Lawless America: Billy, Dorothy, & Nancy (Sharing Shoes)

So, one of those shoes dangling by their laces above our heads just about to drop is that of a group called Lawless America. Lead by their fearless leader Billy. As I mentioned in the past, this group has more nuts in it than chunky peanut butter.

With Bill now out of jail and awaiting trial, that final shoe on all these nuts may be about to fall… at least that one they are all sharing, that one called Lawless America… but as I said before, I’m waiting and watching.

Of course there is plenty of other shoes belonging to this group up there, dangerously hanging by the tiniest of threads of shoelace. We may get to see some of them fall, Maybe not. My main interest in the Lawless Gang are of course Nancy and Dorothy. After all Dorothy brought Nancy to me and Nancy brought Bill and the rest of the gang.

If at all possible, you know I’ll be there when the shoes fall on those 2.

Now to talk about some shoes that have already fallen (yes, the whole shoe metaphor is gonna be ran into the ground, my apologies before hand) and more about these 3 main nuts and all the other nuts in their gallery… the next 3 posts will crack some of them once again… how many more cracks will it take?

I really don’t care.. I’m very patient…

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