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I know we are only half way through this second year of Zero’s World, but I’m already looking to the next year. In case anyone else is interested in what is in the future for Zero’s World, expect a lot more religion and politics, after all it is an election year. Yes, this place will be getting on the campaign trail with #2016ElectionCoverage. Which, let’s face it, the campaign trail has already started, hence me mentioning it now so we aren’t playing catch up later on. So expect Zero’s World 2016 hashtag ongoing storyline (you guys get what that is right, like when X-Files had different MOTW (monsters of the week) but the ongoing storyline was aliens and Mulder’s chase to find out what happened to his sister, that’s what my hashtags are each year, an ongoing storyline for the season, by the way did you hear that they are bringing X-Files back?!? That’s 2 of my all time favorite shows now coming back, life is good) to come early. Wait a second, was that a parenthesis in a parenthesis? Why do you guys let me get away with that stuff.

Anyways, #WorldsCollide is still in effect and colliding at a sometimes, hourly rate. I want to clear up some posts in the closet (some have been in there, way too long) and give some kind of closure to some of the things I brought up this year (Quiet Pills and other fun stuff) plus I really want to try something different. Something I have talked with some of you out there about before.

I want to do some interviews. (Meaning, I want to interview people, not that I want to be interviewed) With whom, you may ask, well just about anyone this blog has been about or affected in any way. Readers, commenters, and of course the subjects.

Here’s a list of some of the top people I would like to interview:

Joey “Flukeyou” Scalise

Doctor Hackett

The Drifter

Joseph Brewer



The Facebook John/Jane Doe Guy (where’d ya go?)

Fielnotes (a real interview, not a made up one)



Nancy and any of her friends or relatives or ex

DPH and any of her friends or relatives or exes





Anyone at Radionewz

and the list goes on…

I know what you are thinking, why would anyone do an interview with you? Good question, and honestly I don’t know if anyone would. But I think I would be a good interviewer and would like to try it. I’d be down with a Skype interview,or a phone interview, or even a  Facebook or Twitter one, in fact I think a Twitter interview would be a neat idea.

And I’m not looking to expose people who have done a good job of staying anonymous, so any Websleuther or old reader, you are on the list and you don’t have to use anything other than your known screen name (yes NERD that goes for you too!)

Just a thought, don’t know if it will go anywhere, but I’d really like to do this, so hit me up if anyone is game. Private message me at Zero’s World Facebook or Email me at


Here we are, 4:20 on 4/20, what should we talk about?

Well today is a well-known holiday for pot smokers. I know this because every news station I turn to today is saying so. LOL, what a difference a year makes.

Anyways, yes, today has become a traditional holiday for pot heads everywhere, I once wrote a post on the whole thing, I don’t think that was here though, I think that was on the old MySpace blog. To bad that’s gone, I could just post a link right here that would show what I wrote on the subject, Oh well, it was a really cool read on how 4-20 came about. Maybe next year I’ll rewrite it here. Here’s a couple of links on the subjects I wrote about:

Today though, I want to talk about the other traditions this time of the year and the tragic anniversaries that have come from them.

First off we have Hitler’s birthday:


Yea, that alone is enough not to celebrate this day. And of course there is Columbine:

There was the BP oil spill:

Yes, today has a few bad anniversaries.

And it seems there has long been a tradition of attacks on America this time of year:

Some of these tragic events were planned out purposely on the same day to mark the anniversaries of the other ones, leading back to what happened in the Waco siege which ended April 19th, 1993:

Plus April 19th is Patriots Day:

But for what ever reason, this week of April can be a painful one to remember and a scary one to wait through each year…

Thank God those stoners picked today to get high, celebrate, and enjoy life a little.

Sorry if I killed anyone’s buzz.

Click on these for more 4-20 events:

HAPPY 4-20!

1 Vegas Mystery, 2 Utah Tragedies

The last Vegas area story I came across while chasing the murdered girls in my Lost Girls In Las Vegas post was about a man from Utah who went missing in Henderson, Nevada.

I read this and was interested because…

A. I know the area in which Steven disappeared and…

B. There seemed to be a lot going on in this story… the kind that make for good internet chasing.

There are actually 2 stories here… the mysterious disappearance of Steven Koecher and the very sad story of Susan Powell. When I was done chasing both stories I realized I had seen the end of the Susan Powell story on the news. Very upsetting. Although these 2 disappearances were linked, there seems to be no real connections, so let’s take each story separately.

Now if you chase this story around on the internet in articles, blogs, and comments you will see there are lots of ideas out there to what happened:

My chasing even lead me to Websleuths (as most of my chases do):

Now there are lots of questions about what happened to Steven and even more questions about what he was up to in the hours and days before he walked away from his car.

I learned from comments, that many people got involved, trying to help and that there was problems between some of them and Steven’s family, and there are some who said that LE was uncooperative. But I have to point out that this all comes from the internet and internet involvement.

Did people see him after he disappeared that day? Is there anything to stories that he might have been hiding the fact that he was gay? Was he really here in Vegas for a job or job interview?

Here’s a blog that covers it all pretty well:

I just want to point out, that in the comments someone mentions the Patrick Carnes case in Reno, suggesting similarities, I’m not gonna discuss that because it seems very unlikely that the 2 cases are connected, though who knows. It definitely shows how we have new accesses to seeming connections thanks to Google and the internet. I was connected to both cases by looking up key words and that is how things work here on the web, you all know that.

We also have in the comments, someone who knows what happened and who is responsible, also how it works on the web, you definitely all know that!

As I mentioned, I know the area where  Steven parked his car, an it is indeed a very upscale, kind of private, residential area. And that particular part of it is not easy to get to, only a couple of streets off a main highway will get you there. And back then parts of it would have had nothing around it as you drove further out to get to where he parked…. it was a very new area, hell it still is.

My point is, he was going out there for a reason, and didn’t just find that spot by accident. But why was he there? Was he finding a spot, way out, to leave his car and then disappear not wanting to be found? Was he there to meet someone? Strange place to meet, especially since Steven walked off quite away from where he parked.

So far there is no answers to the many questions about Steven’s disappearance, and there may never be. But let’s hope that someday more will be learned, possibly Steven may even return and be able to tell his story. The other story, the one of Susan Powell does have some answers, but I’m sure that doesn’t make it any easier for the families evolved. Let’s first take a look at why these 2 cases are linked:

I would have to agree that these 2 cases are not connected, other than in stories made up in the mind of Steven Powell, Susan’s father in law. He most likely gave the idea to his son,  Susan’s husband, Josh Powell, who then said, “yea, that’s what happened, she ran off with that missing guy”.  Very convenient, just like the late night camping trip Josh took with his 2 children the night Susan disappeared.

But as I said, this case had some answers, and as I read more, I realized I had seen some of this on the news, and I knew it did not end well.

I had seen the news about the social worker taking the kids to see their dad and him grabbing them and locking the social worker out and how they all died. The story had shocked me and I was deeply saddened by it. Now, knowing the whole story, I’m only saddened even more. This sick family had these kids for a while before they were finally taken away, and then with all that was known but could not be proved, this man being allowed to see the kids at all, just doesn’t seem right.

I also read the brother Michael killed himself shortly after wards:

The whole thing is such a devastating tragedy and I say the person at the heart of the whole thing is the father in law, Steven Powell. The guy is a sick man, he obviously raised messed up sons. The man was delusional and sick… I can’t stress that word enough. I usually use the word crazy a lot, this has been pointed out to me once or twice, but let’s face it, sick is a better word to describe some people. They are sick in every sense of the word. And this guy is sick:

Reading that he would be released, I had to do some more chasing to see what had become of him:

So he was released and then arrested again. But from what I can see is now free again. More tragedy.

New York To California To Las Vegas To Texas: A Serial Killer’s Trail Of Lies And Obsession

I came across 2 other very interesting stories out of Las Vegas while chasing the internet on the “Lost Girls In Las Vegas” post. One, another missing person mystery dealing with Utah and Vegas, I will cover in the next post. The other is the story of a serial killer named Stephen Morin, who traveled from New York to California, then through Denver and Nevada before being caught in Texas. Yes, the places this guy lived and killed in are also places some of my admirers could twist into some kind of connection to me and LISK stuff, I’m not trying to confuse things, just pointing out again how connections don’t always work the way Fluke, MM7, and Dorothy would like to believe. There is also a victim with the middle name Marie, but again, this case is solved, so there are no real connections here, just the coincidental kind that are always there.

Still I found the story of Stephen Morin gripping and full of weird side stories which kept me chasing it all day, coming to a new surprise each time. I will first tell the story as it unfolded on my computer screen, then piece it together chronologically as it actually happened… I’m sure you will find it as intriguing and as screwed up as I did.

The first article I came across was about a woman named Sarah Pisan:–239340191.html

From there I found this:

Who is Chris Clark?  Even more so, who was his mom? I did not chase down his blog then but I did right now… it took me 3 clicks:

Since I did not have this till now, and have not looked over the blog yet we will move on for the noment.

Next I read this:

And a few other things like this:

At this point I still had so many questions and read one more article about what had happened in Las Vegas:

Wow, did he follow her to Texas? And where was his girlfriend during all of this… was she involved? Chris had said, “My mother and Ray went from town to town, San Francisco, Denver, Las Vegas, and into Texas.” So she was there the whole time. And though I’m thankful Margaret’s faith saved her, I don’t hold much for Stephen’s finding Jesus. Are we to believe God wiped his memory clean, leaving so many families to be left with no closure.

There was a lot more to this then I was reading. But from what I read, I got a good timeline.  Stephen and his girlfriend’s son Chris (who knew Stephen as Ray Constantine) got Steve’s van set up to rape and kill, then Steve and his girlfriend (Chris’ mom) went to San Francisco, I wonder how many victims he left there before they ran to Denver. It says he was convicted of the murder of Sheila Whalen, whose body was found in Denver, so we know there was at least one victim there before they ran to Vegas where he terrorized Sarah Pisan and killed her friend Cheryl Ann Daniels, though he was not convicted of this murder and I couldn’t find a whole lot on it other than what is said in the articles above.

Police find Sarah’s name and address in a wallet left behind by the killer. They find out that Stephen had been trying to get Sarah to go out with him, though he told her his name was Robert Generoso. Sarah goes to Texas to hide because it is now obvious that this guy has an obsession with her and she is in danger. Stephen and his girlfriend (who I have to believe is also his accomplice, but have yet to read this…well tell just a minute ago, but I’ll get to that) go to Texas, chasing Sarah. He was convicted of killing 2 women in Texas, Janna Bruce and Carrie Marie Scott. He killed Carrie while trying to steal her car, shortly afterward he kidnapped his last victim, Margaret Palm. She survived by reading from her Bible and praying for Stephen’s soul. He was later caught and 4 years later put to death.

I realized there was more to all of this but that is where I left it. Remember I was chasing other stuff at the time, this was all a sidetrack, sort of, kind of, in a way.

I would like to read Sarah’s book, I know there is a lot more to her story:

I also need to watch the episode of “Obsession: Dark Desires” dealing with this case.

I did find a few other things today while writing this, like the Chris Clark Coyote Crossing blog posted above and these:

That last one has most of the articles I chased all in one place, wish I had found that one first, lol.

I also found it mentioned on

But it was this blog that I found really interesting today:

It was the comments that interested me… all to often it’s the comments where all the action is, we know this all to well:

serial killers- lolo

serial killer- las vegas

Who is this John? Is he the owner of the place where Sarah worked? Yes, I do need to read the books written on this. Lolo gives the name of Chris’ mom and Stephen’s girlfriend as Rita Xavier, so right now while finishing up this post I Googled it with Stephen’s name and this came up:

Lolo comments there as well. I like Lolo.

Wow, the second thing I can find Googling Rita’s name also comes up in a comment from Lolo to Chris:

I can’t find anything that tells what happened to Rita, again I guess I need to do some more reading. But from what I read so far, I’m with Lolo, she had to have known something. And it sounds like people were still enabling this guy all the way up to his execution and even after his death.

What an involved case. The whole thing kept me chasing. I’m glad it has an ending, so many don’t…

I-80 Murder Mystery

While chasing the internet for more information on the girls killed in Las Vegas (previous post), I came across some other stories closer to home than my usual topics, I’d like to share these stories and my opinions on them if you don’t mind, I’m sure most of you don’t. And some of you may be able to spin it into your ongoing list of connected crimes, all leading back to me, Afroman. (sorry, I couldn’t resist)

I was trying to see if there was any other news on truck driver serial killers that could be connected to the girls in Vegas since their bodies were dropped off of highways in 3 separate states. I came across all sorts of  cases and stories of serial killer truck drivers, a subject I will have to cover in more detail at a later date. One story of a missing elderly man from Reno, Nevada caught my eye, so I went chasing:

Like with other cases, it is unsure if these disappearances are related, but it seems more than coincidental that Judith Casida’s car was found in the same spot as Pat’s. Coincidence is always in question it seems, when is a coincidence too much to be a coincidence? Some people believe there is a killer or killers behind at least some of these cases, and if that’s so, the case of missing person Pat Carnes and his dog Lucky needs to be shaken up till something falls, Pat was pulled over where he said he was following a trucker (them? like it was a couple) because they were heading the same way, this means Pat must have been in some kind of contact with that trucker before Pat was pulled over (that is if the cop isn’t a suspect in someway and misleading the whole thing, I know, very unlikely, but must be said). and sometime shortly after Pat and his dog vanish. No one has come forward to say they were that truck and had nothing to do with his disappearance, again, something like that seems to point that there is something to that truck Pat was following that night.

As with most cases, someone out there has information that could break this case, let’s hope someone does.

Lost Girls In Las Vegas

Most of us went looking at the links Annie posted about 3 dead prostitutes and 1 still missing out of Las Vegas. I had not heard of the story before and therefore went chasing the internet for what I could find:

I’m pretty sure I was accused of these murders by our good friend Dorothy at some point or another and will probably really get the idea stuck in her head now that I am posting about it. Let me get it out-of-the-way right up front, these cases were unknown to me untill Annie mentioned them. I’m not connected to these crimes or anyone involved in them anymore than all the others Dorothy has accused me of. But reading about them, there does seem to be similarities to the LISK and Atlantic City murders. Let’s discus them.

First off… four girls. We have 3 sets of 4 girls. Looks like a pattern, but that’s only if you make it fit. Yes, there were 4 girls found in Atlantic City and there were 4 girls found in Oak Beach… but that’s if you think Shannan’s death was not related to the other 4 girls… not to mention the other bodies and body parts found in the near by area of Oak Beach. They are called the  AC4 and the GB4, but Gilgo Beach really has more than 4 unanswered deaths.

Still, let’s say all the other bodies found in Long Island are not related to the GB4 and therefore can be linked to Atlantic City and Las Vegas through that pattern of 4. Well, even then it doesn’t quite fit, AC4 were found together, GB4 were found together, 3 of the Las Vegas girls were found in 3 separate states and 1 of them was never found. In fact after reading about all these cases it looks as if maybe the girl who was never found, Jessica Louise Foster may not be related to the other 3 girls found dead.

I really feel the answers to what happened to Jessica lies with the  man she moved in with. He never reported Jessie missing from what I have read, that to me says it all… whether she was killed or sold into slavery, I would bet the boyfriend/pimp knows what happened. This may be not only an important observation on this case, but on many other similar cases.

So in my opinion the death of the 3 girls found are not related to Jessie’s disappearance, but that’s only because they do seem to be connected to each other and the result of a serial killer and not human trafficking disappearances. Let me try to explain what I mean.

As I have read into the LISK case and others like it, there seems to be 2 disturbing things going on… one is human trafficking, which is organized and involves groups of people, the other is serial killers who prey on prostitutes, less organized and usually involves only one person. Serial killers who prey on prostitutes do so because they are afraid, they are cowards at heart. They pick out their victims usually due to the fact that they are vulnerable and easy targets. There disappearances usually go unreported for long periods of times if they are reported at all. And once they are, it takes longer for police to get involved than the average missing person. They know all this and use it to their advantage because deep down they are weak, scared and pretty fucked up in the head. Of course some may have reasons for choosing prostitutes, issues with their moms or/and ex girlfriend or something, but most do it because they it’s easy. As sad as that is, it’s the way it is.

Human traffickers do what they do for money, and are part of big groups that may have help from powerful people in the shadows of  the darkest parts of the world. These are the people who scare me, these groups seem to be above the law and hidden from everyone… but we know they are there.

So, if Jessie was a victim of human trafficking we may never know what happened to her, but again, I bet her pimp/boyfriend knows.

Now as for the other 3 girls, why do I feel they are the victim of a serial killer and not a human trafficking group, well it’s mainly because they were found… but not just that. They were thrown off the side of highways, serial killers like to do this. I think professional groups can make you disappear, bottom line, scary, but true.

Now here’s where we get back into LISK similarities, all 3 of the girls found were dismembered. Some body parts were found, others weren’t. They also all had the same middle name, Marie, which was Shannan’s middle name, and I believe all of them had tattoos.

I don’t know what to make of the middle name thing, I truly doubt that there is any connection between these 3 girls in Vegas and Shannan, just another coincidence that seems to surround Shannan’s disappearance and death, but I’m not sure that the fact that all 3 girls had the same middle name are not connected in some way, seems way to much to just accept as no meaning at all.  And again, seems like a serial killer thing more than a human trafficking thing.

Now the tattoo thing is something I want to talk about. I’ve heard many say they think the LISK murders has something to do with tattoos. This is because so many of the girls had them, in fact Peaches is called by her tattoo. And some of the Vegas girls were identified due to their tattoos just as some of the Long Island girls. I have to point out that these girls are not only in the sex for money scene, but drug scenes as well… and let’s face it, most people in either of these scenes have tattoos, that’s just the way it is. I don’t think any of these murders are connected to tattoos but I do wonder if the body parts left, were left because of the tattoos so that they could be identified. In other words there may be something to the tattoos, but what is unsure. It can definitely say something about the killer or killers though.

The fact that all 3 girls were found off the highway miles apart (one in Vegas, one in California, and one in Illinois) could mean the killer is a truck driver, picking up their victims as they drive through Vegas, then killing and dumping the bodies later along their trip. But where are they cutting the bodies up, in their truck? In a motel bathroom? And what is done with the rest of the bodies?

Definitely many questions here. But there was one thing that stood out to me. Lindsay Marie Harris.

All these girls came from somewhere else to Vegas, Lindsay came from New York. Which of course stood out to me since I’m used to reading about everything linking back to New York. And she didn’t come here alone. Her “boyfriend” brought her here. His name is Solomon Barron. He was conveniently back in New York when Lindsay disappeared.

Well something about that didn’t sit right, so I went searching to see if there was more on this Solomon Barron, and sure enough:

There ya go Dorothy, a real New York/Las Vegas connection. This guy was running girls across America to pimp them out. It makes me rethink my serial killer belief… maybe they were all killed for reasons other than some sick coward with women issues. I definitely think Mr. Barron should be furthered question about the death of Lindsay and the others.

In the end it doesn’t matter who is responsible for the deaths of these and the many other “working” girls who wind of murdered and their killers unknown. A serial killer or sex slave groups. Regardless, the cases do not seem to be taken seriously enough and all to often early leads are lost because of this. These “Lost Girls” were daughters, sisters, and mothers. Their deaths impact others just as anyones death does. Their murders deserved to be solved as much as any other murder. Their killers need to be caught just as any killer does. And like many of the other issues I attempt to tackle here on Zero’s World, I don’t think the world is discussing these things loud enough.

The deep, dark side of human trafficking needs to be exposed and brought out of the shadows. People should not be forced  or manipulated into a life that leaves them to be vulnerable to cowards and psychopaths. Slavery may be good enough for the Bible, but it is not good enough for a world that is to continue on. And once again I wonder, are we to continue on? I hope so.


This only brings up more questions and possible connections. 

Three New Blogs

If you read here enough you might notice I do a lot of posts about posts that never happen. Or I promise big stuff is coming and it never does. Most of the time that is kind of a jab at all those out there who keep promising things that never happen. Dorothy and her “hope they look good in orange” type comments, always promising arrests and convictions of people she don’t like, Flukie Joey promising people coming forward to tell the “truth” about what happened to Shannan or his promise of last years Summer Blog that would expose everything and everyone, or Jen saying she’s finally had enough and is going to LE and Lawyers and blah blah blah… yea lots of big breaks always around the corner. I poke at that from time to time, I’m sure most of you see that.

But I made out like March was gonna have lots of new posts and 3 new blog announcements, and I really had planned on writing a lot last March, no jab or poke or false promise, I really had a lot to get done, just didn’t have the time to do it. Life got hectic as it tends to do when we have a lot planned. Plus, every time I did get online there was PMs and emails, Facebook pages and other blogs to keep up with, and some sad news and more strange coincidences to try to understand. Most of the posts I didn’t write are still in my head and I’m gonna do my best to get them out over the next few weeks. And as for those 3 new blogs, well there’s a chance none of them will never become anything, theres a chance all of them get worked on, and there’s a chance only 1 or 2 of them will see the light of day. Always 3 . In case they never come up, I felt the need to let you know the ideas I had been working on or thinking of working on.

Two of them are actually up and running. Let’s talk about them first, even though it is now unlikely that I will be working on either of them.

The first is called Stranger’s Fiction. There is a whole separate WordPress set up for it, but nothing is written on it, so I can’t link it. I made it a while back as a place to write Fiction.

As you know, I write lyrics and poetry, but since I was a kid I have been writing stories, mostly science fiction at first… but then horror and good vs evil, end of the world type stuff… like my blogs, most of that stuff went unfinished, lots barely started, even though the whole story had already played out in my head. After blogging a while I thought WordPress would be a good place to start posting some short stories. I also thought The Stranger would be a good vessel for it.

You remember The Stranger, right? My Haunt Character. I had planned on writing some stories this spring and starting the site in the summer just in time for  the haunt season. And then when The Stranger was mysteriously removed from Facebook I thought even better… I can have The Stranger’s return with the short story blog…

Don’t know if I’ll have much time for writing short stories… but The Stranger has recently returned, and I know he wants to get the blog up and running, so I’m gonna try to find the time to get a few stories written, and if I do, Zero’s World will be the first place I post a link to it.

The second blog I actually started working on a little more than the Stranger one.  It is a fan blog for the television show Twin Peaks:

It has been announced that Showtime will be doing a new min series on Twin Peaks next year. Rejoining the story 25 years later.

I am a huge Twin Peaks fan, and you know how I can obsess on something. Twin Peaks is one of those things.

I have been saying for years that I hope something is done for Twin Peaks 25th anniversary… and any Twin Peaks fan understands why that anniversary is so important.

So when I heard about Showtime picking up the story 25 years later,  I decided to write a fan blog. The plan is or was, I’m not sure which will hold true at this moment, to re watch every episode and post about each one. I also wanted to cover the movie “Fire Walk With Me”  and book “Diary of Laura Palmer”. Plus I have the fanzines “Wrapped In Plastic” which I would have also discussed.

The blog would discus all aspects of the show which if you were a fan know it hits on many levels. It was watching Twin Peaks where I started seeing trees everywhere, lol. I swear David Lynch hid threes all through it.

The plan was to go over all of it in time for the new series and then discuss each of the new episodes. And as much as I really want to do this, it would be very time-consuming, there is a lot there to discus, things others got out of the episodes, things I got out of them. I could easily get lost in it all and not have much time for anything else, and I admit, I now don’t know if I can make that commitment. Plus there are lots already written on the show, still I know I could make a great blog on Twin Peaks and probably meet lots of more cool people to discus the show with, so who knows. I definitely will be re watching all the old shows getting ready for the new ones, and at the very least I will make some Twin Peaks posts right here.

Which brings us to the third blog.

When I decided to end the LISK blog, it was mainly because I felt I had said all I could on the subject. All the stories and people telling them seemed to lead nowhere. But many have expressed that they would like to have another blog on the subject, a place where it can be discussed without getting lost in the agendas and games, a place to separate helpful from hearsay. I have thought of doing so, but so far have not been able to bring myself to make the blog. I have a title in mind, have the whole first post planned out, and have an idea on how to keep it from becoming like all the other places that have preceded. And yet I still am cautious. I keep hoping things will move along and something will come out of the latest chatter or arrests and then there will be no need for a new blog. And everyday it seems there is something new added to the whole thing which makes you once again wonder how it can go unsolved for so long, one of these so-called connections has got to help break the case, right?

I’ll leave it at that… I may get to them all, I may get to some of them, I may not get to any of them. But just know I wanted to do them. I had plans for them and hoped to share them.

Life is just so demanding with its time though, and March came and went way to fast. Hell, April is already half way done.

So I guess I better get to writing.

This Is Gonna Hurt

It’s been a while since I posted… I have been super busy in the real world and spent a lot of the last month’s internet time IMing with people and reading lots of articles… chasing the internet as usual. We’ve had new commenters both here and on the ZW Facebook. Welcome to my new readers and old ones returned. A shout out to Son of Mankind, some of you might have caught his hi-jinx on my Facebook, actually called me LISK, yes very original. I really want to get into SOM and our conversations and other little tidbits that link him to the ongoing craziness here, and I will, most likely. But not yet.

Anyone still reading Nancy’s page? Wow, what a story-teller and what are the odds of her and Son Of Man being connected somehow? Pretty good I think. Yea we may have go back into the Nan Nan lair of absurdity. But not yet.

Nothing new from Dorothy, but Flukeyou returned, I knew he would be showing up… Oak Beach has had some stuff happening and Fluke is ready to stir up people’s misery as usual. But is there anything to some of the newest connections and stories of Oak Beach that I’m hearing? There is lots to discus here, and I know quite a few of you would like to get that discussion going again, and maybe we should. But not yet.

More readers coming from all over to see what I wrote about Milo and The Quiet Pills Saga, made me re-look at it all, found some stuff, don’t know what it means, just like most of the stuff in that ARG/Assassin mystery. But I will get to all I can find on Milo and the whole gang at Drunken Stepfather. But not yet.

Politics and religion are crashing together around the world leading us to a premature Armageddon and I fell I must comment on some of it. But not yet.

Sadly, another unarmed black man was shot by a cop. I don’t think I can put off posting about this subject much longer. But not yet.

I also did some reading on the missing prostitutes that Annie posted in the comments, and I would like to post a little about that and a few other stories I found closer to home. But not yet.

I’d like to just pull it off quickly like a bad aid, get to the point of these and other things floating around in my head, you know make it as painless as possible, but let’s face it, it’s gonna hurt regardless. The world is full of tragedy.

But not yet, not tonight… tonight, all is right, and all of the worlds tragedies must wait! Tonight we watch the stars “before they fall”.

Yes, tonight Sixx A.M. is playing and I will be there! This concert is so needed right now, because I really do feel like the stars are about to fall. I mean something has to give when everything is being shoved together. Ah yes, #WorldsCollide, what a ride.  Plus this has been a really rough week, not anything I can get into here, but man I am glad this week is over… this is sincerely a TGIF moment.

And to end this week with my hero Nikki Sixx and my Sassy girl. yea, tonight is alright.

For those of you who still don’t know about Sixx A.M. (really?) you really should check them out. The band consists of Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue on bass (he’s the Sixx) DJ Ashba from Guns N Roses on guitar (he’s the A.) and the very talented James Michael who worked with many other bands on different levels is the lead singer (he’s the M.)

Together the 3 of them are making some of the best new music out there. Don’t believe me, then check out any of there 3 albums “The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack”, “This Is Gonna Hurt”, or “Modern Vintage”, better yet check out all three. Like I said some of the best new music out there.

So I plan on forgetting all the noise in the world tonight and enjoying a show that is bound to be a spritural for me. I won’t be able to forget it all too much because Sixx A.M.’s music is pretty thought provoking. Check in on the ZW FB over the next few hours to see my “set wish list”  to see what I mean.

So off I go to get ready for a very well deserved, fun night. I’ll be back later to start ripping those band aids off.