Who Is Tom Price?

Remember Kate? Well I heard she received a somewhat threatening private message from someone named Tom Price. I believe the message was something like, “Try that with me again and you’ll be sorry”. Whoa.. what did Kate try to do? She assures me she has no idea what he is carrying on about, but definitely thought I should check him out, after all his last name is a familiar one. I know, this is funny right?

Well, I checked out Mr. Price’s FB:


At first glance it looks like many of these nuts’ Facebooks… endless conspiracy posts, comment after comment belonging to themselves, and tales of people stalking them while they seem to be the stalkers. I’m not sure why you were brought to my attention, but I’m definately checking you out now, and look what I found:

tom price1

It’s a post where Tom seems to be stalking someone named Brian. Tom posted Brian’s post with all Brian’s personal info on it… I’m not sure of the back story here, but I did find Tom’s comments underneath very entertaining:

tom price2

A terror cell?!? And Kate is part of it?!?  Wait, Son Of mankind is a “top end hit man”… lmfao… damn, this is some nutty peanut butter.

12 thoughts on “Who Is Tom Price?

      • My my, all these threats..Im telling FB!! na na na na!! LMAO…DOPES……How covert of Dorothy PRICE Hillary!!

    • gee Donna, you think all those ‘hearts’ and goofy ‘smiley faces’, are the work of Dorothy, NOT A MAN?? Yeah, “Tom” is all hung up on ‘sexual addition, rape and SHAPE SHIFTING”..Dorothy, you have some splaining to do..AHOLE dope…better get tequilla to help you, you fucked up YET again..your new friends are gonna be ashamed..

      Be careful KC!!!..lol…inside joke, right Dot…hee hee hee

    • Ca1: You aint kidding…Made creepier when its done to screw with a serial killer investigation!!! disgusting! These assholes have TRULY hurt innocent people, absolutely caused undue pain and confusion, for two despicable moments of ‘fame’…gross…And like true weak losers..they bolt when theyre busted…so WEAK…KARMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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