Kate Carter Part 2

Alright, that’s enough of the Kate/Dorothy Messages for now. But there are 333 snips (really there are, I don’t make this 3 thing up, three is a magic number), so you never know when one might pop up.

It may just be some of her rants and ramblings, like this:

k8 dph222

Or maybe it will be about her political “friends” like this:

k8 dph310

Or her celebrity “friends”:

k8 dph178

Or her mom:

k8 dph81

Or maybe it will be about Dorothy’s lost loves, like this one:

k8 dph286

Some will tell stories like these:

k8 dph34

k8 dph35

k8 dph36

k8 dph37

k8 dph207

k8 dph217

Some just go on about her favorite subject:

k8 dph284

k8 dph285

(I should have had a warning about having barf bags near by while reading.) (LOL!)

Of course there is lots of stuff on my favorite subject:

k8 dph277

k8 dph182

k8 dph185

I have tears in my eyes right now. Some good stuff there in that Dogshit! Funny, funny stuff, though also very, very sad.

Oh well, whatcha gonna do?

I’ll leave you with my favorite part of the whole Kate/Dorothy conversation, it’s a song dedication from Dorothy to Zero. And it is awesome! It was nice to get a song dedication from her, since I dedicated so many to Dorothy over the last couple years, you’re gonna love this:

k8 dph298

k8 dph299

Such vile language,Dorothy.  LMFAO! Man, I love this sooooooooo much!

But guess what Dorothy, you are gonna take it… because I’m that dead horse beater like no other.

And every time I decide to come back to this wicked dead horse and give it a beating…

You’re gonna take it.

46 thoughts on “Kate Carter Part 2

  1. Oh man Z, this stuff is just, just so heesterical!! You made the perfect ass kisser, lemming!! She really DOES sound like our Nan?? Im thinkin of makin a calender of Goofy quotes, something to replace the one i have on “Bush” (good stuff)!!

    You rock!

    Suck a lemon??!! Lmfao!

  2. LMAO yep, in Dots world, there is never a morning. It just disappears into oblivion, a place she knows too well. Can you imagine what it would be like if she really was contacting them and others in LE??? These Kate and Dot convos are hysterical!!! She is sooo much crazier than I thought LOL

    Hiya Linda!!!!

    • LMAO… is this sarcasm? I’m usually good at knowing, but sometimes online it’s hard to tell. I really hope it is… because if Dorothy is just now connecting Twisted Sister to Long Island… well, then that explains a lot. And lets not forget I posted Twisted Sister Christmas songs 3 months ago… so hopefully I get credit for bringing them up first. LOL. I think I mentioned, Stay Hungary was one of my favorite records. My 8th grade girlfriend gave it to me for Christmas. But A friend then played me Shout At The Devil… And it was like Twisted Who? Nikki and the boys were it from that moment on. But enough about Twisted Sister… what really brings you here?

      • Yes, I was being my sarcastic self. I have commented on your old blog a while ago, as you mentioned, I did comment there today. I appreciate your response. I read CK’s blog for a while. Being a former LI girl, I can’t let this case go. I’m not talking about the drama bullshit of the blogs, I’m talking about the brutal murder of the women, man and child. No one deserves to die like that and no one held responsible.

        I have been reading a book about internet serial killers. It sparked my interest in LISK again since I haven’t heard anything in a while. It led me here. I spent hours today reading here. I’m laid up in bed, it kept me entertained.

        I have no agenda. I’m interested in seeing justice, not pointing fingers. I like the vibe here. You’re a Walking Dead fan, you had me at that.

        I hope it’s OK if I post once in a while.

      • I knew it was sarcasm!!! LOL! You commented here before? I’ll have to check. I did notice you had been reading my blogs, even the Devil’s Advocate, lately. I really did agree with your comment on the blog. I was a little confused because Dorothy posted being part of this Child’s Rights FB page and it “LIKED” my post today followed by 8 other child right type FB pages liking it, so your screen name here made me think there was connections… lol, but please comment any time, I love when readers comment, good or bad, but especially love any praise, it’s the narcisist in me, lol. And yes, I’m a BIG WALKING DEAD FAN!!! Last week was rough… I guess everyone still hates chris. Sorry for the funky spoiler if you didn’t watch last week… but man that was messed up!

      • I’m older than you Zero. I went to the same high school as Dee. I’m a few years younger. I remember him playing. He was a lot of fun. I wasn’t a friend, just a fan in the audience. He’s a hometown boy.

        Nikki Sixx is cool. He’s hilarious.

      • I wrote about the Summer of 84 before, it was a big summer for me… it’s where I first saw the name zero and it’s when i first saw a video from Twisted Sister (same one Dorothy dedicated of course) It was my next step in Music, and led me to Ratt and Crue and so many other cool 80’s pop metal bands, 84 was a great time for music and movies! and Stay Hungry will always be one of my favorite albums, and yes Dee is really cool. Nice guy, great band!

      • yea, i was confused at first, but I really think they were being sarcastic… we’ll have to wait and see though. CA1, believe it or not, i had been wondering about you for a little while now. So I’m glad you finally decided to comment. Please feel free to jump in at anytime, I’d love to hear what you have to say…

  3. Oh..I was just thinkin out loud, not responding to anything in general..IM SURE CA1 is just a concerned citizen…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………Christian like 😉

      • just don’t thump any bibles here, I get touchy with all that stuff… and Sonof Man has wiped me out on bible study for a little while, lol.

    • Linda

      I read here for hours yesterday. I understand your hesitance. You don’t have to trust me, I’m cool with that. Time will tell I’m not part of the craziness. I avoid that. I don’t know Dorothy, never heard of her before yesterday, have ZERO desire to get to know her (see what I did there????).


      Definitely not a bible thumper. I won’t preach to anyone and would appreciate not being preached to. I already know I don’t go to church often enough. Although that’s subjective. Once every few years is a lot for some people.

    • Thank you! I read her PM’s with “Kate” and I alternated between laughing and then wondering if she believes the stuff she says. If she calls the FBI as often as she claims, I guarantee they are alarmed at her conspiracy theories and stopped taking calls. It’s sad to need that kind of attention from strangers.

  4. Dare I get my hopes up that this is a real live normal person? I’m pretty sure Dorothy and her friends can’t think that rationally. And Dorothy would crucify anyone that doesn’t think she’s gods gift to victims.

    • Had to delete a few comments, lol. You are right Donna, CA1 is way to rational to be Dorothy, lol. I have a few questions, like what was commented here before, because i can find no comments made before today… but they seem like they are who they say they are, we’ll see if they stick around even though I’m so paranoid about newbies. it’s not like people don’t give me reasons… (waving at SOM)

      • I’m pretty sure my family would disagree with the “normal” and “rational”, but that’s another story. I’m sarcastic and have a dry sense of humor.

        I answered your email Zero. I answered your questions and then some. My interest in this case is sincere. I grew up on Long Island and these murders need to be solved. I don’t have any crazy conspiracy theories, I think it was one man. Bitroloff intrigues me because if the rumor that one of the victims body parts were found in Manorville and GB, we have hope this will be solved. Also the fact that he was found because of his brother’s DNA is incredible. Would he have continued killing? Probably. Not too many serial killers like BTK take a long break. Is there another dumping ground LE hasn’t found yet? I’m waiting to hear more.

      • I answered you as well… as i said, glad to have you reading, and even happier you decided to comment, especially since you read at “Catching LISK” as well. Your thoughts and views on any thing regarding all this are much apreciated…

      • yes, it’s all opinions here… that’s why we all are still around, we get that, lol. But the internet is a place where The Illuminati is real and Sandy Hook is a haox… so many out there twisting opinions to facts and delusions to reality… but opinions… those are always a good thing, and we all know opinions can change, and be changed… so, ya opinions! Boo people who twist them to facts. Time tells us how much our opinions are worth, and time has shown your opinions way above average Linda!

      • CA1, Zero questioned all of us, lol…But what ends up happening here, is you have only good intentioned people, who are truly interested/concerned in sharing ideas and seeing these horrific crimes solved…Its good stuff!

      • Yes welcome CA1..Any opinions, theories ect, are the very thing that will keep interest in this case alive..
        Try to understand our initial skepticism, as we have all been victims of libel and cyber stalking, PARTICULARLY by Dorothy Price Hill. Including but not limited to: Outrageous disgusting lies, accused of being involved in crime, had our jobs called, FB friends contacted and harassed, even has gone so far as posting full names of our children…She’s a deranged, evil woman, who has actually hurt the case, by spreading completely unsubstantiated rumors, directed at the family of the victims themselves.

      • Thank you Linda. I’ve been in a crazy situation as well. The internet has it’s share of “zealots” that cause problems. They feed on drama. I don’t have the time or inclination to be a part of that.

        I don’t mind the questions. I have kids, so I have pretty tough skin. I’m pretty open.

        This case is one of the ones that got under my skin and won’t let go. The victims deserve justice.

      • CA1, I believe we can all relate to this case getting under ones skin, glad your here, you’re in a safe place, but, oh man to get here…wow! Its been some crazy road, but well worth the trip 🙂

  5. I’m glad you’re here CA1. I look forward to hearing your opinions and thoughts on the case. I enjoy getting new perspectives on things.

  6. I was wondering around the internet today. I rewatched the 48 Hours episode on the victims of LISK and an A&E special on Joel Rifkin. Riftin was interviewed my a retired FFBI profiler. It was fascinating. He is a psychopath/sociopath, he knew killing was wrong, his need based desire was more important. He would not have stopped. He relives the murders like a movie in his mind. He read about the Green River Killer, realized there were more people like him. He said it wasn’t that he admired Gary Ridgeway, it was a how-to book for him. If you haven’t seen it, watch. JR is scary.

    It got me thinking. He hasn’t stopped, unless he’s in prison or dead. So where is he? He had a type. All the identified girls are similar in appearance. Have they found bodies fitting that description anywhere else? Why hasn’t the FBI taken over this case? Politics? Screw that! I’m sick of these girls being called prostitute/escort/hooker, they are people who deserve justice. If it was some pretty North Shore girl, this would have been solved.

    I know some people think this guy has LE experience, but I don’t think so. We know this guy is somewhat tech able all he has to do is look it all up, like he follows articles on him. Read books like Joel Rifkin. Watch TV shows like Criminal Minds (one of my favorite shows), A&E or any other crime show. Nothing he did was new.

    I have a lot more to day, but I’ve bored you enough

      • I was hoping so. I know they developed a profile and did the forensic work on Diaz’s computer, but I couldn’t find anything that said they were called in by SCPD.

      • Yes, I struggled with verifying this..I have faith in the people who told me this..but darn if i can’t find one article confirming this…Frustrating…It seems unimaginable that they wouldn’t be involved?? But at this point, regarding this case, nothing would shock me!

  7. I have a question. Why hasn’t LE released more information about this case? Why haven’t they produced pictures of what they think ALL of the victims look like? Especially the mother and child?!

    • Excellent question!! Particularly since as far as I know, knowing the victim is like step one of any investigation, right??

      • Victimology 101. Identify victim, interview family and friends.. They can recreate the face of the victims. I would think the mother and toddler would generate clues. All the victims deserve to be laid to rest with dignity and respect.

  8. Hey CA1. You mentioned you were from LI. I grew up in Deer Park. I was wondering if you were from anywhere I know.

  9. The only bakery i can think of is Cream Puff. Its been a few years since ive been back, but i hear theres been a lot of changes.

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