Howard Stern Vs Madonna

I’ve been listening to Howard quite a bit lately and was lucky enough to hear 3 of the greatest interviews done on the show or anywhere else. The first one was with Gwyneth Paltrow, the second was with Conan O’ Brien, and the third was just the other day with Madonna. I want to talk a little bit about that interview, but first have to mention the loss of both my favorite Wack Packer and my favorite Super Fan.

Eric “The Actor” passed away last fall, he had become my favorite wack packer on the show and his constant threats of never calling back in were some of the funniest stuff on the newer years. I laughed my ass off when Eric was on the show and will miss him dearly as I’m sure many others will as well.

Last week, co-creator of The Simpsons and Howard Stern Super Fan, Sam Simon died after a long fight with cancer. If you don’t know who Sam Simon is, google him and read about him, the man was an inspiration and will also be missed by so many people.

I had just heard Sam on the HS Wrap Up Show, joking about how he should have been dead long ago and had hoped he would keep on defying the odds.

Their deaths are a loss to the show, a loss to the world, and a loss to all who knew and loved them.

Now on to the Madonna interview…

The interview aired twice, once in the afternoon last Wednesday and again in the morning on Thursday. I listened to it the first day and it was a strange day on Howard all around. Everyone was out of whack due to starting the show so late in the day… and most of the show just seemed to be waiting for that moment for Madonna to arrive… lots of music played before coming back from commercials made the whole show seem to just float on by with not much going on, as if everyone was just waiting for Madonna. And they were.

Which remember, I’m an 80’s kid… perhaps, THE 80’s kid… so I got it, I listened in and waited myself.

Howard played some songs off the new Madonna album to get ready, and in fact seemed to genuinely like the album, from what I heard, I did too.

I’m not gonna get too much into the interview, there are places to read all that kind of stuff and really, just go listen to the interview, as well as the Conan one, man, that was a great interview… there are places to hear them, right? Plus I’m guessing most of my readers are Howard listeners, so no need to go over the interview too much other than to say they needed more time! I mean this was 20 years in the making and only scratched the surface of what they could have talked about.

Howard himself knew this, and had said early on in the show, that no mater how much time they had it would not be enough, he had so much he wanted to talk to her about.

They ended up with about an hour and a half and most of it was good stuff, but remember this is Howard and Madonna, the King and Queen of all medias coming together for the first time.  They took some feeling out time, and as interesting as it was to see (hear) them be coy and skirt around each other, there was lots of stuff to get to!

But they had to feel each other out… and the interview was very much the 2 of them feeling each other out… both giving a little at times, taking at others, back n forth (in a good way) slowly getting through to a very engaging interview. Just not enough time to get to it all.

Which reminds me, when Madonna finally got there, they had microphone problems. Normally I love when this happens, I should have been cracking up as Scott and Gary stumbled over getting a mic up and working, but I just yelled at the radio, “Damn it, there’s not enough time for this shit!”


In the end both Howard and Madonna delivered. And when the time came for Madonna to go, Garry coming in to ask if they could go to commercial so they could get pictures as Howard tried to close out the show with a Madonna song and get to the off air meet and greet, was just more of how the whole show was just about Madonna and everything else on it was back ground noise.

A rare and fun Howard Stern show.

35 thoughts on “Howard Stern Vs Madonna

  1. Sigh…Great memories!! I used to call Howard God, and still do respect him that much!! Love Madonna too, she’s definitely a role model…Ill have to youtube the interview before i declare a winner, but i bet it was close!! While you’re talking about Howard Stern staff that are no longer with us: My hats off to Arty Lang, Scott the engineers replacement, a comedic genius, and a sad ending..TY so much for the laughs..Got me through some painful times…RESPECT!!

  2. Officers arrested Justin Canning, 25, of Oak Beach, N.Y., around 5 p.m. on Locust Street, Chief Michael Foligno said in a news release.
    He is charged with possession of about 20 bags of heroin, possession of drug paraphernalia and being under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance.

  3. Gus Colletti, one of the last people to see Shannan alive is now dead……tragedy! He passed only a few days after SG was buried. Karma’s a bitch

    • This is where you really show us the real Joey… not a care for anyone else loss or tragedy. From what I have heard about Gus, he was a good man, and had nothing to do with any of this other than calling 911 and trying to get Shannan help. Joey has told lies about Gus and the other niegbors for years now, but to mock his death is just another step too far in the many, many steps Joey has gone far past the steps of any honest, caring human being. Fuck you Joey, you will one day understand the true meaning of Karma. RIP Gus!

    • Look how bad this pathetic prick dies for attention…Cursing the deceased, nothing new for joe…karma IS a bitch, keep that in mind..Think about it when youre all alone, looking in the mirror…You’re an abomination, and no one, and i mean no one, will ever show u empathy,in fact, people think you went cra cra..particularly the wives you pay for and ultimately lose…You almost beat Gus up, tried to run him over, You’re an embarrassment to old school Italians, …bet you’d never stand up to a Real man, one thats not sick and elderly, lol, beat up you ex’s dog too, real tough guy!..pussy..God ur such a girl..gag me man..Another fine example of a christian, no wonder you and jen get along…pigs

      R.I.P Gus

      • Man i wish PS149 would re emerge, he has the footage from channel 12 News of when JS tried to run Gus over..pussyboy

      • I had reached out to the real PS149 long ago, i still believe the PS149 on Websleutths was the one on who had credible info and called out Joey and MM7. In fact I’m 99% sure the PS149 (real one) asked Fieldnotes about MM7 interview with him and Fieldnotes told him it never happened just as PS149 said in posts. The PS149 on was not playing games or spreading misinfo. Now after that others, including NERD and possibly Jen (sorry but some, like myself have wondered) pretended to be PS149 and that is where it gets confusing. All that being said, PS149 is still on Websleauths and I did long ago reach out to them, still havent heard back once I gave sent them a link to my blogs. And it too bad, cause I think they did a great job getting through Joey’s agenda and BS. I would have loved to talk to them. And i would love to see that clip… so if any one has it please post it or email it or something. THANKS!

      • Sigh, whoever he is, he was right on point, ALWAYS provided links to back up his words..Still true today, all proven…Yes, ‘Him’ and TCTH always calling Joe out…Relentlessly, and alone..Till Zero the HERO!!!

      • Zero, if you send him another message, please tell him Linda says hi and TY for his efforts to uncover disgusting acts!! He explained so much, no BS comment and run, really put research in, he cared! Lengthy comments, explaining Joe(and team) motives, past history (years before LISK case), always able to back it all up, Joe looked so damn stupid, and evil….. Much respect PS149!

  4. It is a tragedy ….. Was looking forward to him going to jail for obstructing a homicide investigation by providing false and misleading statements. It was just a matter of time before one of the Canning’s got busted…..wasn’t long before he killed himself or someone else passing out at the wheel. Karma – dead on Zero, look at all ur OB buddies lives pre/post SG. Not to mention 2 dead young men and a junkie who all got hooked by the OB candy man. 10-15k hacker would offer to be your doc for life, just give him a call and he’d write s script for anything. How much longer is a lady like Eleanor going to keep lying for the creep that ruined her sons life and has gotten her family into a situation that there only choice is moving.

    • Good question Joey, how long are all your neighbours going to keep lying and covering up their evil deeds. how bad do their lives have to get before they realize they need to come clean with what they know. There is that what you want Junior? let’s take it further, shall we?
      If only there was at least one neighbor to come forward to police and stop this… wait, you did didn’t you Joe? Why aren’t they listening to you and arresting everyone for obstruction?

    • Oh and Joe, be careful coming back here with the same old rumors, because I’ve heard some of the new rumors, and they have Bittrolff in your neighborhood, again I’ll ask, did ya know him Fluke? How bout Brewer, are the rumors about you 2 true?. And you talk about drugs a lot, you must know there are rumors about you and drugs as well. Just wanted to warn ya before you go on about the same old go nowhere stuff… I mean, I can’t stop ya, but I can’t stop anyone else either. Got me? Sure ya do.

      • Oh my, NEVER bring up Brewer to Joe…But we did..and oh joe, you’re quite the hypocrite…I wonder if any of your buddies are turning on you?? Just rumors, right puss..LMAO

      • Joey can’t even respect Madonna and Howard Stern. He could have kept his rant on the any last words post, but no, he had to bring it here… lmfao. Just playing Joey, bring it where ever you want, in fact get it all out, put it all together for me, stop the riddles like Jen or the slander like Dorothy or the lies like MM7… put it all down and show me the big picture. Make me believe.

      • April 19, 2015 at 11:30 am
        Joey can’t even respect Madonna and Howard Stern. He could have kept his rant on the any last words post, but no, he had to bring it here…

        My thoughts exactly, as usual!! Such a dick, sigh…BTW, me and Ms D were reading each others minds last nite, lol, Word for word, same exact comments, at exactly the same time!! freaky!! just wow bob wow!

    • Hee Hee, Joe is hysterical when he call his neighbors “your oak beach buddies”…Smell his desperation, His head is exploding with jealousy. God you’re easy joe…dont you know you bit the bait(our bait, hee) again…LOL, more predictable than ever huh Z??
      What a girly boy 🙂

      • Lol, yep. As soon as he got back, just like we thought. He sure does go to Florida a lot. I doubt he’ll stick around long. And how bout that nancy? I know she brings it all on herself, but still I wish she could find what she was looking for that way she could get on with some sort of life and leave people alone on the internet,but that’s a 2 way street and I still feel there are some out there playing games with Nan even though they know how fragile her state is, speaking of Dorothy, nothing at all from her, I guess Kate really messed with her trust, by the way, I found where I made the mistake with Kate and Doroty’s friend was right, I totally left a clue in the form of a mistake and Dorothy should have known, lol.sorry off topic. Still Dorothy is doing a good job staying away, like Jen and MM7. I’d say good for her, but I know she’s still out there doing her part in this mess. I’m rambling to much in the comments lately, I need to do a post. Well any way, yes, Joey is way predictable and very repetitive, is that kinda like the same thing? They are definitely connected

      • Re nan: I feel the same (Try and imagine how i felt seeing my sons pic on her FB claiming he’s her son that i kidnapped, how would that sit with any parent here), but as you know, ain’t NOBODY gonna change unless they want to. This is fact my dear, kind friend…And dangerous is dangerous…She’s been forced to clean up her act on FB, I can live with that…I would want YOU to do the same if this were ME…I mean that..Never allow me to become that sick, please.

        RE DOPEY DOT: She’s missed more clues than I can count, its really due to laziness…As you know, I revealed quite a bit of my own Private info waaaaay back, before you even liked me, am i right?? Open book from the start (then it became my MO, hee hee)…They ALL could have ran with it at the time, but due to the fact they only read/hear what they want, Im secure it’ll never get seen, not that i care, it’s there to help others

        You’re a GOOD man, please stop torturing yourself..please Zero

  5. I have a question for you flukeyou. this lying and obstruction of justice…what were the lies that you allege gus told, and how would you know he was lying? curiosity killed the cat… so please answer. I know you are back and on the prowl. how odd that a mother and teenage daughter are missing as soon as joey is back in town. the irony……..

    • Welcome back TCTH, I saw that myself, disappeared from Manhattan?? Yes, welcome back my friend!! Puss boy will never answer your questions..’cause he’s a pussy, and a lair…Good to know you’re still not letting him get AWAY WITH HIS LIES THOUGH..haha!

      • He skirts around real info like that because it dosen’t fit his agenda… wait, hey DJ, your letting the record skip, letting ther record skip, letting the record skip

      • Stuck on stupid!! I pray thats all it is, we need to talk about some stuff, Lightbulbs turning on and I always get sidetracked….

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