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I know we are only half way through this second year of Zero’s World, but I’m already looking to the next year. In case anyone else is interested in what is in the future for Zero’s World, expect a lot more religion and politics, after all it is an election year. Yes, this place will be getting on the campaign trail with #2016ElectionCoverage. Which, let’s face it, the campaign trail has already started, hence me mentioning it now so we aren’t playing catch up later on. So expect Zero’s World 2016 hashtag ongoing storyline (you guys get what that is right, like when X-Files had different MOTW (monsters of the week) but the ongoing storyline was aliens and Mulder’s chase to find out what happened to his sister, that’s what my hashtags are each year, an ongoing storyline for the season, by the way did you hear that they are bringing X-Files back?!? That’s 2 of my all time favorite shows now coming back, life is good) to come early. Wait a second, was that a parenthesis in a parenthesis? Why do you guys let me get away with that stuff.

Anyways, #WorldsCollide is still in effect and colliding at a sometimes, hourly rate. I want to clear up some posts in the closet (some have been in there, way too long) and give some kind of closure to some of the things I brought up this year (Quiet Pills and other fun stuff) plus I really want to try something different. Something I have talked with some of you out there about before.

I want to do some interviews. (Meaning, I want to interview people, not that I want to be interviewed) With whom, you may ask, well just about anyone this blog has been about or affected in any way. Readers, commenters, and of course the subjects.

Here’s a list of some of the top people I would like to interview:

Joey “Flukeyou” Scalise

Doctor Hackett

The Drifter

Joseph Brewer



The Facebook John/Jane Doe Guy (where’d ya go?)

Fielnotes (a real interview, not a made up one)



Nancy and any of her friends or relatives or ex

DPH and any of her friends or relatives or exes





Anyone at Radionewz

and the list goes on…

I know what you are thinking, why would anyone do an interview with you? Good question, and honestly I don’t know if anyone would. But I think I would be a good interviewer and would like to try it. I’d be down with a Skype interview,or a phone interview, or even a  Facebook or Twitter one, in fact I think a Twitter interview would be a neat idea.

And I’m not looking to expose people who have done a good job of staying anonymous, so any Websleuther or old reader, you are on the list and you don’t have to use anything other than your known screen name (yes NERD that goes for you too!)

Just a thought, don’t know if it will go anywhere, but I’d really like to do this, so hit me up if anyone is game. Private message me at Zero’s World Facebook or Email me at

85 thoughts on “Zero Interviews

  1. Religion and Politics..Oh Boy, im scared, truly!! You have a brass set of, well lets just say: You’re Brave, lol..
    Any Chance you can try and interview Marshal Mathers?? Just thoughts..
    Its been a heck of a ride over the last what, almost three yrs…Just Wow Bob Wow 🙂

  2. Just gotta add: Thats some list of characters you want to interview. My suggestion, have some Advil handy, or a Morphine drip.

  3. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! The weather here is gorgeous.

    Zero, thank you again for checking on me. It seems things have calmed down in Baltimore and remain peaceful where I live. I hope it stays that way!!!

    • Glad all was good, it was nice to hear insight as well. I’m guessing Baltimore is in for a long ordeal that will bring politics, racism, police procedures, and so much more to the forefront of a long needed discussion. And I am very much paying attention.

    • Thank you Linda.

      Rodney King asking everyone “can’t we just get along” rings in my ears at a time like this. I’m far enough away from Baltimore that it didn’t impact us the same way. 2 colleges in my area stages peaceful protests. I’m thankful it has people talking. But the flip side, I see so much ignorance online that I wonder how some people manage to tie their own shoes. It makes me sad.

      • I grew up in LA. For 3 years we lived right off Crenshaw Blvd. Just blocks from where the riots started. I was in Covina during the riots but that was close enough. The neighborhood I once lived in was burned and looted for the most part and it was strange to watch it play out on the news. My step father was at his business (on Crenshaw) when they pulled the guy from the truck, which was only a few blocks away. I remember my mom crying as she watched it live and called my step dad begging him to shut down early and get out of there, which he did. I also remember some Covina friends coming over and wanting to head down to LA to get in on the looting. I laughed at them. I had lived there, went to 6th and 7th grade there, they were not the easiest of times in my life, and I knew Damn well these suburb kids would not fit in to what was happening there that night. Probably saved there lives, lol. The LA riots was the first tragedy that I sat in front of the TV glued to every moment being caught. First of many unfortunately.

      • Notice too, Joe’s callous lack of respect for the pain of others….Showing zero respect for the painful recollections of yourself and Zero, and these were crimes that gained national attention, the WORLD was watching the nightmare unfold…
        But Joe could give two shits, and it aint the 1st time..Scary freakin dude…Creep.

      • That’s never lost in my mind, no matter how personal some of us get or how open we get Joey is just on one track… no emotion… just straight at it… a trait he shares with a couple others yes…

      • Yes, he shares that trait with quite a few we’re now familiar with….Ted Bundy comes to mind…Oh, i know you meant the froot loop crew..Just sayin my friend

      • As you know Zero, ive purposely planted personal info (about myself), or shared stories over the years, EXTREMELY similar to LISK case, to watch for some reaction from Joe..Why?? Because Joe once claimed his UBER obsession was due to the horrific nature of these crimes, his compassionate nature, dontcha know?? Guess what i surmised?????
        ….Yeah, not so much. Creep.

    • I like how you skip important questions and go right for more of your meaningless ones. The people I want to interview have direct connection to this blog and my posts in some way or another, so I started with the most connected and the ones I would like to speak with on a one on one type thing. Real no playing around and nothing disrespectful to anyone involved. Again it’s just what I would like to do, I doubt anyone will agree to it, you’re not right Fluke? I’d love to do a Skype interview with you. And as for anyone left off the list, I’m down to interview anyone. So go ahead and add the Cannings or Gambinos or some neighbor of yours or some of your local political figures. Or maybe you mean LE or the families of victims etc. I left them off the list because they are dealing with this already, they don’t need me interviewing them about things they have given countless interviews about. Again, my list of interview hopefuls was more thought out then you think. Got another Fluke comment out of it.

    • If this was anyone but fluke, I would have asked who they were interested in seeing being interviewed. But I do have a question for you Fluke. Why do you comment here in the way you do? Why can’t you participate in a reasonable way? You know, people might have more respect for your opinion if you presented it differently and treated others opinions respectfully as well. Just saying, you know it couldnt hurt to try.

      • Donna, this is MOST reasonable joe has ever been..He’s desperate, and Ill never forget what his years of games have caused…NEVER. All the lies, games, attacks and pain..Nope. You might want to have Zero forward you the old LISK blog to see ‘the real joe’..or should I say Joes, he had dozens of fake screen names, all posting together , Just joe talking to himself, nothings changed…Yeah, I aint forgetting those years

    • Its ZEROS blog, thats why dope…Where’s YOUR blockbuster blog you swore would ‘reveal all’ LAST SUMMER?? How embarrassing for you, ANOTHER LIE, have you no dignity left? Dont you find Zeros other post intriguing?? Murdered prostitutes, very similar to Gilgo…Nah, course you don’t, can’t empathize huh? or is it you just havent connected them to Hacket with more BS yet?? Getting ready for trial, lol??…Hint: maybe you should hotshot, yeah..You really DON’T know whats up at all do you joe….You bore me, go text all ‘cryptic like’ with Jen, oooooh scary!! seriously, she listens right? credibility gone long ago with US, with everyone. You dont even remotely interest some very knowledgeable new contributors. Nope
      DUH, what a fraud…Happy?? Get your rocks off by seeing your SN?? Wheres your ‘team’?? They all seem to have LEFT YOU, tasted that karma!! Membership has privileges huh? YUM… Say hi for me… Not like the good old days….PUHLEASE kick rocks already!! Your shits just tired.
      Enjoy the scraps, We’ll let you know the latest, keep reading!

      • Looking forward to that interview! You might want to get in touch a bit earlier, December is his busy time. I’m sure some people are on the naughty list!!!!

        I know I’m a smart ass, but he’s looking for his list of “usual suspects”, one of my all time favorite movies. It’s all an illusion…or delusion. Insist innocent people are guilty long enough, it becomes fact. He needs a check up from the neck up. Seriously.

        I’d love to read his d rants and have a statement analysis done on them. I love picking into the Psyche of people like him..

      • I have no idea what a statement analysis is, but I hear ya childadvocate. I like getting into peoples heads myself.

      • CA1, good stuff…Wish I knew you on the old LISK blog, you would have been a life saver…It’d be interesting to look at that blog again, using SA….
        One of flukes favorite things to do, is answer questions with questions..To this day, he HAS NEVER OFFERED ANY PROOF TO BACK UP HIS BS.

      • Joey picking which question he answers and answering questions with questions, are very sensitive in SA. By seeing which questions he answers, we see the other questions as sensitive. The why is usually within the statement or multiple statements.

        I would love to look at them. Either his or someone else’s. I would practice on my own, then send it to an expert to review. It’s very interesting to see the review highlighting the analysis.

      • CA1: Gratitude. Stay. ALL will be revealed in time, this is GOOD work, this blog.

        “There is nothing hidden, only to be revealed” This quote is famous to Homicide Detectives. You get it. We’re grateful.

    • @All: Since we’re talking about old cases, May I recommend a short and interesting Documentary on about serial killer Glen Rodgers, it called My Brother the Serial Killer (YouTube). See if it doesnt rock everything you thought you knew about the OJ case….Promise

  4. Statement Analysis fascinates me. Each of us has an internal dictionary of between 30,000 and 60,000 words. Pronouns are instinctive from the time we’re toddlers. Lying causes internal stress to everyone but a sociopath. The brain knows what the brain knows. When we lie, there is leakage. Trying to cover up with a lie, we let a little bit of the truth out. Take missing children’s cases for example. We see parents before media pleading for their child to be returned. Most parents tell us what their child IS like and use their name to personalize their child with the abductor. LE stresses this to humanize their child. Then their are the parents who tell us what their child WAS like. Those make me shudder. I have yet to see a parent talk of their child in past tense, avoiding using their name, not already know I that child was dead. Think Casey Anthony and Lisa Irwin. Our brain knows the child is dead, therefore uses past tense.

    Another example would be on another spectrum. Let’s take Bill Clinton. He famously told the world “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”. In SA the next question would have been, how do you define sexual relations? Bill’s internal dictionary doesn’t view getting a blow job as sexual relations.

    If someone is accused of a crime, SA looks for certain things that are instinctive: I didn’t do …. Said crime. If someone says, I would never do that! That’s an unreliable denial. A big example here is Lance Armstrong. I’ve caught my own kids lying using SA. Last week, I asked my daughter if she was at her friends house, where she told me she was going. She responded that she was on that town. I knew she wasn’t ather friends house. The reason I asked is because she and her long term boyfriend had broken up and she was a mess. I was worried. Turns out she was at her ex’s house. I have no idea why she lied, but I knew she was. Her friend and her ex live in the same town.

    I’ve been interested in SA for a while, but I’m no expert and this was a mini explanation. I wanted to give you a feel for what it is.

    • I got me some smart readers. I have mentioned my first vlog on YouTube, it was all about the lies we tell each other and ourselves, this is still one of my main concerns for our future, it has been a big part of my journey online and off. It’s definitely what started me blogging about those on

      • I’d be very interested in seeing that blog.

        I noticed a lie in my own explanation of SA. I said I have no idea why she lied. Of course I have ideas why she wasn’t telling the truth. Once I spoke to her, she said she was afraid I would be disappointed. I told her she’s an adult, she can within reasonable limits do what she wants. I wasn’t disappointed, it’s her relationship. We like her ex a lot. They broke up because he lied to her about seeing his ex girlfriend. If she chooses to go back with him, that’s her choice.

        I’m not smart as in highly educated, I’m well read. I find subjects that interest me and I learn all I can. But thanks for the compliment, Zero.

      • I was 16 when my daughter was born, I dropped out of school and took my ged. So I guess I’m not highly educated either, but I’m no dummy, lol. As for that vlog, it’s not a blog, therefore i am seen and heard on it. It’s kinda silly and a little embarrassing, but I was serious about the topic. It’s funny because that vlog was a lot like this blog, but my haters there were all kids,lol. I had a few. I’m considering posting that vlog here finally… I really did give enough clues for someone to find it already, lol.

    • Thanks for the explanation. I can totally see what youre saying. (I followed the Caylee and baby Lisa cases too). I think that avoidance thing people do might fall under that too. Like sort of the thing your daughter did. You have to ask the question with specifics, or they dont think they answered with a lie.

      • That makes it doubly important when interviewing someone to ask one opened ended question and wait for an answer. Asking more than one question gives the person the choice to choose which question to answer. Look at John and Patsy Ramsey for a great example of not asking the right question, interrupting while they are talking and not paying attention. I think the DA was afraid to go against the Ramsey’s high powered attorney.

        I asked my daughter if she was a Caroline’s house. She said she was in her town. My response was, “that’s not what I asked you”. She’s a great young women, studying to be a licensed clinical social worker. While I knew she was lying, I knew she wasn’t getting in trouble. It’s not her style.

      • Lol. Totally not judging your daughter. My kids do the same. In fact, thats what I was thinking about when I wrote that comment. They know how I feel about lying, and thats their loophole.

      • Donna, I didn’t take it as judging my daughter. I was explaining why I let her off the hook for lying to me! Lol

        Now if we talk about my oldest daughter, I can assure you when she was a teen/early 20’s, if her mouth was open, she was lying. About stupid stuff, it drove me crazy!

      • CA1: RE: John and Patsy Ramsey..I thought i had it figured out, was SHOCKED when John Douglas disagreed, so were many in Homicide at the time….Till I met a true crime writer, a dear friend of myself and Zero, on the old LISK Blog….Look into Ramseys oldest Son…Then hit me up with an IM, ill share what ive been told, blew my mind.

      • I would be interested in hearing what you heard about John Andrew. I thought it was proven that he was in Atlanta with Lucinda, his mother. I read the rumors Burke did it and Ramseys covered it up. I never believed that. So, if JAR allegedly murdered JB, Patsy covered it up to the grave?

        John Douglas surprised me too. Just like SA, Behavioral Analysis isn’t an exact science. I can’t remember the name of the cop who quit the force and wrote a book about the case, but it was very compelling. There’s little doubt in my mind that John and/or Patsy were involved.

        I’ve never im’d someone on here, let’s see if I’m bright enough to figure it out.

      • CA1: If I can figure it out (Iming someone) ANYONE can…Do some research, take ur time, as i need to dig up some old emails!! My son is hogging the laptop that we currently share, for finals…I do not think however, that Patsy covered anything up..No!!
        Any prob, Zero will give you my contact info, its really no biggie, sound good? Ive been out of the closest from the jump 🙂

      • Darnitt!! Just as it took me and Zero yrs to respect and trust eachother, I feel similarly about this ‘other’ person, who wishes not to participate here, for fear of the gamers…But this ‘person’ is the shit, or should i say ‘knows their shit’… just sayin..

      • Donna, help CA1 out with researching this (D’s THE best!), i simply will throw my phone out the window!! # more days of class, sigh..TY..xo

      • My stupid smart phone won’t let me message you. Zero has ways of contacting me. I have no problem with telling you how to get in touch with me. I believe we are like minded.

      • CA1, im finally ‘allowed’ to use the laptop!! If I cant did up the emails im looking for, I’ll email my friend, who I believe would be happy to help…BTW, Im not trying to cryptic with this info. Its just a theory, but a compelling one, Im just a bit wary of naming people with no actual proof….None of this is secret info…Ill probably copy it here, as I dont mean to leave anyone out, sound good peeps?? 🙂

      • Just saw the show regarding AC serial killer case again last night….I just have such a nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach. I can’t shake the felling this case and LISK are related…And yes, its been debated and dismissed both in the news and on the blogs….Just my thoughts today….I think the crimes are def similar enough, im not buying whats been put out by the media %100 percent…No.
        Just thoughts…

      • Yea, it’s hard to not see the similarities in the cases. I too tend to not be able to shake the thoughts that they are connected.

      • The AC cases had a ritualistic signature to them. Only a few of the bodies in OB were in burlap sacks, I’m not sure that’s a signature. Did he lose access to burlap sacks or did he evolve? Or was there more than one killer dumping bodies in OB? Personally, I think OB was the work of one killer who evolved and AC was another serial killer who chose prostitutes because it’s easy. Way to easy. Look at all the serial killers who chose prostitutes.

      • how you feeling? I would agree that if all of oak beach was one killer, AC probably is not related, but if the GB4 are not from the same killer as some of the other bodies and parts, than those 8 do have a lot in common. but then again, people have gone out of there way to make them connect like the Facebook pages.

      • My feeling that all the OB victims were one killer is based on victimology and statistics. Except for the man dressed as a woman and the child, all of the victims that were identified have similar body type, all were prostitutes on Craigslist, etc. What are the odds of there being 2 independent serial killers on LI who pick the same spot to dump the same victim type? I think you’d have a better chance of being struck by lightening on your way to pick up the zillion dollar lottery you just won. I want to know more about the victims that haven’t been identified publicly.

  5. CA1. If you end up reading that blog, I will take your word on what you figure out about Fluke. I’m all good on not seeing it. Between Nancy, Dorothy and that group, Ive read enough lies and twisted thinking to last me awhile. But I would definitely be interested in seeing what your thoughts are on him.

  6. I was just thinking I would love to ask Fluke a few questions, but after all I’ve posted, I seriously doubt he would answer any questions. If he won’t answer yours, he certainly won’t answer mine. Will you, Joey?

  7. I apologize for not answering sooner. I had to go to an urgent care center. If my symptoms aren’t better tomorrow, I have to go to the er to check for meningitis. How the hell could I have gotten meningitis? My head and neck hurt so badly all I want to do is sleep. I’ll be back as soon as I can hold my head up.

    You all are awesome and I’m glad I’m here. See you soon.

    • Hey. I’m sorry, I just saw these messages. I’m feeling better. I can tell you it isn’t meningitis. What it is, I don’t know. I still have a headache, but not quite as severe. My neck is feeling better too. The medicine they put me on knocks me out. I’m not taking it as much now.

      Thank you for checking on me. I appreciate the concern. XOXO

  8. hi all. ive been incredibly busy but have been reading sporadically. if joey aka fluke you answers it will be some ridiculous cph=lisk ..or a question. you are correct linda he “thinks” he is smart, but he is truly an idiot, evil and completely off his fucking rocker. i feel so badly for his latest Russian mail order wifey, her daughter, and his(?? ah hem) baby because he is really coo-fucking-coo. he will never answer any questions because he will expose. but eventually he will fuck up. and it will end. I believe.

    • I still don’t know exactly what to think about him. Is he part of a scheme to frame Hackett or is he just that dumb to let the real LISK play him? He better be careful bc he is starting to look like he could be LISK. Do we think he has a spoof app? I’m not sure as typically I think LE could trace that back to Fluke, but I never say never. Right? 😉 lol God people injecting themselves into cases in such a way looks highly suspicious, does it not? Creeps me out tbh. Reminds me of that case where a wan was raped and let for dead in her trailer and following the crime in this small trailer park community a neighbor came by and started doing odd things like praying for the woman outside her house and leaving things for her. She thought he looked like her assailant (he did!) and he got arrested and nearly went away for the crime he didn’t commit! All because he was a looney who just had to get too involved. They eventually got the real assailant thank goodness. I can’t remember the case except that Ive seen it on ID channel like a million times.

  9. My personal feeling is some people attach themselves to high profile cases for different reasons. Some want attention, Murt comes to mind. Others want to help solve the case. Others want bragging rights to “inside” information. Then there are those that come with an agenda and purposefully spread lies and rumors.

    It isn’t unheard of to have a killer insert themselves into a case, both with LE and online. The thrill of trying to fool other people and LE is too much to resist. Dennis Rader’s hubris is what helped nail his ass. He couldn’t resist and is now in maximum security prison for the rest of his life.

    Keep talking, Joey. Just keep talking. We’ll soon learn what you’re trying to hide.

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