Any Last Words? Part 1

Alright, that should do it. If anyone in the nut gallery have any thing else to add, please do so. Joey? Christin? Jen? Nancy? Dorothy? Here’s your chance to speak up and keep me from moving on to something else… LOL!

Not this time, huh? You are all ready to be done with Zero’s World.

Well then, let’s put these cracked nuts to rest for now.

95 thoughts on “Any Last Words? Part 1

    • ahh the return of Fluke, with all that’s been going on lately, i knew youd be here soon enough. In fact expected it last week, but you were in Florida right? well anyways, you probably guess that i’m not putting through your nest few comments… at least not yet… but yes, Oak Beach and all of you that live there may just be involved in some seriously fucked up shit… how bout you Joey? You involved in some serious fucked up shit? Stck around, it seems everyone wants me to stay involved and I’m ready to do some serious looking into anything and everything that is out there. But I wonder Joey, do you know Bittrolff? Did Hackett? Hackkett moved to Oak Beach when? everyone has so many questions, most of us outsiders just looking in reading and trying to understand… but go ahead Joey, and any of the rest of you out there… connect the dots for me, show me the connections that seem everywhere, who really knows who, before and after 2010… why is Long Island seem to be so small when it comes to this question, why are so many of you so connected???

      • funny, I have never been there, but everyone I have talked to there tells me that everyone is a character, everyone I talk to admits to being a character themselves, and lately people seem to be connected all over, everyone knows everyone else. no offense meant, but it’s the stories i’m being told, lol. Besides, i said from the begining, I fit right in.

      • “I can say this Long Island is full of weird folk, but OBI takes the cake. EVERYONE is shady!” This is just one of the many like comments people make when they are discusing people involved in this. Everyone seems to say the same thing though. I heard Oak Beach called “Payton Place” and “Twin Peaks” (pointless connection) again, no offence meant from me, just what Long Islanders tell me.

      • Seriously I didn’t take it personally. I was playing with you. Long Island has a lot of crazy characters. The difference is, we tend to bring our crazy out to party, not hide it in a closet. The weird thing is there is a lot of interconnection among Long Islanders. When I was growing up few families moved off the Island. Now I only know a few left there.

      • Oh I know, lol. It’s a running gag here between me and some of the readers. But honestly the world is full of Oak Beaches. Lol. I joked about Florida having crazies, then Missouri, just joshing everyone, we know the whole world is nuts. People take down planes with hundreds of innocent people in them, people join in on killing others for God, people commit mass murder for all sorts of crazy reasons and then others come on the internet to say how it was faked. Yea the world is full of wackos,all of us at different degrees, but it’s the fanatical crazy ones who are really gathering now that got me worried. Sorry, I ranted, but yes, I was only playing back.

      • Born and raised on LI, Plainview, till i bolted at seventeen, broke mostly since then, lol…Also worked for LI’s elite, last job, Jericho, 2nd night job for years: Garden City, feel me fellows LIers ?? 🙂 Anyone from LI knows im qualified to make the following statement (plus, i am close to LE, have been for years, NOT bragging,nothing special, just true):

        RE LI: The more money, exclusive the area, the SICKER the crimes, depravity, dysfunctional family situations and covers ups (meaning they can PAY their way out of legal trouble)!!!!!!! Sorry folks, Zero’s gut is right…And we all used to fear “The city”…ask any cop, thats complete and total BS..LI rich are sick, sad, folk for sure..Nothing to envy, Im old enough to understand the things money can NEVER buy, there’s nothing to envy people…Joe illustrates this perfectly, and unfortunately that is why his comments are necessary…He proves the point perfectly…His lonely, bitter, inbred sense of entitlement speak volumes…..And he and those like him, should be feared, let him ‘educate’ you.

      • There are 2 things that are really sticking with me lately, one is that there is an epidemic on crazy, from religious fanatics to conspiracy theorists and those suffering from a gang of mental issues from bi polar to severe depression or plain ol delusions of grandeur who are so screwed up they are committing mass murders to show the world that something is wrong with it. The other thing that is bothering me is that it seems that those with money and power get away with their crazy shit I mean they always have, but now with it being so rapid out there, the world is really in a scary place. And this is unusual thinking for me, cause I generaly think things move on, then come back and repeat from time to time, but they go on. Things get bad things get better. But with the internet it seems that all things are finally returning at once and things are getting way too big and out of control endangering the ongoing way we usually move on. Like things are coming to a big head, a conclusion of some sort. I refuse to totally believe this, I have faith that things will go on. But I must admit, the internet and technology in general has changed things in some way and the predictability of repetition that all our greatest ancestors used to predict things is out of whack. Does any of that make sense? Lol. I’m amazed everyday how this gamey blog relates back to the “red & black” so often. Again I thank my readers for that. Thank you.

      • Zero, I think we all understand, and it troubles me because you’re usually an optimist…I believe technology has move to quickly for most of us mere humans, the laws can’t even catch up, much dissary, too much power for ‘man’…It highlights the best, and the very worst of humankind…But please keep the faith, and stay close to ‘us’..

      • Don’t get me wrong, I still believe life will go on… But we are definitely at a changing of guards type of momment maybe as big as when we decided to stop hunting and gathering, that’s where religion really kicks off by the way. But don’t worry, I’m still the optimist/realist you all love and hate and I believe like with all things this to will pass… Life will go on.

      • If the world survives these overwhelming times, i have great faith in the generation comin up (Love me some Snowden, JMO), love the kids!! May they lead the way, into more loving and tolerant times..

    • What took you so long Joe?? So predictable…keep scratchin your head on how we knew, lets just say you have a few surprises in store…Best for last as they say…Hows you’re buddy Brewer?? You two ARE friends after all, always have been. (gonna defend Bitrolff too??) Partied right along side him, lol…And Joe, why don’t you come clean and tell everyone which neighbor of yours actually DID run a home for wayward girls?? then explain how you and your old girl pals were the 1st to ever mention “spoofed calls”…

      Yeah, ponder those things

      • Joe, speaking of that neighbor who ran that home for ‘Wayward’ girls, whats the deal with him?? YOU KNOW everyone in your ‘hood’ thinks he’s creepy…How come you left him out of all the shit you spew?? id say its VERY interesting, Im sure you pointed this ODD, ironic FACT to Mari??
        Yes, im sure…

      • Shit, if i was Dot, i could do some connecting myself with all ive learned, FACTS, that is..I could even say there just may be a cover up, but the players would be much different, beginning WITH where Shannon ran FROM, screaming and in fear for her life…Shit, you’d be part of it too, right?? YES…
        See, we both know Gus wouldn’t have called LE at all, WOULD he??!! No dick, that doesn’t make sense at all does it?? He’d be literally screwing up a conspiracy/coverup!!!!!! Pak may very well have called Brewer and tipped him off, just thoughts, JMO..NO, Gus calling cops put MAJOR URGENCY on whatever despicable act occurred next….Right Joe?? WHY??


      • How did Shannons leather Jacket end up BACK at Brewers?? Joe, Hello?? So if I follow you, Gus and ‘gang’ were protecting your friend Brewer?? And how are you so sure Gus lied?? (about what?? his call was recorded) Otherwise how could you KNOW, where you there?? Your evasive comments over the years prove to me you WERE.. Or are we to believe your second hand info, inadmissible in court (civil as well), as you know…We know you’re reading..You’re so screwed, you sense that don’t you…House of cards crashing down, now what?? BTW, Baden can ONLY come up with a diagnosis of “undetermined”, but you know that don’t you…Yeah, you brought all this on by yourself (TY), NOW WHAT…Your games have been revealed…I ask again, WHY?? See you and your families decades long beef with Hacket, gives what LE calls MOTIVE, motive to set him up, yes…Circumstantial however, just like Hackett (who has NO motive), all circumstantial..But VERY, VERY interesting, don’t you agree 🙂


      • Just pondering here: What the hell is the basis for this civil lawsuit anyway, a phone call?? Now revised from 2 calls to ONE?? Forget about reasonable doubt, theres not one shred of evidence, circumstantial or not, that places Shannon with Doc!! Let alone how does one prove motive without completely speculating?? SMH!! Does anyone give a shit about the 11 other set of remains, no HUGE question mark!!?? No concern a killer is still on the loose?? What a joke..Sickening..And it ain’t just Joe who makes me gag, nuff said! Shameful.

        Why is Joe so comfortable the killer has stopped (no concern for his wife, mom??) LE isnt convinced…FACT…Notice his comment about Hacket living in a ‘Shack” and see how Joe feels about the ‘less fortunate” (hee hee, property values have plummeted at Gilgo, lots of for sale signs, not so good)..yes

  1. Officers arrested Justin Canning, 25, of Oak Beach, N.Y., around 5 p.m. on Locust Street, Chief Michael Foligno said in a news release.
    He is charged with possession of about 20 bags of heroin, possession of drug paraphernalia and being under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance.

    • This one is just the usual Joey, i hate my neighbors crap… wants everyone to know Justin got in trouble, well there ya go joe, it’s up for all to see. Again, your neighbors son’s drug problem has nothing to do with shannans disapearance, i know you want to fit as many square pegs into that hole, well, do it, you are in contact with mari and her lawyer, get it all in to the courts, get everyone of your neighbors in court under oath and let’s hear what they have to say…

    • Isn’t it true you’re mad at the Cannings for not signing your ‘petition’ against the Hackets?? You know, the petition you wanted your TEAM to pass around?? Talk about intimidation..I guarantee, you watch every move the cannings make, then rat to cops, Cops you hate…Karma bitch…I bet you’re a paid snitch, ’cause you hate LE so much, LMAO…Yeah you’re all up in everyone shit aint ya….BAD MOJO

  2. Nice Deflection with the above story…Like dirt on neighbors means anything, god ur boring..We could remind everyone a million times your mother had a very public affair with Connie, but does that make her a killer?? WORD IS YOU DID A TON OF COKE, AND ARE A SLOPPY DRUNK, with a NASTY temper to boot, does that mean JS=LISK…hmmmmmm

    • yea, Fluke made 3 other comments, well really 2, because one is the same ting twice about the canning arrest… and the other isn’t even worth me speaking of. total lack of respect for anyone. What you would expect from our little fluke boy.

  3. Well, I am just ignoring whatever the fluke guy says. He reminds me of a spoiled child that throws temper tantrums when he doesn’t get his way.

  4. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. TC always liked to do a line or two and puff a bone with the beach kids, especially the young girls. The fact that all the “children” in the immediate vicinity of hackers house are all heroin addicts now due to the doc cutting them off from his pill mill is a concern if you live in the neighborhood. How many more young people have to wind up dead before the SCPD takes action. R AVERSANO’s blood is on j canning’s hands and he had the nerve to speak at the funeral – little did most people in attendance know the he was responsible. He’d had been selling him prescription drugs for years. The father/son combo has totaled three cars in two years nodding out at the wheel with no concern for human life – just want their next fix -scary!…He certainly has a lot to say about a woman he claims now to have never seen…. “That was the last time she was seen. We saw her footprints in the sand,” said Justin Canning, 20, who lives down the street.
    “She was in a panic. We thought she was on drugs.” No Justin —it was you and your dad on drugs that morning -SG was running for her life and completely aware that “the group” was going to kill her. CPH saw her “running sick and distressed…. right before he caught up to her and choked her to death.! You would think the canning’s would be upset that for some easy money they allowed this creep to ruin the kid life…. 25, a junkie, living with mommy and daddy, holding in the truth about LISK. He’s got a bright future! Smack selling gig is up….how long did he think he’d get away with leaving dope under the bricks at the guard house with an endless stream of addicts driving by to pick up and leaving the cash before the membership figured it out? They’re’s great video of the whole thing, I’m sure the DA in jersey will appreciate the help

    • alright i’ll let this through, but not cause it proves anything more than just how obsessed Joey is with his neighbors. Fluke you once said it was the JC kid who told you about Brewers party and all the neighbors who were there and were holding back the truth of what happened there that night. My question then and now is why would the canning son tell you anything when all you do is trash him and his family. again, any of you neighbors drug habbits dose not =LISK, that’s just bad Fluke math. Go on Fluke, trash the Cannings, the Colettis, the Hackets, the Paisleys, the Gambinos… am i leaving anyone out? All this trash talk on those neighbors who you just can’t stop gossiping about but never any substance or destination. and really, you know alot about the drug scene… just saying.

      • Its not like there isn’t a bunch of rumors and gossip about this fluke guy too. So, what”s the point he’s trying to make?

      • he loves to hit the cannings about drugs… he must really hate them. he goes off about them more than hackett or any of the rest. Sad how fixatted Joey is on the Cannings. Funny at one time I think Joey said the cannings were some of the people coming out against the Doc in the Mari lawsuit, I think he said it was the Cannings who said they heard the Doc say he saw Shannan that night… of course NO ONE has actually come out to say that but Joey. I’m all for unwrapping any lies or connections in Oak Beach, but they all come back to Joey. that’s not something i’m making up, it’s just FACT (remember that) I’m waiting for anyone to bring substance to this. So far…

    • never fails, Flukie Joey spits out some shit and that’s it… never answers any questions (like what was your first wife arrested for in Florida?) just puts out his stories with no colaborations or substance. Get with the program Joey… Bittrolff is the latest flavor, you need to start fitting him into the scene, or maybe you don’t want to do that. i ask agaim, did you ever meet or hang out with Bittrolff, Joey? Enquiring minds want to know.

    • man Joey, even though JC was arrested for drug possesion and you got something new to write about, you still go back to that “footprint” quotation. Man you are like a broken record that no longer can be listened to without irratation to my ears. I will say it one more time, old newspaper articles printed quotes and misquotes abound, people were saying so and so said this and it got printed, you know this, because you started a lot of those “so and so said this” quotes. No ones printying them now, right? facts are, only 2 people can be found for sure saying they saw Shannan that night after she left brewers, both called 911. EVERYTHING eles is hearsay and af=gain from what I’m told, most of that hearsay comes from you, but that’s just hearsay, lol.

  5. Dr. Michael Baden
    Dr. Michael Baden is the former Chief Medical Examiner of New York City and former chief forensic pathologist for the New York State Police. He has investigated more than 3,000 homicides, suicides and drug deaths. He has also investigated the deaths of President John F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Medgar Evers, Tsar Nicholas and Alexandra and the Romanov family, the recent airplane crash deaths of the President of Poland and 94 other Polish dignitaries, John Belushi, Christian Brando, O.J. Simpson and David Carradine.

    Dr. Baden has been a Fox News Contributor since 2003. He was the host for the HBO “Autopsy” series, a consultant for “Crossing Jordan,” author of many medical articles and has been a reviewer for the New England Journal of Medicine. He is the author of “Unnatural Death, Confessions of a Medical Examiner” and “Dead Reckoning, the New Science of Catching Killer.” Dr. Baden is married to attorney Linda Kenney Baden. He is a graduate of CCNY, NYU Medical School and Bellevue Hospital.

    The results of SG’s autopsy will be released publicly soon……the “LISK/CPH” will be quite interested to read the report – homicide/murder by strangulation with intent to hide the crime by removing what killer thought was the only forensic proof, her shattered hyoid bone. Fortunately for the good guys that wasn’t the only forensic evidence left by this animal. It’s very troubling that the SCPD did not want to allow an autopsy by a unbiased forensic pathologist. Her remains were examined and the results were conclusive —– MURDER!!!!!!!

    • Didn’t we discus all this. We all have our opponents onions of Dr Baden but everyone is glad to see the autopsy done and await more questions for everyone at oak beach, everyone. Yes we discussed this already, I’m starting to think fluke is a bird not a fish… a mima bird or a pirates parrot. Stuck on repeat.

      • Look joe read Newday, LMAO…He’s a nobody, a repetitive bore, shit he’s actually weeks behind on his news these days…Just a gossipy little girl…Total turnoff huh ladies…Pretty obvious why he has to buy wives, feel me?? Buy the way he calls his last ex from russia a pig whore, who should go back to the ‘shitpile’ she came from, nice guy huh?…ughhh…Has his mommy keep a close eye on them too…Hows your sis Joe, the one your ‘oddly’ close to?? trust me, this guys done a ton of coke according to his ‘friends’….If the apple doesnt fall far from the tree, are you having an affair??..shit word is that ain’t even your kid…Just rumors Joe, im sure there all just rumors…

      • I’m gonna put through his 2 comments, i was waiting tell after i showed them to sertain people. be ready to see Joey/Flukeyou in all his fucked up glory!

  6. To your point zero the hackers and canning’s have gone to great lengths to get these quotes retracted….guess what??? The media won’t do it because these individuals/criminals were stupid enough to talk to the reporters and make these statements. They quickly realized they should keep their mouths shut and have been in hiding ever since. Maybe you have no problem with a quack doc killing desperate women and turning your community into an opium den but it’s not going to fly at OB. You’re a smart guy, driving to another state to score some heroin is not something the avg person wakes up in the morning and does on a whim unless they have serious addiction issues. You’re a hot shot investigator, check out JC’s reputation in the town of Babylon – he’s a well known junkie/dirtbag that steals whatever he can to support his habit… His neighbor, a smart young kid with a promising future is dead because he started hanging out with this low life. Why choose to defend the indefensible? What’s your real interest in this case? SG dialled 911 fearing for her life and was then murdered – just another coincidence I guess. Get your facts straight – CPH made phone calls to multiple police departments the morning SG disappeared. If you’re so connected let’s hear which ones he called. You do realize there is no statue of limitation on murder and this will never go away.. CPH has been living a wonderful family life since SG went missing. Fleeing his home, destroying his daughters lives, and looking over his shoulder back in point lookout where he’s renting a shack. Karma’s a bitch and just getting started. Barbara Hacker wanted to live at OB till she died, fortunately most residents stopped buying into her BS. Everything comes full circle, she’s back in the place they had to flee in the late 80’s because of the good doc’s reputation. CPH = LISK …………… The truth doesn’t change and an innocent man has nothing to hide.

    • Why do you and Dorothy always want me to investigate people. There are those out there who’s job it is to do that, can’t you and Dot just stick to LE, PIs, and attorneys to help you prove all you say is truth. Why rely on a guy writing a blog from Las Vegas. And really I’m not sticking up for anyone, if I was, none of your slanderous comments would make it through, come on, aren’t you a smart guy too? can’t you see that. But my blog isn’t about your neighbors drug use, anyone wrapped up in heroin needs serious help and calling them dirt bags is not gonna help. I don’t know much about the drug, never was in that scene, but I would definitely recommend Nikki Sixx’s book The Heroin Diaries. That is my advice to someone with a drug addiction, that and get help, there is help out there. Again smart guy Joey, you do get what I’m saying here right. You do see where we are different and therefore your condescending comments only prove my points about your obsession with your neighbors, I’m still waiting for you to prove that any of them are serial killers.

      • I had a lot to say, but erased it. I’ll tell him same thing I tell my kids, if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. He’s a big part of the problem. Pointing fingers at drugs, screwed up families and whatever, doesn’t equal murder. The nonsense takes away from the real issue, justice for the victims. I can only imagine e what a clusterfuck these people have created for LE.

      • LMAO…I can’t get through a full sentence anymore, same shit, over and over and over…puhlease, talk to Dorothy Joe!! She hangs on every word you…

        God, even the newest members here see right through him…Everyone gets the exact same impression…Hysterical…Dont bother asking Joe questions, he has no answers, LMFAO…Its so awesome to see him so my how things have changed….haha!!

      • I wonder where dorothy is doing her talking nowadays? she beter make sure they are who they say they are… you never know who you may be talking to…

    • Wow. You really are obnoxious, aren’t ya? First of all, unless someone holds you down and sticks a needle in your arm, you can’t blame anyone else for becoming an addict. Its called personal responsibility, ever heard of that? I’ve got quite a bit more I’d like to say to you, but I’m not going to. Someone recently told me “when chasing monsters, be careful not to become a monster yourself”. Its advice worth heeding.

    • Lets dissect some of Joes ‘factual’ statements, shall we:

      ‘ TC always liked to do a line or two and puff a bone with the beach kids, especially the young girls. The fact that all the “children” in the immediate vicinity of hackers house are all heroin addicts now due to the doc cutting them off from his pill mill is a concern if you live in the neighborhood. ‘

      And YOU Joe were on the beach puffing joints ect too…More Joe BS!! NO way a Doc from LI is getting his whole (very small) community hooked on pills. The prescription pill problem is just too “hot” legally for anyone to touch that, not in their own neighborhood…He’d have addicts calling him night and day, literally banging on his door day and night..99 percent of doctors avoid prescribing to avoid relentless addicts…Surely someone’s parent would have complained, LE would have easily made a connection, along with the DEA, and BTW as ive asked before, and YOU IGNORE, WHY DIDNT YOU DO something, if it was ‘so reprehensible’..cause’ you’re full of shit, thats why

      ‘ CPH made phone calls to multiple police departments the morning SG disappeared. If you’re so connected let’s hear which ones he called.’

      Please provide your source/proof for this new info (like when you said Shannons body was found sitting up!), WHY DON’T YOU PROVIDE THE PRECINCTS if you’re so concerned and connected, asshole!! Think if you just state things repetitively, they become true??? Dick

      “-SG was running for her life and completely aware that “the group” was going to kill her”

      What “group” Joe, you’ve never named them, yet all other gossip spews from your mouth?? Nah, don’t provide THE facts that could solve this case, lol…. Please, the ONLY PEOPLE SHANNON WAS PROVEN TO BE RUNNING FROM WERE YOUR BUDDY BREWER and Pak..Two people you NEVER mention, no dirt on Brewer HUH?? ALL BS JOE. every word!! You NEVER answer Joe, yet you are THE CONNECTED, HOT SHOT INVESTIGATOR..LMFAO


      Bet ya hate me Joe, MUAH!

      • But I love ya! Of course everything Joey says is crap. And you pointed out his holes well here, and they are in all his stories. Hate away Joey, but the truth about you, what ever that is, the why about all the lies you have told, will come out. And the fact you can’t stay away from here when even Nancy has been able to go (Jen, MM7, Dorothy as well all somehow stay away now, but not you) only shows that you can’t help it, truth will come out.

    • Why don’t you ask Pete or Dorothy? You can rant about your neighbors to them, and they can do their whole “the police are in on it” to you.

      • Donna,

        I shook my head when I read that comment. In most cases, 911 calls by victims aren’t released. The tapes tend to lose value as evidence when they are played ad nauseum by media. Perhaps SC is protecting evidence. Maybe it’s just me, but it makes sense why they are keeping the tape under wraps.


      • my only question to why it wasn’treleased, is that they ruled the death as an accidental drowning, so why would the 911 need to be kept from the families or the public. the answer to that question may mean that they do not truly feel shannans death was an acident. Just thinking out loud here. but since the 911 call is wanted to be heard by so many, and it is not evidence in a murder investigation, it would be released, right?

      • I don’t believe for a second the FBI will think her death was an accident. The manner of death is listed accident, but I think they are still working on Shannan’s case. If the FBI is involved, they will view her death under a microscope.

      • see that would make sense to me too, I tend to think the same way, one of the reasons I feel so strongly about some of these sleuthers and mental cases going at the case the way they do.

      • Best part is, those of us that have built a bond and trust, decided long ago to do our homework and research..This done for fear of our families safety, legal reasons, and so we are completely prepared to fire back, IF NEEDED…And man, what we have discovered over the years…Yet we haven’t ever had to play hard ball, joe and ex team are so transparent, so EASY, we haven’t even had to play wiffle ball!! Just wait fuckers, lol, just wait.
        ALL will be revealed in good time, as we PROTECT our sources fiercely!

  7. I hear ya. They don’t think that way though, We see Dorothy always talking about the dna evidence she has. As if there is no chain of custody for that. You have to deal with them like children. They say what they want, then cover their ears and say “na na na I cant hear you” when you point truths out to them.

    • Zero, they may have good reason. Ive seen lots of cases where things just don’t make sense until after its solved. For all we know, it might make the victim look bad in some peoples eyes. Might cause less sympathy, I just don’t know. But some of the comments Ive read on forums on LI showed people with a “oh just another dead hooker” mentality.

      • yes, I read those comments all over stories like these… well god forbid it happens to someone they know or love, they may just change their opinion. As I said in the posts, these cases are as important as any other, the victims are people not prostitutes.

      • JMO….Donna, Ive said it before, and ill say it again…Joe is exactly the type of person who puts down hookers…He’s insulted so many for their lack of education, class, town their from ect…Hes a total elitist…Thats why one has to ask oneself WHY IS JOE SO OBSESSED WITH SHANNON…Go and ask his neighbors what THEY THINK OF HIM…He looks down on everyone..Shit, he never EVER mentions the other victims…HIS OBSESSION WITH SHANNON IS DOWNRIGHT SCARY….Dozens of people have commented on this!! When he sees his obsession is becoming increasingly obvious, he’ll blurt something out about one of the other victims, but only when he realizes he’s losing his grip!! Fucking creepy!

    • Thank you! I’m glad to be here.

      I don’t understand how the zealots don’t see that they are not helping get justice for the victims. At the least, they are wasting LE’s time, at the most, they are hindering the investigation. It’s way past time they put their petty grudges aside and stop their nonsense. This is a case that has potential to have many more victims. Those deaths are on the heads of those harming this investigation.

      If Joey’s agenda for Hackett being guilty is a family fued, then he’s a narcissistic sociopath. This is not the Hatfields and the McCoys. This is not about him. I think he wasn’t spanked as a child and got awards for participation.

      • With all due respect, and i dO mean respect..Joe’s not a zealot, he a mentally ill, angry, jealous man,,,Afraid of woman, and consumed with jealousy toward other men…Real sad shit..Must be real loud in his head…sick baby! Damn right he’s a sociopath, this wouldn’t be the first time he mocks the deceased..he did it to a 47 yr old friend of mine who died unexpectedly..a total stranger to Joe, but he was still intimidated, even by a dead man…twisted guy! he said my friend was ‘probably just like canning”…hello?? WTF does that even mean….WOW

  8. BTW, no one knows what joes agenda is?? No clue…If the doc is guilty, the doc is guilty…We ask for facts, Joe just spews rumors about his neighbors. PERIOD. He’s literally arguing with himself??????? Nothing joe says about doc is impartial however, his family and the Hackets have been feuding for years!! He’s super controlling and OBSESSED, and as Donna said, a tantrum thrower if he’s challenged, no impulse control what so ever. The author of Lost Girls, a complete stranger to us, got the exact same impression!!!….It really is sick, truly.

    • I laughed when reading what Donna wrote about the tantrum throwing Flukie… she hasn’r seen all we have or heard what others who know him have to say, but we do, and she pegged him.

    • As far as I am aware, I don’t think Zero, Linda or I have ever stated a name as to who the killer is. I don’t think either have ever said Hackett was innocent or guilty. It could be anybody, even someone who we aren’t even aware of. So why is fluke so hellbent on convincing people of something nobody has ever disputed? Sure it could be Hackett or Bittrolff or even fluke himself. Really all that matters is that whoever did it gets caught, the girls and the people that loved them have their justice, and no one else suffers at his hands. Ive been reading here since July, and do you know what Ive seen in that time? People wanting their theories to be right, harassing anyone that doesn’t agree with them and twisting facts to make them fit what they want to believe. How in any way is that helping to find justice for Shannan or anybody else? So Fluke, if you cant act like a decent human being, go away. Don”t keep coming back to a place where nobody wants to hear your rumors and gossip.

      • As far as I am aware, I don’t think Zero, Linda or I have ever stated a name as to who the killer is.

        EXACTLY RIGHT!! He’s hellbent on convincing people who have no POI, just want facts, of which joe has NONE…SO, again I say WHY…Why so OBSESSED with US and our opinions?? and why so OBSESSED with Hackett and SHANNON only..

        Think about it…He’s the one with an AGENDA..WHY?

      • This is something I have questioned about many here for a long time. Why so many are worried about what I think or write or what this blog and it’s few commenters have to say. So many come tell us how fucked up we are and leave, while key people in a false accusation internet campaign of massive proportions (creating false stories that become nation wide ideas, speaking of J Biset here, but other things as well, involved right up to the lawsuit against Hackett, which again no one here is saying is a bad thing, just want to see what if anything comes out of it, if it is to get people to talk or go on record, let’s let them do it,) where was I? Oh yea, these people who have been involved in this stuff since the beginning can’t stay away and have become obsessed with me the way they feel I am with them ( and I’ll accept that). Why have so many come to me and talked so freely and others try so hard to lead me with things like screen names from utopia guide, why did mm7 give me her blog, I mean the list goes on and on. The obvious answer is there is something to the things I have brought up. Otherwise everyone goes away and I write about other things. This isn’t one person explained away as simple obsession or mental issues, the list is long and it connects to many along the way, it isn’t just a case of feuding neighbors, it isn’t just sleuths connecting anything they can, it isn’t just misinformation being thrown onto the internet for agendas and self importance, it’s all these things and more, and yes the possibility that some one is using all this to help cover something is always there as well. There are reasons why I have become “obsessed” with all of you, wanting to know the truth behind all of this… ALL of it.( AMD and Nerd, I so want to know more about you 2 and why you got involved the way you did. Just curiosity really, but yes I often find myself wondering about you 2) anyways it’s understandable that I am so into all of you… but why are so many of you so in to me? Lol

      • I hope that dissent sound ungrateful. I appreciate every reader and every commenter, I’ve said that before and meant it. Love my blog, hate it, think I’m a hero, call me a villain, it’s all good, just keep reading!

      • One of the Sandy Hook denier zealots got arrested and is being held on $50,000 bail. Why? Harassment! You see there are laws against that sort of thing. Some people better be careful with all the phone calls they make! Lol

      • The worst atrocities in this world are done in the name of someone’s beliefs. It’s the cause they choose to champion that’s different and how far they’re willing to take it.

      • I said it before and I’ll say it again, my readers get it and you leave some great comments. Again thank you for being a part of what ever it is we are doing here.

      • Zero, Im into you because you cleared my name, you love music (em <3, lol), have ythe balls to call it like it is!!…And most of all because you're kind, funny and accept me as as i am…TY brotha!! Oh yeah, also because i made a few beautiful, genuine friends….<3

      • Much love and respect to you Linda, you showed me early on not be quick to judge things on the internet, many are not what they seem, and what looks like what might be going on May be quite the opposite. You are an inspiration to me and others who read here. Be proud of that!

    • Donna honey, joe has literally hit rock bottom..It brings me actual joy, cause there was once a time his arrogant shit, games and lies were everywhere…Zero knocked him off his high horse, and he literally never recovered!! CAN’T post anywhere else..He knows when he comes here, we simply laugh at him..But he MUST talk, he has no filter, no self control..As observed by the author of Lost Girls..his mommy had to literally correct him (shut him up) in front of a room full of strangers!! I swear, reading that was worth the price of admission, trust me..His two seconds of fame made him look nuts 🙂

      Normal people would die of embarrassment, when they’ve been busted pretending
      to be different screen names, just to have allies…Hes a pathetic joke, I LOVE IT!! His credibility is shot FOREVER, hee hee, its great…he fell so damn hard, haha!

      Love you too Ms D, you’re a Godsend sister!

  9. I know the answer to their obsession. Don’t you worry, fluke. I’m not gonna spill your secrets out here for the world to see, I’m not like you. Youre doing just fine at digging your own grave.

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