I-80 Murder Mystery

While chasing the internet for more information on the girls killed in Las Vegas (previous post), I came across some other stories closer to home than my usual topics, I’d like to share these stories and my opinions on them if you don’t mind, I’m sure most of you don’t. And some of you may be able to spin it into your ongoing list of connected crimes, all leading back to me, Afroman. (sorry, I couldn’t resist)

I was trying to see if there was any other news on truck driver serial killers that could be connected to the girls in Vegas since their bodies were dropped off of highways in 3 separate states. I came across all sorts of  cases and stories of serial killer truck drivers, a subject I will have to cover in more detail at a later date. One story of a missing elderly man from Reno, Nevada caught my eye, so I went chasing:






Like with other cases, it is unsure if these disappearances are related, but it seems more than coincidental that Judith Casida’s car was found in the same spot as Pat’s. Coincidence is always in question it seems, when is a coincidence too much to be a coincidence? Some people believe there is a killer or killers behind at least some of these cases, and if that’s so, the case of missing person Pat Carnes and his dog Lucky needs to be shaken up till something falls, Pat was pulled over where he said he was following a trucker (them? like it was a couple) because they were heading the same way, this means Pat must have been in some kind of contact with that trucker before Pat was pulled over (that is if the cop isn’t a suspect in someway and misleading the whole thing, I know, very unlikely, but must be said). and sometime shortly after Pat and his dog vanish. No one has come forward to say they were that truck and had nothing to do with his disappearance, again, something like that seems to point that there is something to that truck Pat was following that night.

As with most cases, someone out there has information that could break this case, let’s hope someone does.


2 thoughts on “I-80 Murder Mystery

  1. Pat said he would never drive at night again … I think he saw something he shouldnt have, and in fact this sort of puts a piece to my own puzzle. Perhaps Pat witnessed and got associated with the human trafficking and sex trade and couldnt get out alive.

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