1 Vegas Mystery, 2 Utah Tragedies

The last Vegas area story I came across while chasing the murdered girls in my Lost Girls In Las Vegas post was about a man from Utah who went missing in Henderson, Nevada.


I read this and was interested because…

A. I know the area in which Steven disappeared and…

B. There seemed to be a lot going on in this story… the kind that make for good internet chasing.

There are actually 2 stories here… the mysterious disappearance of Steven Koecher and the very sad story of Susan Powell. When I was done chasing both stories I realized I had seen the end of the Susan Powell story on the news. Very upsetting. Although these 2 disappearances were linked, there seems to be no real connections, so let’s take each story separately.

Now if you chase this story around on the internet in articles, blogs, and comments you will see there are lots of ideas out there to what happened:



My chasing even lead me to Websleuths (as most of my chases do):


Now there are lots of questions about what happened to Steven and even more questions about what he was up to in the hours and days before he walked away from his car.

I learned from comments, that many people got involved, trying to help and that there was problems between some of them and Steven’s family, and there are some who said that LE was uncooperative. But I have to point out that this all comes from the internet and internet involvement.

Did people see him after he disappeared that day? Is there anything to stories that he might have been hiding the fact that he was gay? Was he really here in Vegas for a job or job interview?

Here’s a blog that covers it all pretty well:


I just want to point out, that in the comments someone mentions the Patrick Carnes case in Reno, suggesting similarities, I’m not gonna discuss that because it seems very unlikely that the 2 cases are connected, though who knows. It definitely shows how we have new accesses to seeming connections thanks to Google and the internet. I was connected to both cases by looking up key words and that is how things work here on the web, you all know that.

We also have in the comments, someone who knows what happened and who is responsible, also how it works on the web, you definitely all know that!

As I mentioned, I know the area where  Steven parked his car, an it is indeed a very upscale, kind of private, residential area. And that particular part of it is not easy to get to, only a couple of streets off a main highway will get you there. And back then parts of it would have had nothing around it as you drove further out to get to where he parked…. it was a very new area, hell it still is.

My point is, he was going out there for a reason, and didn’t just find that spot by accident. But why was he there? Was he finding a spot, way out, to leave his car and then disappear not wanting to be found? Was he there to meet someone? Strange place to meet, especially since Steven walked off quite away from where he parked.

So far there is no answers to the many questions about Steven’s disappearance, and there may never be. But let’s hope that someday more will be learned, possibly Steven may even return and be able to tell his story. The other story, the one of Susan Powell does have some answers, but I’m sure that doesn’t make it any easier for the families evolved. Let’s first take a look at why these 2 cases are linked:



I would have to agree that these 2 cases are not connected, other than in stories made up in the mind of Steven Powell, Susan’s father in law. He most likely gave the idea to his son,  Susan’s husband, Josh Powell, who then said, “yea, that’s what happened, she ran off with that missing guy”.  Very convenient, just like the late night camping trip Josh took with his 2 children the night Susan disappeared.

But as I said, this case had some answers, and as I read more, I realized I had seen some of this on the news, and I knew it did not end well.



I had seen the news about the social worker taking the kids to see their dad and him grabbing them and locking the social worker out and how they all died. The story had shocked me and I was deeply saddened by it. Now, knowing the whole story, I’m only saddened even more. This sick family had these kids for a while before they were finally taken away, and then with all that was known but could not be proved, this man being allowed to see the kids at all, just doesn’t seem right.

I also read the brother Michael killed himself shortly after wards:


The whole thing is such a devastating tragedy and I say the person at the heart of the whole thing is the father in law, Steven Powell. The guy is a sick man, he obviously raised messed up sons. The man was delusional and sick… I can’t stress that word enough. I usually use the word crazy a lot, this has been pointed out to me once or twice, but let’s face it, sick is a better word to describe some people. They are sick in every sense of the word. And this guy is sick:


Reading that he would be released, I had to do some more chasing to see what had become of him:




So he was released and then arrested again. But from what I can see is now free again. More tragedy.

6 thoughts on “1 Vegas Mystery, 2 Utah Tragedies

  1. Wow, I closely followed the Powell case for quite some time, but i had NO clue, about this info about his dad!! Im speechless Zero, just when you think you can’t be shocked anymore, how sad and sick!
    I had the same feeling about the Jon Bonet Ramsey case, thought i knew it all, then MD Rice told me something about the oldest sibling, and my entire view changed…I remember profiler Douglas looked into the case, at the time I totally disagreed with his assessment, not anymore..just thoughts…

  2. It sounds like Steven Koecher really might actually have an amnesia oriented disorder. I believe that he probably was seen by that couple on superbowl
    Sunday. The detective not taking the lead seriously happens all the time unfortunately. And the fact the parents said that it was the exact way Stephen would act, I’m sure it was probably him.
    I hope so!

    Hey Z by the way, did you know they have a new susoect for the Zodiac Killer? His name is Ross Sullivan.

    He worked at the library Zodiac’s first victim was murdered near (Riverside, CA) and the entire staff wrote a letter to cops saying they knew it was him. The dude would skin sheep and mutilate them and had major issues. Check it out! (And you can find that letter from the librarian Jo Ann Baily online. It will fucking floor you!)

    • Oh and I’ve been going to that library where Ross worked so long ago and found some curiois things in books and ALSO noticed some creepy stuff in the way some books (that zodiac referenced) were cataloged. I still have a lot more work to do, like going going through old books/periodicals from archives to see if anything is cut out (skeletons) etc. will take a while. But curiously most of the books that were around when Zodiac/Ross worked at the library are still around and many have the original due date cards from the 50’s/60’s. Wild. Facebook message me if you wanna talk about this more. Maybe I can help you with researching it as I’m sure the Zodiac case grips you as much as it does me and other true crime buffs.

      • You do not want to get into zodiac with me, lol. But I was rebooking at all the different POIs in the case, just the other day… there are so many, I’m still very suspicious of the news paper guy, but so many strange characters there. I was just telling my wife how the case made me think of LISK, with so many strange suspects… like the guy who solved the first coded letter… how’d he do that with all the misspellings and stuff… yes, don’t get me started on Zodiac

      • Yeah well Ross will blow your mind. Take my word for it. I thought Gaik seemed possible for a while. Kane, Edwards, and Bujok as well. But I never thought anyone seemed so much like Zodiac until Ross. The letter from the librarian about Ross is a couple posts down at the link. The circumstancial evidence is pretty crazy, but I never say someone is definitely a suspect – he’s just the best I’ve seen. Did you read the letter? Nuts!


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