Kate & Dorothy

Before we get to religious or political in here (like they are 2 separate things) we need to get back to the queen of all that’s wrong with religion and politics (again, I write that like they are separate things). Yes, we need to get back to Dorothy Price Hill.

Just for a short while, I promise.

We need to get back to that conversation between Kate and Dorothy, so that everyone can figure out what the hell Dorothy was talking about when she sent me this Private Message:

zw dph pm drunken sf

Why does she insist that I don’t have any kids… and what is this “dumpster view” she speaks of?

All this will be answered and so much more with the next post: Who Is Zero (According To Dorothy)

And if you read it when it was a sneak peek… you might want to reread it. It’s changed. It’s grown as well.

Well, here it is… with no further a due… ENJOY!

8 thoughts on “Kate & Dorothy

  1. Zero!!! I met some of your children, and was welcomed by them and your wife (thanks again Sassy)…..

    You really are gonna have to do something about Dorothy Price Hills CRUSH on you, its getting creepy!! She’s OBSESSED!! Maybe have ‘your sister Rachael’ speak to her?? Just thoughts….

    Is it killin you Dorothy?? This ones for you, cats outta the bag, you HAG

  2. I have a question *raises hand*

    1). How does Dorothy “hand over DNA”?

    2). Why is she always going to #FBI #investigators “in the morning”?

    3). Does morning ever arrive in Dorothy’s life?

    Holy Guacamole!

    • Lmao, yes, I just don’t get how any one listening to her, from the likes of Jen and Cristin, to Nancy and Julia and any nut in between, would not see through her dogshit. It’s ridiculous.

      • Hee, Zero, its not like she has legions of followers! Thanks to your persistence to get to TRUTH, the nuts have all gone bye bye…

        You shut then all up, thank you so much! Shit, even Nan dumped those assholes, lol!! She turned out to be the ‘smartest”…Think about that “girls”..LMAO!

        Nice job my brotha ❤

        Checkmate 🙂

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