Three New Blogs

If you read here enough you might notice I do a lot of posts about posts that never happen. Or I promise big stuff is coming and it never does. Most of the time that is kind of a jab at all those out there who keep promising things that never happen. Dorothy and her “hope they look good in orange” type comments, always promising arrests and convictions of people she don’t like, Flukie Joey promising people coming forward to tell the “truth” about what happened to Shannan or his promise of last years Summer Blog that would expose everything and everyone, or Jen saying she’s finally had enough and is going to LE and Lawyers and blah blah blah… yea lots of big breaks always around the corner. I poke at that from time to time, I’m sure most of you see that.

But I made out like March was gonna have lots of new posts and 3 new blog announcements, and I really had planned on writing a lot last March, no jab or poke or false promise, I really had a lot to get done, just didn’t have the time to do it. Life got hectic as it tends to do when we have a lot planned. Plus, every time I did get online there was PMs and emails, Facebook pages and other blogs to keep up with, and some sad news and more strange coincidences to try to understand. Most of the posts I didn’t write are still in my head and I’m gonna do my best to get them out over the next few weeks. And as for those 3 new blogs, well there’s a chance none of them will never become anything, theres a chance all of them get worked on, and there’s a chance only 1 or 2 of them will see the light of day. Always 3 . In case they never come up, I felt the need to let you know the ideas I had been working on or thinking of working on.

Two of them are actually up and running. Let’s talk about them first, even though it is now unlikely that I will be working on either of them.

The first is called Stranger’s Fiction. There is a whole separate WordPress set up for it, but nothing is written on it, so I can’t link it. I made it a while back as a place to write Fiction.

As you know, I write lyrics and poetry, but since I was a kid I have been writing stories, mostly science fiction at first… but then horror and good vs evil, end of the world type stuff… like my blogs, most of that stuff went unfinished, lots barely started, even though the whole story had already played out in my head. After blogging a while I thought WordPress would be a good place to start posting some short stories. I also thought The Stranger would be a good vessel for it.

You remember The Stranger, right? My Haunt Character. I had planned on writing some stories this spring and starting the site in the summer just in time for  the haunt season. And then when The Stranger was mysteriously removed from Facebook I thought even better… I can have The Stranger’s return with the short story blog…

Don’t know if I’ll have much time for writing short stories… but The Stranger has recently returned, and I know he wants to get the blog up and running, so I’m gonna try to find the time to get a few stories written, and if I do, Zero’s World will be the first place I post a link to it.

The second blog I actually started working on a little more than the Stranger one.  It is a fan blog for the television show Twin Peaks:

It has been announced that Showtime will be doing a new min series on Twin Peaks next year. Rejoining the story 25 years later.

I am a huge Twin Peaks fan, and you know how I can obsess on something. Twin Peaks is one of those things.

I have been saying for years that I hope something is done for Twin Peaks 25th anniversary… and any Twin Peaks fan understands why that anniversary is so important.

So when I heard about Showtime picking up the story 25 years later,  I decided to write a fan blog. The plan is or was, I’m not sure which will hold true at this moment, to re watch every episode and post about each one. I also wanted to cover the movie “Fire Walk With Me”  and book “Diary of Laura Palmer”. Plus I have the fanzines “Wrapped In Plastic” which I would have also discussed.

The blog would discus all aspects of the show which if you were a fan know it hits on many levels. It was watching Twin Peaks where I started seeing trees everywhere, lol. I swear David Lynch hid threes all through it.

The plan was to go over all of it in time for the new series and then discuss each of the new episodes. And as much as I really want to do this, it would be very time-consuming, there is a lot there to discus, things others got out of the episodes, things I got out of them. I could easily get lost in it all and not have much time for anything else, and I admit, I now don’t know if I can make that commitment. Plus there are lots already written on the show, still I know I could make a great blog on Twin Peaks and probably meet lots of more cool people to discus the show with, so who knows. I definitely will be re watching all the old shows getting ready for the new ones, and at the very least I will make some Twin Peaks posts right here.

Which brings us to the third blog.

When I decided to end the LISK blog, it was mainly because I felt I had said all I could on the subject. All the stories and people telling them seemed to lead nowhere. But many have expressed that they would like to have another blog on the subject, a place where it can be discussed without getting lost in the agendas and games, a place to separate helpful from hearsay. I have thought of doing so, but so far have not been able to bring myself to make the blog. I have a title in mind, have the whole first post planned out, and have an idea on how to keep it from becoming like all the other places that have preceded. And yet I still am cautious. I keep hoping things will move along and something will come out of the latest chatter or arrests and then there will be no need for a new blog. And everyday it seems there is something new added to the whole thing which makes you once again wonder how it can go unsolved for so long, one of these so-called connections has got to help break the case, right?

I’ll leave it at that… I may get to them all, I may get to some of them, I may not get to any of them. But just know I wanted to do them. I had plans for them and hoped to share them.

Life is just so demanding with its time though, and March came and went way to fast. Hell, April is already half way done.

So I guess I better get to writing.

2 thoughts on “Three New Blogs

  1. Zero, you’ve proven time and again you’re a man of your word, you need not explain anything to any of your ‘old time readers’ A few thoughts:

    “Hope you all look good in orange”…Well, lets just see who ends up in orange..Unlike the BS artists always promising “Tomorrow”, I DID call the FBI, and im calling again today…Check out Zero’s FB for a sneak peak..

    Speaking of peak, Im a huge fan of Twin Peaks ( Ive often referred long Island to it), and like you, im going to re-watch the entire series with a ‘new set of eyes’..The show mesmerized me!! Love David Lynch, thought the cast was perfect and the whole thing was just so atmospheric..Good stuff!! Lol, i now see why nan and dopey dorothy are connecting their dopey dots, making references to the number three…God that Dorothy is obsessed with you and this blog..IDIOTS

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