Lost Girls In Las Vegas

Most of us went looking at the links Annie posted about 3 dead prostitutes and 1 still missing out of Las Vegas. I had not heard of the story before and therefore went chasing the internet for what I could find:




I’m pretty sure I was accused of these murders by our good friend Dorothy at some point or another and will probably really get the idea stuck in her head now that I am posting about it. Let me get it out-of-the-way right up front, these cases were unknown to me untill Annie mentioned them. I’m not connected to these crimes or anyone involved in them anymore than all the others Dorothy has accused me of. But reading about them, there does seem to be similarities to the LISK and Atlantic City murders. Let’s discus them.

First off… four girls. We have 3 sets of 4 girls. Looks like a pattern, but that’s only if you make it fit. Yes, there were 4 girls found in Atlantic City and there were 4 girls found in Oak Beach… but that’s if you think Shannan’s death was not related to the other 4 girls… not to mention the other bodies and body parts found in the near by area of Oak Beach. They are called the  AC4 and the GB4, but Gilgo Beach really has more than 4 unanswered deaths.

Still, let’s say all the other bodies found in Long Island are not related tothe GB4 and therefore can be linked to Atlantic City and Las Vegas through that pattern of 4. Well, even then it doesn’t quite fit, AC4 were found together, GB4 were found together, 3 of the Las Vegas girls were found in 3 separate states and 1 of them was never found. In fact after reading about all these cases it looks as if maybe the girl who was never found, Jessica Louise Foster may not be related to the other 3 girls found dead.


I really feel the answers to what happened to Jessica lies with the  man she moved in with. He never reported Jessie missing from what I have read, that to me says it all… whether she was killed or sold into slavery, I would bet the boyfriend/pimp knows what happened. This may be not only an important observation on this case, but on many other similar cases.

So in my opinion the death of the 3 girls found are not related to Jessie’s disappearance, but that’s only because they do seem to be connected to each other and the result of a serial killer and not human trafficking disappearances. Let me try to explain what I mean.

As I have read into the LISK case and others like it, there seems to be 2 disturbing things going on… one is human trafficking, which is organized and involves groups of people, the other is serial killers who prey on prostitutes, less organized and usually involves only one person. Serial killers who prey on prostitutes do so because they are afraid, they are cowards at heart. They pick out their victims usually due to the fact that they are vulnerable and easy targets. There disappearances usually go unreported for long periods of times if they are reported at all. And once they are, it takes longer for police to get involved than the average missing person. They know all this and use it to their advantage because deep down they are weak, scared and pretty fucked up in the head. Of course some may have reasons for chosing prostitutes, issues with their moms or and ex girlfriend or something, but most do it because they it’s easy. As sad as that is, it’s the way it is.

Human traffickers do what they do for money, and are part of big groups that may have help from powerful people in the shadows of  the darkest parts of the world. These are the people who scare me, these groups seem to be above the law and hidden from everyone… but we know they are there.

So, if Jessie was a victim of human trafficking we may never know what happened to her, but again, I bet her pimp/boyfriend knows.

Now as for the other 3 girls, why do I feel they are the victim of a serial killer and not a human trafficking group, well it’s mainly because they were found… but not just that. They were thrown off the side of highways, serial killers like to do this. I think professional groups can make you disappear, bottom line, scary, but true.

Now here’s where we get back into LISK similarities, all 3 of the girls found were dismembered. Some body parts were found, others weren’t. They also all had the same middle name, Marie, which was Shannan’s middle name, and I believe all of them had tattoos.

I don’t know what to make of the middle name thing, I truly doubt that there is any connection between these 3 girls in Vegas and Shannan, just another coincidence that seems to surround Shannan’s disappearance and death, but I’m not sure that the fact that all 3 girls had the same middle name are not connected in some way, seems way to much to just accept as no meaning at all.  And again, seems like a serial killer thing more than a human trafficking thing.

Now the tattoo thing is something I want to talk about. I’ve heard many say they think the LISK murders has something to do with tattoos. This is because so many of the girls had them, in fact Peaches is called by her tattoo. And some of the Vegas girls were identified due to their tattoos just as some of the Long Island girls. I have to point out that these girls are not only in the sex for money scene, but drug scenes as well… and let’s face it, most people in either of these scenes have tattoos, that’s just the way it is. I don’t think any of these murders are connected to tattoos but I do wonder if the body parts left, were left because of the tattoos so that they could be identified. In other words there may be something to the tattoos, but what is unsure. It can definitely say something about the killer or killers though.

The fact that all 3 girls were found off the highway miles apart (one in Vegas, one in California, and one in Illinois) could mean the killer is a truck driver, picking up their victims as they drive through Vegas, then killing and dumping the bodies later along their trip. But where are they cutting the bodies up, in their truck? In a motel bathroom? And what is done with the rest of the bodies?

Definitely many questions here. But there was one thing that stood out to me. Lindsay Marie Harris.

All these girls came from somewhere else to Vegas, Lindsay came from New York. Which of course stood out to me since I’m used to reading about everything linking back to New York. And she didn’t come here alone. Her “boyfriend” brought her here. His name is Solomon Barron. He was conveniently back in New York when Lindsay disappeared.


Well something about that didn’t sit right, so I went searching to see if there was more on this Solomon Barron, and sure enough:



There ya go Dorothy, a real New York/Las Vegas connection. This guy was running girls across America to pimp them out. It makes me rethink my serial killer belief… maybe they were all killed for reasons other than some sick coward with women issues. I definitely think Mr. Barron should be furthered question about the death of Lindsay and the others.

In the end it doesn’t matter who is responsible for the deaths of these and the many other “working” girls who wind of murdered and their killers unknown. A serial killer or sex slave groups. Regardless, the cases do not seem to be taken seriously enough and all to often early leads are lost because of this. These “Lost Girls” were daughters, sisters, and mothers. Their deaths impact others just as anyones death does. Their murders deserved to be solved as much as any other murder. Their killers need to be caught just as any killer does. And like many of the other issues I attempt to tackle here on Zero’s World, I don’t think the world is discussing these things loud enough.


The deep, dark side of human trafficking needs to be exposed and brought out of the shadows. People should not be forced  or manipulated into a life that leaves them to be vulnerable to cowards and psychopaths. Slavery may be good enough for the Bible, but it is not good enough for a world that is to continue on. And once again I wonder, are we to continue on? I hope so.

UPDATE:   http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/neal-falls-las-vegas-dismemberments_us_55b08bc4e4b0a9b94853b60c

This only brings up more questions and possible connections. 

8 thoughts on “Lost Girls In Las Vegas

  1. Interesting. I agree, Jessie and the other 3 girls appear to be different killers. IMO, the three girls were “probably” murdered by a serial killer; Jessie by her bf or someone close to her.

    Marie as a middle name was VERY popular at one time. Many Catholic girls I know have Marie as a middle or Confirmation name. It’s a version of Mary as in Mother Mary. I seriously don’t see a serial killer checking middle names as part of his fantasy, but who knows. The body type consistency is more important to me. The 3 girls have the same general description. Curious.

    The New York link is non existent IMO. Isn’t the great majority of Vegas transplants? Maybe 20-30 years ago it might have meant something, but today, we’re a very mobile society.

    Could LISK be hunting in Vegas? Sure could be. He’s somewhere out there, unless he’s dead or in jail, he’s still killing. I tend to lean toward him still being in the LI area. It’s definitely his comfort zone and it doesn’t appear as if LE has enough evidence to worry him. LE has failed these girls and their loved ones. Without Shannan, the other bodies would still be on the side of the road like trash. Geez look how long it took them to find Shannan and they knew where to look! Pathetic!

    It’s way early here. Too early to think all of this through without more coffee. Damn dogs woke me up at 530a to go out. It’s a good thing I love and adore them.

    • Agreed, saying there was a Vegas/ new York connection was just showing that yes pimps and others do transfer girls from state to state and yes New York to Vegas as well, I went through the LI similarities cause I know some like to do that find connections that aren’t there. I wanted to show there are similarities because this happens way to often, from serial killers to pimp/boyfriends to a possible more connected group of international sex slave ring. Regardless they all need to be solved and taken more serious from the moment disappearances are reported.

    • But no I don’t think this case is related to LI or AC, but Annie brought the case to me and it is connected in the bigger picture where this is unacceptable to let these cases go unsolved. This case led me to some other unsolved cases here in the Las Vegas area, but the main connection is the internet. They are all connected through the internet now, just as we all are. There’s the connection. But it’s up to the crazy world that uses the internet to determine how good and bad that connection is.– z r o

      • My middle name is marie,jeez….Im in a strange mood myself, the whole thing is so sad, horrific and depressing…Lost Girls was such a powerful read, in that it really highlights the victims…They were loved, some were mothers, most had three strikes against them from birth…..No one deserves such horrific deaths, thrown away like garbage by predatory animals…It sickens me…may these pieces of shit suffer the same pain they caused…In the end, most get caught. But for those that dont, may your victims haunt you, may you ALWAYS look over your shoulder, may you get shot in the face so someone sees fear and horror in your eyes…KARMA

      • a very popular middle name i guess, but yes, I doubt it means anything… here though where all 3 had the same middle name, it could mean something. But I really think in some of these cases the “boyfriends” know more than they are saying.

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