New York To California To Las Vegas To Texas: A Serial Killer’s Trail Of Lies And Obsession

I came across 2 other very interesting stories out of Las Vegas while chasing the internet on the “Lost Girls In Las Vegas” post. One, another missing person mystery dealing with Utah and Vegas, I will cover in the next post. The other is the story of a serial killer named Stephen Morin, who traveled from New York to California, then through Denver and Nevada before being caught in Texas. Yes, the places this guy lived and killed in are also places some of my admirers could twist into some kind of connection to me and LISK stuff, I’m not trying to confuse things, just pointing out again how connections don’t always work the way Fluke, MM7, and Dorothy would like to believe. There is also a victim with the middle name Marie, but again, this case is solved, so there are no real connections here, just the coincidental kind that are always there.

Still I found the story of Stephen Morin gripping and full of weird side stories which kept me chasing it all day, coming to a new surprise each time. I will first tell the story as it unfolded on my computer screen, then piece it together chronologically as it actually happened… I’m sure you will find it as intriguing and as screwed up as I did.

The first article I came across was about a woman named Sarah Pisan:–239340191.html

From there I found this:

Who is Chris Clark?  Even more so, who was his mom? I did not chase down his blog then but I did right now… it took me 3 clicks:

Since I did not have this till now, and have not looked over the blog yet we will move on for now.

Next I read this:

And a few other things like this:

At this point I still had so many questions and read one more article about what had happened in Las Vegas:

Wow, did he follow her to Texas? And where was his girlfriend during all of this… was she involved? Chris had said, “My mother and Ray went from town to town, San Francisco, Denver, Las Vegas, and into Texas.” So she was there the whole time. And though I’m thankful Margaret’s faith saved her, I don’t hold much for Stephen’s finding Jesus. Are we to believe God wiped his memory clean, leaving so many families to be left with no closure.

There was a lot more to this then I was reading. But from what I read, I got a good timeline.  Stephen and his girlfriend’s son Chris (who knew Stephen as Ray Constantine) got Steve’s van set up to rape and kill, then Steve and his girlfriend (Chris’ mom) went to San Fransisco, I wonder how many victims he left there before they ran to Denver. It say’s he was convicted of the murder of Sheila Whalen, whose body was found in Denver, so we know there was at least one victim there before they ran to Vegas where he terrorized Sarah Pisan and killed her friend Cheryl Ann Daniels, though he was not convicted of this murder and I couldn’t find a whole lot on it other than what is said in the articles above.

Police find Sarah’s name and address in a wallet left behind by the killer. They find out that Stephen had been trying to get Sarah to go out with him, though he told her his name was Robert Generoso. Sarah goes to Texas to hide because it is now obvious that this guy has an obsession with her and she is in danger. Stephen and his girlfriend (who I have to believe is also his accomplice, but have yet to read this…well tell just a minute ago, but I’ll get to that) go to Texas, chasing Sarah. He was convicted of killing 2 women in Texas, Janna Bruce and Carrie Marie Scott. He killed Carrie while trying to steal her car, shortly afterward he kidnapped his last victim, Margaret Palm. She survived by reading from her Bible and praying for Stephen’s soul. He was later caught and 4 years later put to death.

I realized there was more to all of this but that is where I left it. Remember I was chasing other stuff at the time, this was all a sidetrack, sort of, kind of, in a way.

I would like to read Sarah’s book, I know there is a lot more to her story:

I also need to watch the episode of “Obsession: Dark Desires” dealing with this case.

I did find a few other things today while writing this, like the Chris Clark Coyote Crossing blog posted above and these:

That last one has most of the articles I chased all in one place, wish I had found that one first, lol.

I also found it mentioned on

But it was this blog that I found really interesting today:

It was the comments that interested me… all to often it’s the comments where all the action is, we know this all to well:

serial killers- lolo

serial killer- las vegas

Who is this John? Is he the owner of the place where Sarah worked? Yes, I do need to read the books written on this. Lolo gives the name of Chris’ mom and Stephen’s girlfriend as Rita Xavier, so right now while finishing up this post I Googled it with Stephen’s name and this came up:

Lolo comments there as well. I like Lolo.

Wow, the second thing I can find Googling Rita’s name is also comes up in a comment from Lolo to Chris:

I can’t find anything that tells what happened to Rita, again I guess I need to do some more reading. But from what I read so far, I’m with Lolo, she had to have known something. And it sounds like people were still enabling this guy all the way up to his execution and even after his death.

What an involved case. The whole thing kept me chasing. I’m glad it has an ending, so many don’t…

39 thoughts on “New York To California To Las Vegas To Texas: A Serial Killer’s Trail Of Lies And Obsession

    • I hadn’t either, and the more I read the more I had to read. The entire story is shocking, and it amazes me that so many like this guy. He was a con man and serial killer, but he found God and was a good father figure to Chris. Taught him how to make a rape van and everything. Fuck that guy and all his enablers.

      • Well maybe he did have a religious experience and who knows that could have been sincere (he was the only other person to plead guilty to a charge that would surely execute him).

        Now, if he used so much junk they couldn’t find a viable vein for some time then I’m betting the real reason he had no recollection of the crimes is because he was a junky and smacked out when he went on his rampages. I’ve known people who I would had trusted with my life and then they get on heroin and become a shell of a human, stealing your shit and getting violent just to have another fix… Or just plain fucking psycho. Meth and heroin really FUCK people up.

        He does sound like he was mentally ill (schizoid) and was on drugs. What scares me most is when clean drug free mentally competent people go out and murder.

      • People have religious experiences all the time… means nothing. I’ve had many of them and I didn’t have to kill a bunch of people go to prison and get the death penalty to have one. Plus this guy was an actor, a con man… let him deal with his maker on the other side, it is not for us to argue over… the guy was fucked up plain and simple, and I don’t care when he found God. It’s not a game of hide and seek. Good is good bad is bad… he knew about God long before he and his lady traveled across the state’s and killed innocent people. So him finding God should be a moot point to those of us looking in. Not for us to decide or care about. That’s between him and whatever he found on the other side… all this is my opinion of course, but when I found God he told he doesn’t care when people ask to win things or want to be saved now that their life is over and they are done screwing with God’s creation.

      • Well I was just responding to your initial comment about his religious experience. ike I said a Junkie murderer is a junkie murderer and that’s the plain and simple of it. Wasn’t trying to give him a pass. Was just explaining a fact about him taking the death penalty which might indicate the absence of junk made him have a rude awakening. Or he just didn’t want to get F’d up the B in prison until he was 90. 😉 whatever.

      • I was just joshing ya, I said I was kidding, lol. But I still don’t think you Vulcan blame addiction… I may of don’t by addiction, we are all compulsive addicts, it’s hard wired into us. Ancient people needed the compulsive behavior to eat, procreate, and survive ( I wrote fuck instead of procreate first cause it looked a little crude, lol) I really think that guy was a con artist who like to feed his ID, and a few people around him helped him. Many junkies are musicians and artists and never travel across the state’s feeding killing women with there old lady wait in said that, lol. But I do agree with you, mental illness and drug addiction gives us some kind of understandings as does people who are abused heavily as children and grow up to do unspeakable things. It’s not an excuse, but it does help us understand, those who do these type of things (and I hope it’s a much rarer occasion) are a much scarier group.

    • yea, I always check the comments of every thing I read, it’s hard to believe some of the things people write… speaking of which, here comes Flukes… people ARE fucked up…

  1. I finished Sarah’s book. It was very repetitive in going over her day to day life as she remembers it. I felt there was more about her love life than the actual stalking. She stated she left the worse things he said out, what she included was frightening enough.

    She was a very naive 19 year old girl with 3 kids. She gets a job and quickly promoted to manager. Obviously she is intelligent. My problem was I couldn’t relate to her all all. She’s getting these extremely graphic calls on her pager, but doesn’t mention it to anyone. She figured the person was calling the person who had the pager before her. When it becomes clear he can actually SEE her in her apartment, she still doesn’t tell anyone. She can’t figure out how he can see her, but never puts up curtains to block the windows. One night as she’s getting out of the shower, he tells her to drop the towel. She naively thought if she did it, he’d get bored with her. So, she drops the towel. He calls back with sick and perverted comments and she stands in her bathroom naked for a few minutes.

    I didn’t learn much about Morin other than he was a master of disguise, killed over 40 people, but suspected of many more murders and he was into torture before murdering his victims. He was wanted in several states from NY to CA. Finally caught in TX and was ultimately executed. Since the book told Sarah’s story, I have no idea what some of the comments about him having an accomplice and the sound proofing the van was about. I want to see if I can fins more on him.

    • I saw people write simular things in comments. Saying she heard him killing someone over the phone. Don’t know if that’s true but several comments said that she should have reported his calls and didn’t understand why she didn’t. Over all a very screwd up story.

  2. God im behind…A week at motor vehicle will drive even the most sane, INSANE..again, thank you all for some very interesting reading, Ill be catching up tonight, as i MUST add my two cents..Hee!

    • Don’t worry I’m way behind myself, I should have finished these Vegas posts a while back. Lol. But I am gonna get busy Bolger the next few weeks so you’ll have even more reading, lol

      • Im also 2 seasons behind Walking Dead, a Zombie fans dream come true 😦 And 1 season behind “Under the Dome”, as one of you’re brothas just informed me 😦

        BTW, did he tell you Im planning another visit, lol…Hit him up 🙂

      • I’m behind on walking dead. They film it in my old stomping grounds of GA. It’s nice to watch. A lot of my friends were extras in that Zombieland movie which was also filmed in/around ATL. Bill Murray and Woody Harrelson came into the bar I frequented during shooting and now Woody goes back on Halloweens and hangs out with my friends band (really good R&R Go F yourself type band – don’t wanna say their name here. Don’t need crazy peanut butters stalking them lol)

  3. I we all have a fascination with LISK, is anyone else facinated by a serial killer’s mind? I often wonder what that “chip” is that’s missing in them. I know they are sociopaths, but not all sociopaths are murders. I want to poke and prod at their brains, so I read profilers who’ve interviewed them, such as Douglas and Ressler.

    • Childadvoctae: Yes, and BTW, its the answer to “why’ most participate in these blogs and forums..Although the trolls like Joe will have you believe there some other nefarious conspiracy behind it…You’re not alone or unusual 🙂 Ive read both those profilers for years, hero’s to me of sorts….you’re in the right place, trust me!

    • I once explained that the name zero comes from the manson family. I dress up as a character every October who is based on serial killers. I said when I was a kid the Night Stalker scared the shit out of me and everyone around me at the time, I’m sure anyone who has lived through a serial killer reign of terror can relate to. I don’t think I ever mentioned that my best friend mom was killed by a serial killer when I was 17. The guy was eventually caught but it changed my friends little forever and to this day if affects him daily. I don’t blog about this out of respect for him. These are some of the reasons serial killers are a fascination of mine, but I try not to get focused on just that subject, it s only one aspect to what I am fascinated by. I may have to make a post to explain this better. But short answer, yes.

      • Just wow, are sure we’re not related…Look Rifkin lived within blocks from me, so did Shulman…The entire world is interested in this “phenomenon”, sick as it is…No one should have to explain their interest, well maybe Joe, hee hee…The only one who answers nothing, he doesn’t want anyone looking inside his head and motives, thats for sure, he avoids questions like the plague, while the rest of us have been so forthcoming…Now that I fond interesting…

      • In a PM exchange with MM7s hubby, he brought up something about dealing with a bunch of freaks into serial killers, he was referring to his wife and all of us involved here. And I took offense. I used to be really into this kind of stuff and in many ways still am, but my blog was not about serial killers it was about the internet, still is. But I agree with you Linda, being concerned or interested in true crime and serial killers does not make you weird or a freak, so fuck him for thinking that way and fuck me for taking offense for being thought of that way or feeling ashamed in any way.

  4. Read “Whoever Fights monsters”, I believe Douglas wrote it…Hell read all their stuff on Bundy….Try Anne Rule’s ‘The Stranger Beside Me”….Enjoy!

    • I have mentioned I only read Clive Barker, Douglas Adams, or Steven King. And I mean this I don’t read anyone else any more, unless it is a true crime book, and then that usually is about serial killers. My favorites are Helter Skelter the one that started me on the path of true crime and serial killers, The Night Stalker, The Zodiac, and a group of books called Hunting Humans by Michael Newton. He also wrote a book called Raising Hell where he connects a lot of serial killers to a satanic agenda of some sort or at least to groups who believe in it. Groups like the Four P Movement and places like the Spiral Staircase are the back drops for the connections. The book really fascinated me (should I keep using that word? Well it did get my attention). If you have not read if I highly recommend it. But it will scare the shit out of you.


        It’s hard to find a lot of info on her. Her murderer sent police a letter detailing where the head was. That was the only thing recovered. Many have wondered if it could be the murderer of the Vegas 4 girls (one of the girls is Jessie Foster I mentioned on the LISK blog – still missing and she had red hair).

        There also was the redhead found in 1980 stabbed to death 7 times in the heart and head beat with a hammer. Talk about overkill.

        Thought you might find these two cases interestinv. Appears there’s lots of creeps out in the desert. Oh joy that I live in among them. Not.

      • P.s. Perhaps the second Jane doe I losted from 1980 is one of S’s victims. How creepy they say she had an S carved into her arm and the murderer you spoke of was named Stephen. Me thinks he may have something to do with it.

  5. I’ve read most of the books written about Bundy. He really fooled so many people, it fascinates me. I read a book about Joel Rifkin, he said Bundy and Gary Ridgeway books taught him how to get away with murder. I lived on LI when Rifkin was at his peak. No one knew until he got caught.

    I get pissed off when people talk about me loving to read true crime. Should I be reading romance novels instead? I read a lot and it will damn well be what I want to read. True crime has a huge market.

    If you think some people are off the wall nutters here, check out the Manson or McStay family murder blogs. Some people will see a conspiracy no matter where they look because that’s how they view life. I’ve never been into that thinking.

    Thanks for making me feel somewhat normal!!!

    • The craziest people are typically those who swear upon normalcy. I think we have great empathy and want to understand our fellow humans, whether they be good or bad. The more we can understand others the better we can manage or serve them and also know how to react to them in order to remain healthy/safe ourselves. At least in my case!

  6. My personal opinion on why we are so intetested in serial killers is because we cannot comprehend what they do. Like childadvocate, I too wonder about whats missing in them, and would like a glimpse into their minds. What I dont understand tends to fascinate me.

    • The behavior is so off the charts….Sometimes discussing what you fear most, can’t comprehend, is a coping mechanism..just thoughts..

  7. I agree with all here that there is something different about serial killers that keeps me searching. I thought the Canadian tourist found in the water cistern on the roof of the Cecil in L.A. Could have been the victim of a serial killer and still am on the fence about it. It was the first case to ever make me request an autopsy report. I requested it with 5 other people and they sent to to the person in Canada (lol go figure) and we shared it among ourselves. I redacted the COD page and published it bc there wa controversy over her COD publicly. It just so happens that the Cecil is where Richard Ramirez lived when he was killing. It was also where another journalist serial killer murdered women. Creepy enough, it also has had way too many suicides. There’s a darkness about it.

    But yeah, I think they are sociopaths with rage issues. There is a theory that when a mother is carrying her child and is going through extreme trauma (domestic abuse, warfare, etc) she becomes loaded with more testosterone and this ups her serotonin/adrenaline/dopamine levels. The baby becomes bathed inutero in this seratonin/adrenaline/testosterone and builds a tolerance to these high levels. When they are born, their brains and bodies are constantly seeking that adrenaline rush and the tolerance to seratonin makes them more likely to be depressed and angry, sometimes leading to rage issues. This becomes more pronounced in adolescent years when hormones begin to play a factor in behavior and brain functioning. And that’s not even touching on natural genetic predispositions towards sociopathy!

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