whiny, especially if i’ve been throwing up from the flu and the cunt of all cunts calls me and tries to give me a fake apology…lol, but really, I can totally get that I sound whiny… but I am calm, centered, and emotionaly healthy and strong no matter how I sound…LMAO! Thanks sis!

      • Please!! Im from LI!! I sound whiny even when im not…But lets get real, i CAN whine, lol…

        Im downright GIDDY from watching KARMA prevail!!

      • yes, it’s been good reading for people dealing with the likes of this… I have been enjoying the JALK blog and the lack of Bill Facebook posts…lol, long time coming… couldn’t happen to a bunch of nicer people!

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